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[SA] 10 for $10 Hot & Crispy Boneless @ KFC


Hot & Crispy Boneless is super juicy, extra crunchy, totally boneless AND is serving some heat. The best part? It’s only $10 for 10 Pieces. Only for South Australia, because we know you can handle it. This offer is only available in SA and not forever.

Note you need to select a store in SA to see/order it through the website.

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    SA gets its revenge

  • This makes the recent wicked wing deal look like poor value.

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    Hot & Crispy

    Did they ban SA from being able to call it Hot and Spicy or something?

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      cause OG is Cool and Soggy

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      SA people can't handle the spice

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        :) Ouch, I've burned by a spicy melbonite!!



  • NSW has 10 for 10 wicked wings if anyone has a craving

    • It's not as hot in NSW.

    • Not just nsw, every other state

  • Wtf SA only..how could you colonel

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    That’s heaps good

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    Got it today and it's very good. Recommended for anyone who likes KFC chicken .

  • C'mon KFC open up the deal to Vic (and other states too) - "we know you can handle it" - what is that supposed to mean?

    • I think KFC SA is a different company / franchise arrangement to the rest of the country.

      • Don't think so. Just Krispy Kreme SA which is run differently to rest of the states. Happens a bit with different take away stores where they trial a product in one state first.

  • Is this the same as the boneless chicken fillets in WA?

  • Nothing to have FOMO over. Had it today, good but would take wicked wings over them any day.

  • is boneless even chicken?

    • "chicken"

  • Had these today. Liked them!

  • Also had this today. Would buy again a+++

  • +1

    Got this last night - I thought it was really good value, was really suprised how much I got for $10!

    Also dip it in the supercharged sauce for some extra spice, while it has some of the hot stuff they put on the hot and spicy, it's still pretty mild if you actually like hot food!

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    Just got this in the afternoon. Pretty good value considering it's boneless. It's on par with some of the Korean fried chicken i've had in the past. A bit mild, but I paired it with some "baos" to make it into a sort of KFC taco bun. Best decision ever made.

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      the other option is getting dinner rolls with the 2 for $5.95 sides option, 2 4-packs of dinner rolls makes 8 mini burgers and a couple spare pieces for $15.95, sorted dinner last night quite nicely!

      • sounds like an awesome idea! thanks for the tip ;)

  • Are they mainly white or dark meat?

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      dark, it's made from thigh. super delicious and juicy.

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    Had this tonight for dinner. SO GOOD!

  • The pieces are a bit small.
    Waiting for the next 9 for $9.95 deal….

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