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[Refurb] Inspiron 5590 10th Gen i5 $649 + Other Laptop Deals Incl. Gaming @ Dell Outlet AU


EDIT: looks like outlet is temporarily down. what did you guys do
EDIT2: outlet back up
EDIT3: changed the link to list of models available. cheapest have all been scooped up!

looks like Dell Outlet dropped prices on a number of decent models, you can see all dropped prices on this page: https://www.dell.com/en-au/outlet/deal-page

my 3 budget picks are below

  1. [SOLD OUT] Dell Inspiron 15" 5590 with i5-10210U and NVIDIA MX230, FullHD IPS panel, so some light gaming is possible - $589! comes with 256GB NVMe drive although only 4GB RAM - so add your own

  2. [SOLD OUT] Dell Vostro 14" 5490 same i5-10210U CPU but 14 inch FullHd IPS panel and slightly better graphics NVIDIA MX250 also comes with 8GB of dual channel RAM and 256GB NVMe so little modification required if any, this is a very decent machine for $629 and probably a better choice than the first one

  3. [sold out]Dell Inspiron 15" 5590 combining the best of both machines above: i5-10210U CPU, NVIDIA MX250, dual channel 8GB RAM, 256GB NVMe, 15 inch FullHD panel for $649


I never had a bad experience with Dell Outlet. Everything I bought from there for myself or people I know came looking brand new, and is covered by 1 year warranty with in home service.

other cool models with enhanced pricing include G3 with i5-9300H and 1650 for $869 now I've seen everything:

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    I would argue that 14" full hd is better actually and vostro vs inspiron again being better.

    Good find though, gonna check how those gpu's go, may be good for a walkabout fall guys laptop lol.

    • vostro is sort of half business class laptop, in general it gets slightly better build and quality control than Inspiron (I am a laptop technician and seen enough of both, inside and outside), but models here Inspiron 5000 and Vostro 5000 are comparable quality.

      Inspiron 3000 and Vostro 3000 should in general be avoided, but they are OK machines too, they beat low class Lenovo or HP any day when it comes to build quality and the way they are put together under the hood. Dells are a pleasure to service, a lot of thought goes into design here.

      • I've always owned macbooks and dells, macbooks are pretty on the outside but a nightmarish on the inside.

        I remember the first time I worked on a dell laptop, took out one screw, the base came off and I could change the RAM, I was astonished at how easy it was. Haven't bought a laptop from another vendor since.

      • @shabaka What are your thoughts on the 7 series of inspiron? and considering we are looking at refurbished the xps series compared to vostro, inspiron and latitude?

        • it's a tricky question because these lines are targeted at different kind of users

          xps is essentially inspiron series 9000 that's how it's coded internally, and xps is treated by Dell as a test bed for latest and greatest. this means that design solutions may not be optimal, and I have seen a lot of xps models which have WHY written all over it

          on the other hand there are very cool obscure models at the expense end of inspiron 7000 and vostro 7000 that feature same level of hardware (look at another ny deal posted recently, vostro 7000 with i5-9300H and 1050 GTX for $1170 at dell store, not outlet) with more conventional and reliable design.

          I don't like xps line, in my books it's just not reliable enough. it has wow factor but meh who cares you also pay a hefty premium for nothing

          so I would recommend vostro 7000 and inspiron 7000 any day, however it's good to check reviews and specs thoroughly because cooling could be sub optimal or screen not full sRGB coverage, these things can fluctuate between generations. the slimmer the design, the more the compromise. vostro 7000 I posted in my other thread is really cool

          forgot about latitude. latitude is a business hardware offering through and through and is entirely in a different league. whatever model you choose be it latitude 3000 5000 or 7000 it will serve you far beyond any warranty, and then some (there are a few exceptions though like everywhere). things like latitude 7490 or 5590/5490/5591 are a staple nothing else can touch. but these things aren't to be bought from outlet, you have to rake ebay often for a good deal.

  • looks like Outlet is down :D

  • Can we easily add extra RAM to these?

  • aww vostro 14" out of stock :(

  • keep getting a message popup saying Sonia, on the outlet for business.

  • Sonia

    • Unless you are planning to upgrade that second RAM slot (only the i7s have 8gb soldered and 1 free slot. The i5s have 4gb soldered and then 4gb in the free slot), it is probably worth saving your $80 and get the i5 - which actually might be better because it runs on dual channel RAM out of the box.

      There is probably no difference in real world usage between the i7-10510u and i5-10210u - the i7 is marginally (we are talking maybe 10%) better in synthetic benchmarks.

      • Thanks

        Yes I'm planning to upgrade the ram to 16gb in the near future.

      • I assume the specs at the bottom of the page is incorrect for the i5 Vostro you linked?

        Whilst the top summary shows 4GB (1x4GB) 2666MHz DDR4 Non-ECC + 4GB 2666MHz DDR4 Memory (On-Board), the specs at the bottom shows MEMORY SIZE 4 GB.

        I assume the total memory is 8GB?

  • …and the site is down again.
    OP how did you find out about these?

    • its back up

      can't decide if I should pull the trigger on one of these

      The brand new laptops are also having 43% off


    • I just browse Dell outlet every now and then because they have these awesome price drops on and off

      • How will the Vostro 5490 i7 compare to the Thinkpad E14 like the one below?


        • hard to recommend Dell in this case, depends on the price. please note also that there's little to no difference between i5U and i7U both are quad core 8 thread. best value for money is with i5U

          but when choosing between intel and AMD Ryzen 4000 I would recommend AMD just because they are a step ahead now.

          me personally I will wait for another generation to switch to AMD, but that's preference.

