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Blitzwolf Deals: BW-S14 Wall Charge US$8.99 (A$12.56), BW-PCM2 FHD Portable Display US$132.99 (A$185.74) Delivered @ Banggood AU


Ship from AU warehouse,free shipping,GST inclusived and one week delivery.

BlitzWolf® BW-S14 18W Type-C PD3.0 QC3.0 Wall USB Charger with code BG9BWS14AU for US$8.99 (https://www.banggood.com/BlitzWolf-BW-S14-18W-Type-C-PD3_0-Q...)

BlitzWolf® BW-PCM2 13.3 Inch FHD 1080P Type C Portable Computer Monitor Gaming Display with code BG9PCM2AU for US$132.99 https://www.banggood.com/BlitzWolf-BW-PCM2-13_3-Inch-FHD-108...

BlitzWolf® BW-PCM3 15.6 Inch Touchable FHD 1080P Type C Portable Computer Monitor Gaming Display with code BG9PCM3AU for US$164.99 https://www.banggood.com/BlitzWolf-BW-PCM3-15_6-Inch-Touchab...

[2 Pack] BlitzWolf® BW-CL1 PD 3.0 Type-C to Lightning with code BG2BWCL1 for US$19.99 https://www.banggood.com/2-Pack-BlitzWolf-BW-CL1-PD-3_0-Type...

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  • I've been using 2 Blitzwolf QC3.0 chargers along with multiple Blitzwolf cables for a couple of years now, no issues at all with any of them. I'd imagine these would be as good. Would definitely recommend

    • I've moved on from anker and blitzwolf to fasgear, but my blitzwolf still amazing cables. they make great stuff.

      Current top for me are ravpower, anker, fasgear and nekteck for cables and usb c chargers. Extremely happy with fasgear.

  • Hey Rep, any deals on 6ft lightning cables? Would love to grab a few more!

  • Wow, that 15.6" touchscreen monitor is only 45% NTSC. Looks pretty nice otherwise.

    • Their 4K one states 100%, kind of sceptical of the accuracy of these ratings.

      • I don't trust any stats on these Chinese branded portable monitors. Mine said 2ms, but it's the biggest load of horse shit and notably laggy when gaming.

        • I've actually got a 1440p 13" no name one from China. Colors are pretty spot on other than really high gamma shift when viewing off a is. Not sure why it does that considering it's an ips panel too

    • NTSC = TV
      sRGB = Photography

      Red, green, blue shifts are different so maybe a 80% NTSC is better than a 100% NTSC when it comes to colour accuracy of photos. Depends on your use case. I doubt people will use this monitor as the primary for editing photos. Youtube on the other hand feels perfect for this use case

      These are not directly convertible.

      • 72% NTSC is functionally equivalent to 99% sRGB. So 45% NTSC is … pretty bad for anything that has colors. YouTube videos and photos on websites will look a little washed out. It'd be fine for toolbars or text though.

    • we use PAL anyway.

  • "When using two ports together: MAX 15W"

  • Code isn't working for me on the chargers. Coming up as AU$23.73 (and yes, I'm logged into my account)

    • +1 vote

      I thought that at first also. Code applies to one item only. Then even if code is successfully applied it appears nothing changes until you scroll down to "Grand Total" at bottom which displays correct price.

      • Amazing that an online store can be so successful with such poor usability

        • Just shows if your cheap no one gives a crap how bad it is. I hate shopping on their website.

          • +2 votes

            @uetecu: I guess something has to give. Good websites cost money, which would drive up prices. Spend less on the website and give lower prices and you'll definitely attract a crowd. Who remembers MSY's website from 10 years ago? :)

  • I have this charger, the coil whine drove me nuts. Haven’t had this issue with other BW chargers and I’m currently using the BW-S16 which works great.

    If you’re looking to use this to fast charge an iPad Pro I wouldn’t recommend it. The charging status on my iPad kept changing from charging to not charging to charging. Also wouldn’t recommend getting it if you intend on using both ports at the same time. It’s just not powerful enough and one device is bound to stop charging.

  • Are these AU Plugs?

    Any chance for a discount on the S16?

  • I brought the 13.3 portable monitor some weeks back.
    Fantastic! Plugged in directly USB-C to USB-C, no extra cables like HDMI, power etc.
    Comes with its own stand almost like a cover, extra cables and even a remote, also has speakers (not the best but at least it has it)!
    Perfection at this price.

    • note for others, usb-c laptop must support alt-mode/dp for this to work

      • I'm not technical person but can confirm this monitor worked with my work Lenovo Windows 10 laptop, MacBook 13' and also Mac Mini (via USB > USB-C though on the Mac Mini)

    • is an 18W PD charger enough to power the monitor?

      • No idea if 18w will work.. I was running it off a laptop & MacBook.
        I did run it off a 30w PD wall adapter which worked as well, I don't have a 18w to try for you.. :-/

      • Specs say 5V/3A.

  • Excellent price

  • Why do you never disclose unit limits on your deals anymore?
    Wouldnt it be more effective marketing not to needlessly inconvenience and annoy people who try to add 2 to the cart?

  • USD (AUD) for the items listed please.

    I suggest this one if people dont need touch screen and can wait from CN shipping:

    That Blitzwolf logo white on black… SOOOO UGLY. Take a page out of the macbook pro. Blitzwolf products didn't feel cheap for me until I saw the monitor.

  • How does it take one week to deliver a charger. I received my amazon purchase within 24 hours of ordering today via auspost.

    • +1 vote

      Surely you've used Australia Post (yourself) before. Express delivery costs more. Normal mail can easily take a week if interstate.

    • DHL from Aukland ordered 10am Friday and arrived Monday 10am. $30 shipping paid

      Auspost David Jones from QLD, 13days now and still not shipped to Melbourne. $5.99 shipping paid

  • Hey OP, any deal on the BW-PCM4? 4k 15.6 Variant with 100% SRGB?

  • Thanks, been looking for a new charger for a few days and bought one BWS-14. (Tried to make another purchase as the coupon price is only valid for one unit, but each customer can only use that coupon once.)

  • Hi rep.

    Any 3m usb-c ->usb-c cables? Just for phone charging

  • Can vouch for the BW-S14 Wall Charge, pair with the PD 3.0 USBC- lightning cable, fastest charge you can get for iphone and the small form factor (with 2 output) is excellent

  • I bought two BW-S14 chargers. One worked and one was faulty out of the box. The fault was quite strange, almost like the charger was pulsing its output. My phone would show that it was charging and then would show that it was disconnected every second. Has anyone else seen this issue?

    Support were quite helpful and offered a refund/replacement which was nice but now the second charger has started to fail the same way too which is pretty upsetting considering I thought these would be reliable.

  • Rep, can you extend the deal. I hesitated and it expired

  • Hi rep, any chance on a deal on the BW-PCM1 11.6” FHD Portable Display?

  • Hi Rep,
    Just received recently and used this to charge my phone and there is noticeable electric buzzing noise coming from the charger. There is still noise even without charging.
    Is it faulty? Is there anyone here ordered and experience the same thing?

  • Anyone received one of the USB C Displays yet? Mine has been ordered 2 weeks, and order status is showing "Your parcel is being sorted for delivery. We’ll update you when your parcel is on its way to the delivery destination" since 11 Sept. I thought these were from AU warehouse with 1 week delivery.