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Coca-Cola Coke Varieties 12 x 1.25l bottles $18.84 ($16.96 with Sub & Save) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Decent price (lowest ever was $18 per CamelCamelCamel). Looks like Amazon are price matching current Woolworths half price sale.

Deal covers Classic, No Sugar, No Sugar Vanilla, Diet and Caffeine Free Diet. Classic and No Sugar are also available in a smaller 6 bottle pack for the same unit price.

Remember you can Subscribe & Save to get the lower price and then cancel later. Looks like no cashback from Cashrewards or Shopback for this category. But you can still stack with 3% discounted eGift cards from Suncorp.

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  • I’ve found that cans from Amazon don’t quite have the same taste - a little bit flat. Anyone got experience with Coke bottles?

    • Errr its bottles.
      Edit:Was gonna say you should read post properly, but maybe I should have read your comment properly, soz.
      I dont have any experience with bottles from Amazon vs normal as I don't like them, prefer cans by a mile.

    • Oh the sweetener decays over time, anything near best-before won't taste great.

    • Yep. I had the same problem. Bought Coke Zero bottles from Amazon and they were off.

      Despite still being before the "best before" they had gone off (the sweetener decays) and tasted awful.

      Wont be buying food/drink from Amazon again. They obviously don't store it (cool/dark place) properly.

      • Cheers. Thanks for answering that. I've only had it with the cans, so good to know to avoid the bottles too.

        It's a shame, there's something nice about getting it as cheap as the shops but not having to lug it around - it's just there all of a sudden on your door step.

    • I've ordered these 12 packs of bottles twice, and both times all the bottles were flat and they were very close to the use-by date.

      Not flat as when the bottles get shaken up and all the gas escapes when you open it, but flat as in no hiss when you open the bottles, there's very little gas left. Ended up tipping it out as I hate flat coke.

  • I prefer pepsi max

  • Coca-Cola Soft Drink Multipack Bottles 6 x 1.25L https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07D8FP1YY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i...

    I went with the 6pack for the same per bottle price, didn’t need that much coke. $8.48 with s/s

  • Giving the No Sugar Vanilla a shot, same price, no 6 pack unfortunately.

    • Don't do it it tastes like carbonated water no flavour.

      Unfortunately Vanilla is only good when it has sugar.

      On the same note normal Coke Zero tastes ok but man No Sugar Vanilla is such an odd taste like the Vanilla is barely noticeable it really becomes a turn off imho.

      • Thanks for the heads up, I decided to cancel the order, 12 is a lot if I end up not liking it.

        I'll grab one locally at the next opportunity to try first.

        • Good move.

          Yeah every time I accidentally buy no sugar vanilla i end up throwing it out because of how flavourless it tastes.

          If you like carbonated water like sparkling water it might be nice for you but if you really want that vanilla flavour avoid the no sugar one at all costs imho.

  • Matching Woolies half price special.
    I don't need 12 or even 6 myself, so for anyone needing 1 there's that option too.
    Miss out on the s&s discount though.

  • Anyone with a link too Woolies deal, is it online only?

  • eh, they're also half price at my local woolies at around $1.50 and i can get them instantly. Mind you I guess it doesn't happen super often so if you're a lover of coke this seems like a good deal!

  • Stock up guy's, dentists are crying poor at the moment, they could use the extra income.