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[eBay Plus] 10% off Eligible Items (Min Spend $100) @ eBay (Corsair SF750 PSU $242.10 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay)


Managed to use this to get Corsair SF750 PSU from Computer Alliance

The offer entitles eBay Plus Members to a 10% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on Eligible Items listed on the eBay.com.au website, when you spend $100 or more in one transaction during the Offer Period, with up to a maximum discount of $500 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 10 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

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  • Nice, I just ordered my Corsair SF750 from Amazon AU for $245.

  • $224.10 for a decent RX 580 is almost a good deal, which kinda shows how whack the GPU market is at the moment…


  • What are the eligible items? Is there a list or is this eBay marketing making paid subscribers to their substandard service troll through countless items in the hope of a slightly improved price?

    eBay plus sucks, I wished they just killed the service and returned back to pre eBay Plus deals.

  • these % discount deals seem to be on all the time and for mine are designed to just attract more visits to the site. when you dig deep down into them deals are hard to come by, not saying they are not there but it seems that most of the time the prices are jacked up. i move that unless one can point to a specific item within the sale that they are not posted here.

    • Thought Computer Alliance dont usually jack?

    • For this particular case, it appears to work for Computer Alliance listings which appears to be a very reliable eBay seller for electronics. So worth checking the online store for CA if you are looking for something now. This code is not even listed on the home page on eBay so it is completely an accidental finding because I was looking for this particular PSU.

  • Thanks OP - I got an SF750 too

  • How is this better than 21%?

    • You'll have to check individual listing (and prices) with these 'eligible items' promo.

      Some 10% off works on items that 21% isn't eligible for (ie. some of Computer Alliance Listing).

  • Gigabyte B550i $327.60 delivered

    Amazon UK listing is a lot cheaper (though currently out of stock) but if you don't want to buy from there, this price with free postage is sweeter than anything else local that I've seen lately.

    • Was initially planning on getting the Gigabyte B550i, but it missing the USB-C Front Panel Port, so looking at the Asus ROG B550i now.

      • Yeah, it's a shame. I was originally eyeing off the MSI for front USB-C and optical audio, but since I picked the NR200P and the MSI has some usability issues, the Gigabyte works better for me. The Asus looks good as well.

      • Damn I didn't realise it doesn't have front headers…

    • That's the best value B550I that's been around in months.

      No idea why SFF suddenly got so popular when ATX builds are far cheaper and easier…

  • any deals for external storage to use with a wireless router for media sharing/network sharing? We stream 4K movies/TV shows and my current drive is filling up bad.

  • Sony A7riv with coupon goes down to $4310 plus Sony has cash back of $600 so technically $3700.


  • I picked up one of these click and collect at umart on Sunday for $239. Still that price. Saves a few bucks if you have a store nearby.

    Nice PSU but I wasted 2 hours getting cable management right. First build in forever so maybe that's normal these days

    • Damn should have made a post! Just got mine from Amazon shipped at 245

      • I have seen this PSU down at $199 in past posts, and it's still $239 at a few stores on StaticIce. If close to $200 I'd definitely post it. I reckon there's a potential PSU shortage with new GeForce/Ryzens/Radeons all sucking up more power and overclocking harder so don't be disappointed with securing one.

  • Does this work on Gpu's? a 900 dollar 2080 ti from computer alliance would be perfect