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[eBay Plus] Apple AirPods Pro - $249 Delivered @ Titan Gear eBay


Got an SMS this morning. Looks like an extra drop today starting at 10 am. $249 delivered. 500 units.

Based on other post, first airpods drop wasn't until Friday. EBay plus memberships must not be doing well so they've thrown in an early incentive.

Edit: 10am 125 Sold out. Next drop 12pm (125 Sold), 2pm (125 sold), 4pm (final drop).

Mod: Deal republished, as there is no Wednesday AirPods drop in the previous post, it is not deemed a duplicate.

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  • I think better wait, if the new one released, this would gonna be normal price.

    • Rumours have it that the new ones will not be in-ear, but who knows

      • That's a good news for a lot of users who don't like the in-ears.

        • But equally, bad news for the majority of users that do.

          • @Lorindor: The majority of users are sheep, they'll buy whatever the advertisements tell them to buy.

            For those that don't fall for that trap, they prefer earphones like Apple's EarPod. Just much more comfortable. The others prefer over-ear headsets, pretty comfy but larger and not pocketable. Then there's the minority which like the in-ear earphones, and even smaller subset the on-ear headsets like those flimsy airlines ones.

            I think objectively what makes the in-ear units undesirable is the comfort, the hygiene, and the noise isolation which blocks ambient noises (eg think a car driving towards a pedestrian from behind).

            • @Kangal:

              The majority of users are sheep, they'll buy whatever the advertisements tell them to buy.

              Or they buy them because of their convenient form factor and excellent integration?

              • @Lorindor: You talk about convenience, when that wasn't even the point I was making. We're only discussing comfort here. I was disagreeing with Lorindor's assertion that in-ear style substitutes the majority of people's preferences. That is to say, I was agreeing with panterali… I too am in the actual majority who dislike the in-ear style.

                Between the AirPods v1, v2, and the Pro's… I prefer v2. It's just way more comfortable than the Pro's. But for disclosure, I haven't bought any and currently am not using an iPhone.

                Convenience? Sure, I'll bite. I say there's good integration between the AirPods and the iPhone. And for the most part it is easy to use. Yet, I wouldn't go as far to label it "convenient" when it is practically the only way since the removal of the 3.5mm Headphone Jack. Apple is the world leader when it comes to marketing and mindshare. They can make a half-decent product, something that is destined to fail by other companies, yet it will do okay in the market or even thrive, through the sheer amount of advertising that's thrown at it. And thats my other point. It's kind of telling when people don't properly read my initial comment, see the word sheep, think it's aimed at them personally, and spam the Neg button lmao.

                • @Kangal:

                  I too am in the actual majority who dislike the in-ear style.

                  The popularity of wireless in-ear headphones would disagree with this.

                  It's kind of telling when people don't properly read my initial comment, see the word sheep, think it's aimed at them personally, and spam the Neg button lmao.

                  I don't own any Apple products, so couldn't care less what you call people that do, but don't pretend the product is only popular because of it's brand.

                  • @Lorindor: No, you're skirting the issue. And I think you're doing it deliberately.

                    The issue isn't about "wireless", no it is about the "in-ear" part. Heck, I even made it simple for you when I compared the AirPods v1/v2 against the AirPod Pro.

                    And again you're mischaracterizing the point. I didn't say it's "only" the brand. Read it again. I said it is mostly the marketing. A full-crap product is hard to justify even for Apple, like the USD $1000 iMac stand. Yet a half-decent product has a good chance if priced right and marketed well. I mean pretty much all of Apple's first-gen devices were half-decent, think back to the OG iPhone which lacked many functions that Nokia Symbian phones had, the first iPad was so mediocre, as well as the first Apple TV and Apple Watch. So you see, Apple dominates the mindshare and leads in marketing… but it's devices still have to be fgreat or half-decent, priced okay, and available to be purchased.

                    • @Kangal:

                      The issue isn't about "wireless", no it is about the "in-ear" part. Heck, I even made it simple for you when I compared the AirPods v1/v2 against the AirPod Pro.

                      And you're being condescending, I knew exactly what you meant.

                • @Kangal:

                  I too am in the actual majority who dislike the in-ear style.

                  Do you have a credible source to cite for this statement? It appears to be the centre point of your argument, so it would be important to justify this.

                  • @ocoolio: Ugh. I had a source, it's buried deep in my search history. 10mins scrolling through didn't help. But to not come empty handed, the first Google Search lead me to Reddit, where surprise, people are complaining about the Pro's while complementing the AirPods.


                    PS: I think in-ear do sound better, and in this dog-eat-dog world to offer best/better sounding product, it seems the "regular earbuds" have been mostly phased out of the market instead for "in-ear style". But this means nothing of comfort, since posters and renders struggle to convey that point. Just like the use of fragile glass backplates on phones which can market "shiny" and skirt around the issue of broken housing.
                    … Ie there is no natural selection in the marketplace, the best devices don't win, there is an artificial pressure and that is marketing, mindshare, and branding.

  • Haven’t been paying attention at all to ebays 21st bday since the leaked list and discounts were so meh compared to past ‘sales’

  • eBay has gone to the dogs with these fake get in quick sales. Unless you are a bot, good luck.

  • Yes i got this too. More clickbait advertising with eBay plus. I've given up on these deals as completely unobtainable.

  • At 500 units this is more of a lottery with the eBay bots snapping these up instantly

    • Yeah, as much $250 sounds like a great price, this deal is pretty much unobtainable :/

  • 3 Days of trying your luck of getting a pair.

  • OOS even before they went live wow


  • Bait and switch! Refreshed at 1 second past 10AM - Out of stock.

    Tried again every few seconds, still Out of stock.

