Bombarded by unsolicited calls after entering comps on OzBargain

I recently began receiving a number of unsolicited calls for finance software, DHL parcel collection and other scam calls. I could not for the life of me work out how my number was circulating on these lists and then it occurred to me. I had entered 3 competitions posted on OzBargain. I'm new to OzBargain and got swept up in all the postings and enter a few comps which I never do. Thinking they must be legitimate as I thiught there was checks and balances bit alas no. Lesson learnt. I am wondering if this is a common occurrence or am I just totally daft 😆

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  • What is your phone number? Let me know so I can add it to a block register on your behalf…

  • Wow, it's almost like competitions are used to gather people's data for marketing purposes.

  • FYI this is the link to put your number on the "do not call register" ( )

    • That doesn't work if you give them your number and agree to receive marketing calls which essentially you have to do to enter a lot of those competitions.

  • Truecaller

  • I've entered a few dozen comps that have been posted on OzB, never received any unsolicited calls.

    I could not for the life of me work out how my number was circulating on these lists and then it occurred to me

    That's why you have and use a 'burner' number and not use your actual number… one of those numbers you get from an Amaysim cashback deal.

    • But what happens when you get the call saying you won? You pick up and you think it’s a bs scam company and you hang up, lol

      • I'd verify it by calling them/the number on their website.
        Most comps I have entered (and won) I have received an email and not a call saying that I had won.
        But yes, you are right.

  • Next you'll be telling me that all those 'register for a discount on your first order' offers actually put me on a mailing list.

    • I'd take a $10 saving on an order I was making anyway to unsubscribe to one mailing list. Sure I could use a burner email, but who has time for that just to avoid spam emails about pizzas. Burning the email address takes just as long as clicking unsubscribe at the top of any of the spam emails. And if it's a genuine business you're ordering from, then you'll want them to have your email address anyway for your account or at least your tax invoice.

  • I experienced this from the cruise ship company comps on ozbargin.
    They actually call you are try to sell you cruises.

  • Mate in 2018 I decided for a year I would enter every competition on here that didn’t require fb interaction and log the results. Only ended up doing it for a few months but ended up entering 297 competitions and didn’t notice any uptick in marketing calls.

  • Well, tickle me pink and call me Susan!

    Where's Tracey when you need her?

  • spend $5/year on a disposable payg aldi sim for use with competitions

  • Standard.
    I have a dual sim phone and I use the second number for contests.
    So when that sim rings - I will be alert and not alarmed

  • IMO competitions should not be visible on the front page. It puts users in a compromising position. Could be hundreds of people have been scammed through info given out through OZB competitions, but they just never connected the dots so we don't know how bad the problem is. Competitions don't earn the site any money, unlike stores that allow affiliate links like Amazon. So should they really be on the front page. If they were hidden from the front page then your odds of winning would increase, because fewer people would enter them but you'd still click through the forums to access them.

    • This.
      Still have no idea why the Mods insist on having competitions listed in every single daily email that is sent. And they also insist that it is not something you can opt out of.

      WHY OzB?

  • Giveaway competitions are the venereal disease of phones.

    You think to yourself, "what's the harm. It's just a bit of fun. I will never do it again." It's even more tempting when the prize is mouth watering. So you do the dance, key in your information, maybe get a few extra draws by sending out referrals… and you enter.

    In that moment of ecstacy, the wheels have started turning. Your details are being circulated around the entire system. Many people may not actually notice they have been compromised. A few calls here and there? Could be anything…

    Until one day, it hits you. Your call history, your email, Facebook… It's all jam packed. All you can hope for is that you haven't passed it on to your friends and that they haven't passed it on to their friends…

  • Have entered, and won, many competitions on here. Just gotta be selective. I very rarely get scam calls.
    I don't use a burner phone and enter using my main email address. All good for 5+ years worth.

  • Competitions are the main place I go to on OzB. I literally every enter every AU competition unless its facebook or IG entry. I avoid entering any winery or cruise ship comps as they usually spam you. Also don't enter OS comps. Besides that no other spam calls and I have won many competitions here :)

  • Omg! I realise I would be added to mailing list and my day data used etc, however I'm nit talking 'hey are you interested in changing your long distance carrier type calls. Those I would expec and easily stopped by the don nit call register. These are overseas scam centres. Maybe im just naive, maybe just not thinking straight after the death of my little sis, regardless, thanks fir all the responses, especially those who took the time to be disingenuous.