Mens and Womens Coats All $94.05 (Were $499) @ Oxford



Great quality coats at a great price. Looks to be a range of styles and sizes available.

Also free shipping.

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  • Dammnnnnn. Good sale
    But I'm from Victoria, so no point buying. Unless for my grandkids kids.

  • is this a good brand?

    • I have alway been happy with Oxford's stuff. I find it a bit overpriced when it's not on sale but it always seems to be on sale.

    • I would personally avoid, RRP is a joke and Oxford is one of those brands that have perpetual sales… Finding a time when there isn't a sale would be harder than finding a sale.

      Additionally, their clothes aren't of the best quality. Quite comparable to the other mall-brands, and primarily targets younger audiences who don't really have a sense of quality and are attracted to the SALE (I was one of them). Some of their clothes are absolute junk garbage and some might be tolerable.

      • What would you recommend instead in terms of better quality?

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          For $100??? Nothing. This is as good as it gets for $100.

          For a genuinely nice (quality and fit) wool coat you're gonna have to spend $300+

          Country Road or Rodd and Gunn are probably the 'cheapest' I'd recommend for a half decent coat and/or sweaters etc. Country Road is still mall-brand to an extent but they have some nicer pieces. Rodd and Gunn are generally pretty good quality but you do pay for it and it'll sting if you're used to fast fashion prices.

          • @jrowls: I'd say uniqlo jackets are better quality for the money if you get them on sale.

            • @joshk: Uniqlo are variable in my experience. Some really great pieces and some really awful ones.

              Also, the prices don't fill me with confidence re Uighur slave labour allegations and materials. I've had some stuff from there that has not lasted anywhere near as long as I'd expect.

              Keep in mind a lot of Uniqlo stuff is made for an Asian frame. I have a barrel chest and very few of their cuts are flattering on me.

        • Try Icebreaker. Their discontinued Mayfair jacket is awesome for example.

    • I had a quick look at a few to check the fabric.
      Some are around ~50% wool ~40% polyester.
      One I saw was 80% polyester.

      I think $99 for a 50% wool coat is pretty good, but it depends what you're looking for and how much you're willing to pay.

    • Little bit better than Tarocash etc.

    • Styling and materials is very similar to Zara. But rrp499 is overpriced. $99 is pretty good
      Zara rrp is below $200

  • Good lord, did anyone ever spend $500 on a coat thats 38% Polyester 10% Synthetic?

  • Dunno why their model is cosplaying as Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta, but okay.

  • $99 is a great price, very nice looking coats! I literally never wear coats, but I'm tempted to grab 2-3 as they generally last forever style wise.

    • Lol they certainly don't last forever and styles change constantly. Lapels change, style of fastening changes, double to single and even the way they overlap changes. I'd go with a much higher quality material for something that you want to last more than a few years.

  • Got the Dunbar navy in a previous sale ($200).

    Very happy with it. Thanks OP, got one in black.

    Just a heads up, I find the fit on these slightly small…although there have been a lot of beer/wine posts on Ozbarg lately too….

  • Great deal OP.

  • Thanks.. grabbed a Camel coloured one. Need to retire a couple of my overcoats.

    • Even am Planning to buy the Camel Overcoat, but it is 80% polyster. So wondering if it is worth the price.

      • oh shit.. really? I didn't notice..

        Wonder if it is too late to change?

        -edit- It's out of stock already. Seems pretty popular regardless of material.

        I'll keep the order I think. It's not Burberry, but can't complain for 100 bucks. lol

        • Yep, its a popular colour. Even i had decided to buy that, but went out of stock. So got a Charcoal coloured.

  • Thanks, picked one up

  • Discount code: WEST2020 for further 5% off!

  • Would never buy Oxford stuff for the insane RRP, but at a heavy discount it's pretty decent stuff.

  • which one should I be buying??

  • Use code WEST2020 for an extra $4.95 off!

    • Too late, beat you to it mate!

      Also, it's 5% off not $4.95…which makes a big difference for those buying several!

  • how do i find out about the length?

  • Any recommendations on the Jackets that Oxford sells, fellas?

    Please help =)

    • Wouldn't bother unless you're desperate. Won't last, won't keep you warm, won't fit well.

      • What would you recommend instead mate for a decent jacket or leather jacket? Cheers

        • As I mentioned in another comment, Country Road or Rodd and Gunn are the cheapest I'd recommend for a nice wool coat - don't expect to find anything worth owning (for more than a year) at under $300.

          I also occasionally see some decent ones in Muji, I own one and it's quite nice for the price. Also, Everlane are a US-based company with some nice stuff that's built relatively well.

          A jacket, it depends what you're looking for.