  • Not available at all

  • stocks are not yet available. keep try

  • They didn't sell any

  • if you look at sold back in August so looks like they stuffed up
    34 ( 1 ) AU $375.00 1 15-Aug-20 21:38:30 AEST
    c ( 28Feedback score is 10 to 49) AU $375.00 1 14-Aug-20 17:20:55 AEST
    si ( 36Feedback score is 10 to 49) AU $375.00 1 12-Aug-20 13:48:10 AEST
    0 ( 505Feedback score is 500 to 999) AU $375.00 1 12-Aug-20 07:04:12 AEST
    i***m ( 1915Feedback score is 1000 to 4,999) AU $375.00 1 11-Aug-20 17:27:27 AEST

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/124179997762


    Edit: Code doesn't seem to work yet

  • Out of stock within 1 sec..

  • now up 15% off

  • Incorrect code now?

  • CODE = PNOWE03

    Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again.

  • good job ebay lol

  • They are going well, Ebay

  • They are 15% off now

  • what a massive stuff-up lol, first they released late, then code wasn't applied properly, finally for people that stuck around, the code applied eventually.

  • working now

  • Still stock now, going much slower than last time round.

  • Got one. Code was glitchy as fahk.

  • Whats the code hows people buying ?

  • working now

  • Sold out. too many fk ups and code captcha bs

  • worked

  • Just in time for my brothers birthday.


    Got one, but the discount doesn’t look to be right. :/

    Edit 2.
    I just used the ‘tell us what you think” option to enquire about the code not being applied for some reason.

  • Wish I needed it

  • hit pay failed.. after it said in correct code like 4 times.
    Yes another ebay stuff up

  • did anyone get the error message "This order was not successful. Order cost has not been included in the total amount."?

  • Next drop at midday

  • I take that back - order went through, but haven't received any emails and the order details screen shows "This order was not successful. Order cost has not been included in the total amount."

    Oh well ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Edit: order went through eventually.

  • Massive fail. Applied the discount code but got charged full price at the end.

  • came up twice full price with code and I canceled
    Then the out of stock.. i try 12pm maybe

  • To keep eBay a safe place to buy and sell, we will occasionally ask you to verify yourself. This helps us to block unauthorised users from entering our site.

  • Will same code be used for next drop?

  • What does ebay CS say for this stuff ups or they dont care ? TA should fire the ebay Marketing department, such fat fingers there, never see Amazon fck up like this everyday

  • when is the next drop? where have they announced?

  • No more at 1006

  • You had to manually apply discount code. I went right up to pay with PayPal and out of stock

  • Lol item was out of stock for the first few minutes, then when the stock appeared the code didn't work.
    When finally the code started working at 10:08am, it was already showing out of stock.

    I believe a lot of people paid full price without realising.

  • other people have this problem ? got charge $375 when total say $249? or just me keep clicking things without reading =="

  • I got charged $375 with paypal. Code did not worked properly when you paid with paypal.
    Went to Ebay support chat, nothing they can do. I canceled my order.

    • That's annoying because your code is used now - probably won't work for any more drops

      • yeah, annoying, as usual.

        See you again after 3 months.

        • Hi again Hahaa who r u buying for this time

          • @julz15: hey wth

            hahaha yeah I tried to get this one again for my friend (handing over for same price)
            but failed, stupid discount code

            • @Edelweiss1: Well I'm joining you as well. Managed to get lucky and go through payment discount went to $249 and click paid only to be charged full price…

              I spoke to ebay support and they said to wait for an update as I was added to the list of affected people

              Will give an update when I hear back

    • I contacted support too. They are forwarding my enquiry to the marketing team.


      I did provide a link to this thread to say there are others who applied the code and are being charged the incorrect price.

  • So… eBay Plus, just so I understand. You're supposed to pay an annual fee so you can compete with other members, to get a discount on some high profile items? Other than that, you get free shipping and some discounts on items from sellers who have jacked the prices up, in anticipation for these sales. Nah.

    • Yep that pretty much sums up what ebay plus is. Will cancel and just keep amazon prime, ive used eBay maybe twice this year but use Amazon weekly.. the 21% off deal was a joke found one gaming laptop even after $300 discount was cheaper at centrecom. Ebay plus is an epic fail

      • Wrong, stop spreading incorrect information just because you weren't able to make a purchase.

        • What's wrong with what I said? I'm an anti apple kinda guy - samsung and buds all the way. Was it the part about a laptop found at centrecom cheaper then from ebay? I guess im lucky I was smart and before spending $3K on a gaming laptop I shopped around.. maybe u should try the same next time you shop on ebay lol

    • No, it doesn't work that way for these special deals. People just create new accounts for these.
      If eBay Plus actually enforced these special deals to paid members, it will make things more interesting.

    • No, this is only for specific products during their yearly birthday promotion period.

  • I’ve never had gen1 or 2, but the airpods pro are so good! Very convenient, sounds great, transparency mode and noise cancelling mode are both dope

  • Spoke to support.

    They will forward my enquiry to the marketing team. Average time for response is 72 hours.

    If they don’t honour the code then I’ll be cancelling my eBay Plus subscription. It won’t change much considering I only renewed it a month or two ago, but it’s something.

  • Tried to cancel ebay plus straight away, but in vain. Can't get to 'manage my membership'. Anyone know how to cancel it ? Thanks

  • Legit forgot ebay was even doing daily plus drops this month, that's how garbage the sales are compared to july.

  • I thought it started on friday wtf?

  • I seriously think the chance of getting a pair at that price is lower than the chance of testing positive. That's is why I make sure I don't pay another $49 after it expired.

  • easy cop - even without having it loaded from the previous drop

  • 12 pm drop gone :(

  • got through checkout but i actually dont need one, passed. I want a cheap XM4 instead

  • Jeez what was that, 10 seconds?