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[WA] Huawei E5577 Optus Mobile Broadband + 50GB Data (28 Day Expiry) - $19 (Was $59) @ Coles Floreat


Saw this in the local Coles (Floreat WA) so may be targeted. Cheap deal and comes with 50GB of data, originally $99, reduced to $59 and now $19.

Couldn’t find on Coles website or catalogue tho.

Sim inside is valued till June 2021

Checked IMeI code on Optus and says it’s unlocked too.

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  • By "targeted" do you mean store specific?
    Because I'm quite certain Coles isn't going to deny some an opportunity to purchase lol

    Great price though I'll check my local later!

  • Indeed - store specific is probably more pertinent

  • Heads up, that doesn't include 50GB - the 50GB variant is $99 RRP.

  • If I take this overseas, say to Japan (one day!), will it work there with a local SIM?

  • So is it WA or NSW or both?
    Edit: or NSW = not sure which, WA = why ask

  • I have an old optus 4g e8372 wifi dongle that I was considering using for home internet, how does this differ? Does it do tricky stuff to get faster speeds?

    Will it work with kogan sims? OP said unlocked but comments differ.

    • For home internet, I would just go with Optus 4g home internet or 5g home internet if you can ($70 per month for unlimited 5g downloads)

      Been using their 4g setup for 3 years now, works well for gaming and streaming.

      • What speeds are you getting and what 4g modem do you have?

        I get around 40mbps dl and that's with a circles sim

        • I'm using the old Optus ac800s in the aircard smart cradle. Getting 120mbps download speed during peak and 250mbps off peak. That being said I'm about 700m from the tower with direct line of sight. Waiting for 5g to rollout in my area, the Optus Nokia 5g modem does 4g carrier aggregation plus 5g simultaneously for decent speed.

          • @DangerNoodle: Doesn't sound like you need 5g with those speeds, but I guess latency is near zero and at $70/m, it's a no brainer.

            • @TEER3X: 5g speed would be better, but it's more for the unlimited data. 4g with Optus only gives you up to 500gb. once you start downloading games on steam and patches and start streaming in 4k, you chew through the data.

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    If you run the IMEI through the system it will say unlocked, but actually it's locked.

    I bought one of these but it was locked. I contacted Optus and explained the website was not allowing me to request the unlock because it thought it was unlocked already and they manually provided the unlock code for free.
    I didn't have an active Optus prepaid or postpaid account.

    • Sounds like you had a great experience, mine was slightly worse.

      I just got off the phone with optus for the second time in 2 days. They dodge bullets like ninjas (said take it back to coles, get coles to give you the unlock code, look over there - its a squirrel etc..etc..).

      Finally managed to get it SIM unlocked as it says its unlocked on their unlocking page. Just take a screenshot of it and send it to them, They want you to have an account but im pretty sure this isn't a requirement for unlocking.

      There was some argy bargy, so i just dropped the Ombudsman on them and said i would flick them a complaint as it says its unlocked on the website and i based my purchase off that to get the device.

      Ive never seen anyone help out quicker as soon as you mention the "O" word.

      Anyways, got the network unlock code!

  • Firstly $19 can't go wrong these are usually a lot more but important can it be easily unlocked?

    And what 3G/4G bands it uses?

  • As others have pointed out, there are 2 variants of the same model # - one with lower data and the other with 50 GB data. So make sure to pick the right one.

    • just going through activation on the SIM now and its offering 50GB as advertised in my store.

  • better specs than the Vodafone r216h that was $10 last week?

    • I have the same question, also if you unlock it can it do the right bands (3g) for telstra/voda/other network sims?

      • reading a post from back in June it appears this one is also Cat 4 and has 2.4ghz wifi only. but band 28!!!

        • Sweet thanks, that post had the info I needed about band 28 (still learning all the lingo!)

          • Whilst it has Band 28 (4G 700MHz), it won't work on the Telstra network on that band, due to the changes made to accommodate IoT.

            So won't work on telstra 4g.

  • Where in NSW you cant find these ?

  • just a warning for people that want to unlock and use these over seas. i bought one couple years ago unlocked successfully with an ebay code and it worked fine in Australia with telstra sim, however when we had it in japan it would not work with a domoco sim, not too sure what was going on but it was annoying and youre probably better off renting the sim & modem.

    • Something to remember, a device may be unlocked but not support the standards of a particular telco.

    • Basically the Optus 4G bands are suited more for Australia

      Australia; 4G Bands
      B1, B3 (Optus)
      B7, B28 (Optus)
      B40 (Optus)

      Japan:4G Bands
      B3 (E-Access (e-mobile) (Softbank))
      B1,B11,B18 (KDDI au)
      B41 (WCP (Softbank))

  • How many were left at Floreat?

    • there was a pile of the tags that you take to the counter - but the cranky shop lady got it from the same counter as the ciggies, not sure how many were there.

      • Haha. I think I know the one. She got cranky with me for wanting to enter the store at 8:45pm, because they'd already put the doors down.

      • +1 vote

        lol i also know who you're referring to

  • Anyone else were successful in getting it apart from OP?

  • Going regional and need a Telstra one :(

    • Yeah, really Telstra network is your only reliable choice if you are going regional and especially if away from the coast

  • Heads up. According to national security, if you use this device your nake photos will be backup in CCP's hard driver for machine learning.

  • Can recommend E5577. Was a really good performer for a year and a half until 'upgraded' to NBN. Actually I kinda miss my little Huawei buddy, if only there were cheap SIM deals still around.

      • Always great 4G data deals out there,
        my normal 4G plan(s) with Optis is total $50 per month
        My 1st Simcard plan,.. $15 data simcard (at home in an Optus modem for my Fetch box and internet switches)
        10gb data
        My 2nd simcard plan (discounted i think 25% as second service)
        Unlimitrd calls/sms 115gb data and whole bunch of other extras take forever to mention, well one great feature I dont use is: unmetered data for Netflix,.. $35 per month

        Both sims are data shared why i don't bother with NBN

        Other companies with much better deals,.. as link above on above post if you don't mind signing up too companies monthly or quarterly

        And there are plans at $10 a month with 1gb data for your main number if you don't mind carrying the wifi modem with you if you need more then 1gb data,.. or why dual sim mobile becomes handy

        Though of course more suited to one person then NBN at home for the whole family at home usually with unlimited data

        But the new rage is family 4G plans,.. Aldi family plan $80 per month ($20 per user),.. so 4 family members/users. Main user has control over other users data usage,.. total share of 72gb with Unlimited standard calls and SMS for everyone
        Aldi link here,.. https://www.aldimobile.com.au/family/

        Optus has there own more expensive family plan also might be other similar plans out there either cheaper or more expensive 😃👍

  • Hey OP did you get to test this with another sim and find out the lock status?

    • its sim locked, but got it unlocked after some argy bargy on the Optus chat. Got there in the end and it works great with telstra sim.

  • Used this device for a while. Battery life is highly unreliable, so always used with a USB cable connected to it. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.

    • How's the battery life now? after having it powered all the time, what I do with mine as i use my mobile data through hotspot as I have 2x sims data sharing my total data and I leave the wifi modem at home for my home wifi devices, actually I haven't tried if my Optus 4G modem can be powered without the battery I might try now👍

  • But won't the CCP spy on me, and isn't this made by oppressed Uighur labour using gold fillings from Hong Kong dissidents?

    Or is that the iPhone?