          I wouldn't know about leather unfortunately, but I'd guess you'd want to try and get one second hand. A good leather jacket would start at $500 I would estimate.

  • Awesome. got one for $94 and some. Cheers guys

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    Yeah be mindful the fit does seem to run a tad small so maybe go one size up

  • I worked at Oxford around 14 or so years ago. It's really sad to see how far the quality has dropped since then and as others point out, it's now perpetually on sale.

    In my time, sales were a seasonal occurrence and lasted maybe 2 weeks.

    Suits used to be made from Super 120 or 130 merino wool and came from Italian houses like Guabello and Reda. We were able to sell these at full RRP (around $1k) and they were flying off the shelves. Bare in mind, suits of this calibre usually went for $1.5k+.

    Sale times were insane as you could pick them up for $500 (if you were lucky enough to find one your size).

    I left around 2010-11. It was around this time that the quality was starting to slide. It's almost unrecognisable now.

    • Man, fast fashion has caught people unawares I think.

      In the period you talk about, we've really seen everything go to super cheap and sales, other than """luxury brands""" that are of equal quality to the fast fashion.

      You have to do hours of research to find a piece that will last these days, unless you have infinite money or some old-school stores near you. It's a shame.

      • You're absolutely right. It was in this era that the mega fast fashion stores started opening up in Australia, namely Zara.

        Among the casualties were Herringbone, Saba, Rhodes and Beckett, and Oxford. Though some of these are still around, they are but a shadow of what they once were.

        A real shame. In saying that, I do sense a big change in consumer behaviour. Bespoke shirts and suits are now way more accessible than before and I think an increasing number of guys are returning to the good ole days of suit shopping, minus the whisky in hand while getting measured up.

        • I always bespoke in Vietnam or Thailand. I don't like looking like a clown in an oversized stupid fit (classic trump fit) that they have here.

          Try Vanda tailors in Vietnam.

          Covid has thrown a spanner in my travels though.

        • My entire wardrobe used to be Saba, so it's depressing to see the brand's slide to mediocrity. Quality is down, prices are up. I never shop there anymore.

    • +6 votes

      Your comments confirm my own observations. Around when you left I switched to Rhodes & Beckett - warehouse sales were cheaper than the cheapest Oxford sales and quality was infinitely better.

      • Ah yes, Rhodes and Becket. Suits were great, but it was the shirts that blew me away. 3-ply Egyptian cotton for ~$200; unheard of!

        • I only bought 2-ply Egyptian cotton shirts (didn't know there were 3-ply). $45 during warehouse sales - I bought hundreds of dollars worth. There were great deals on 2 suits for less than the price of 1 before they folded too.

    • It's demand vs supply, there was more and more demand from the consumer (us) for cheaper prices…something had to give. Just like people think everything made in China is cheap…China can make very high quality items if the worldwide demand is there, however the demand is for very cheap items therefore China supplies for this demand.

  • Has anyone, ever, bought anything at "full price" in Oxford?

    I've been living in Australia for 12 years and I can't ever recall a sale not being on.

  • Womens coats are on sale too

  • At these low low prices people in Cairns and Darwin will be buying them.

  • If the size wasn't right do you guys have an idea of how much it would cost to return it back?

  • And they're flying out the door - sizes disappearing between add to cart and checkout…..

  • Ah good prices. Nice ones out of stock, nvm sizes popping back up

  • Use Paypal to claim return shipping if required

  • WEST2020 for 5% off so $94.05

    52% Wool, 38% Polyester, 10% Synthetic, ……

    Interesting, I always knew Polyester was 100% Synthetic, but it seems it has now morphed !!!!!

  • Thanks OP, got a Roger Overcoat for $94.05

  • WEST2020 took 5 mins to apply at checkout for me. Just wait and it will sort itself out :)

  • So if the size doesn’t fit you, you really can’t return it right? Even with PayPal as PayPal only refunds the return shipping?

  • Alright who scared the customer service lady away? It's going straight to answering machine…

  • Not sure why this deal has so many upvotes.
    Sportscraft is better quality. Also, corporate clothes have gotten very cheap due to covid

    • Not everyone is XXL…

    • They aren't on sale at the moment. Why link an old post, that's like over a year and a half ago? Most decent looking coats are 300+, $99 isn't bad, even though the quality isn't going to be top. Oxford is usually 40% off their full price. this is a much bigger discount than standard oxford sales.

  • Planning to buy the Camel Overcoat, but it is 80% polyster. So wondering if it is worth the price.

  • I purchased one a few years back and almost never wear it - not warm enough to wear out in the cold, and too heavy and uncomfortable to wear inside.

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