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Yaqi Katana Single Edge Razor $19.95 + Free Shipping over $45 @ Yaqi Shaving Australia


They YAQI Katana SE Razor is currently $15 off, bringing it down to $19.95, which is roughly 43% off.

The Katana SE takes half double edge razor blades and provides a mild, yet efficient shave.

EDIT: the Katana handle alone is $19.95, so you are essentially getting a free razor head with the handle.

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    What’s the purpose of a single edge safety razor? Why not double?

    • prevents uneven wear I guess? I have a straight razor setup that takes half a DE blade and it's trivial to just snap them in half, but I'd almost be worried about reduced weight and the balance of this model.

    • Something about no exposed blade on the rear of it during use i think. I know a lot of blokes who, despite using a safety razor, only use onside before rinsing the head. Having used the YAQI SE head myself (on a different handle) the reduced head weight changes how you shave as its handle biased. You can also buy half blades cheaper than standard blades, or Artisan Club blades. It all comes down to personal preference though

    • Username doesn't seem appropriate for shaving threads.

      Next we will have jv giving his tuppence worth.

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      How are them overpriced cartridges treating you?

      • I've tried others, nothing gets as good a shave. The blade buddy increases the longevity significantly.

        • Are they all the same, or can you recommend a Blade Buddy?

          • @Adelv: Its just a lump of rubber - mine was literally just called blade buddy. But its great they really last about 5x as long.

        • Careful, you’ll antagonise the metrosexuals.

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            @Quarn: Hey, I'm no metrosexual! I'm a cheap git who prefers the old way of doing things as they cost next to nothing.

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    Why not get the Gillette 3000?

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      Champagne Comedy.

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    Seppuku those facial hair.

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    Seems they also have cheap stainless steel razors

    I have a butterfy opening DE razor myself from Aliexpress, I will never go back to cartridges, not just for cost, but ease of rinsing.

    • Haven't tried the Eden yet, though I rate their other razors. Which butterfly DE do you have? I know Aldi had the Shick Butterly DE on sale as per this deal and it's identical to the Wilkinson Sword one, which was a great razor

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