          • @shabaka: Thanks, I might give this one a miss and wait for another deal for the E14 Ryzen

            I can't believe there's minimal differences between i5u and i7u in this current generation. In previous generations the i7 is miles ahead of the i5

  • Looks like the site is down again :(

    Edit: Back up again

  • the link and advice on dell seem good. eg 5000 inspiron or vostro and not 3000. better than Lenovo for low end laptop. given the range which is the best for my wife who is non tech savvy. we are happy with big screen but want best bang for buck. your advice would be appreciated.
    eg Sold Out] Dell Inspiron 15" 5590 combining the best of both machines above: i5-10210U CPU, NVIDIA MX250, dual channel 8GB RAM, 256GB NVMe, 15 inch FullHD panel for $649

    • I am however sad to say that Dell put a wrong picture on Inspiron 5590 listings, that's not what 5590 looks like from what I remember. some people might beat Dell into partial refund, make screenshots of what you purchase

  • What about the Inspiron 7000 series? They seem pretty decently priced for an i7 10th gen and 16gb of ram.

  • looks like Dell Outlet has been properly ozbargained

    everything up to $699 has been bought to hell and gone

  • the only question not exhausted yet is who is Sonia

  • I m bit confuse with dell pricing

    same processor, same memory, different hard drive capacity, but the bigger drive is cheaper . anyone can explain this please?

    • I was looking into this too. My conclusion is that the laptop with the bigger drive has more wear and tear since they are "refurbished" machines.

  • Ordered yesterday, funds came out but still no confirmation email. Let’s hope the confirmation comes on Monday !

  • How often does Dell Outlet have a sale/discount? Borderline between this and waiting for the general sales in November/December.

    • I haven't noticed any patterns yet, usually you should expect sale event on their retail site, then some time later outlet drops prices

      but it's a good idea to browse it every now and then. it's a shame G3 models with 1660 Ti didn't make it to this sale.

      • @shabaka I saw you bought the acer nitro 5 for $900 in the other thread. How did you reach that price?

        • direct from Acer, in their online store. it was also listed as "refurbished", but I checked it was produced in June this year, so likely it's a return. they have an extra 25% off currently, and mine was the cheapest model, too, so result cost was $899. holy crap it was delivered the very next day! NSW to locked down VIC. impressive.

          I usually avoid Acer, but decided to give it a go since this year I am feeling budget conscious. and it ticks a few boxes a refurbished Dell G3 didn't: dual nvme slots, keyboard with backlight, slightly larger battery, sturdy body, also cooler design!

          • @shabaka: otherwise same combo I was looking for: 9300H plus 1650

          • @shabaka: @shabaka. . thanks for posting this. . some of the deals on Dell outlet look quite tempting. . I have a question since you seem to be quite knowledgeable in terms of budget gaming laptops. .
            - how's your experience with the nitro going? I heard it has heating issues. . also how did you check your built date on Acer refurbished section? I keep checking that section often but didn't see any production date anywhere. .
            - these g3 with 9300h are also not effective with cooling. . I was checking some reviews and plus 8gb is not sufficient for gaming. . If we add like additional ram on our own it will void the warranty I reckon?
            - I was tempted by the recent Lenovo gaming 3 deal for around 1270 as the specs were good but it also had bad reviews regarding heat management so didn't go for it. . actually I previously had Lenovo y-50 gaming laptop and had such a bad experience with over heating performance drops that I'm so concerned of it now. . Legion 5 I read has good cooling solution but it's kinda out of my budget. . so is there any other good option you have in mind which kinda ticks most of the boxes?

            • @alphawolf: finding out manufacture date: I didn't know that upfront, when you get the device it bears manufacture date on the bottom cover. you may be able to get this sort of info by contacting the store, but I doubt they will be able to help.

              because the specs quoted on the unit I purchased were different from what I got. but what I got was better (larger battery, better WiFi card)

              gaming experience on nitro 5 is great so far. I haven't noticed overheating issues but I doubt I am pushing it to the limits at all. I am not a big fan of latest games, I try them once in a while but I just always seem to go back to things like Half Life 2, Division, etc. and there with vsync enabled I game on battery power on my lap without feeling any heat. I have enabled the feature called CoolBoost which means that the coolers are more aggressive, and I have to say it keeps things nice and cool like promised.

              I have to report though that I am not a fan of its keyboard at all, typing is erratic: if a key is hit not dead centre but a bit closer to bottom corners, the letter might not register. gaming is fine, but blind typing is screwed, I sent it back to them for investigation. if no resolution I will return it. sending it back to them was free. let's see. worst case I will get a refund and get a G3

              and no, adding ram is not going to void warranty. first thing I did when I received mine was open it, install my nvme drive into the second slot, and add second ram plank, because running ram in single channel in a high performance laptop is outright criminal

              as for other options, it's kind of quiet market at the moment. new chips coming out soon, and market is kind of in suspence. 9300H plus 1650 is sweet spot at the moment, plus it's not too demanding on the cooling systems, which is the common weakness of budget gaming laptops. so I would say you have to rake online stores for either of these with the 9300H and 1650:
              - HP Gaming Pavilion
              - Dell G3 (you may see an occasional G5 within $1200 in Dell outlet)
              - Acer Nitro 5 discussed above

              out of the three above they all suck each in its own way, but Acer so far is most solid, if they manage to fix the keyboard for me. otherwise I would choose something between G3 and gaming Pavilion. prices sure will come down more in the few weeks to come.

            • @alphawolf: there's also this one today: https://www.lenovo.com/au/en/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-l-serie...

              $1099 with a code today only. good design and backlit keyboard, but only single channel RAM and small battery, so it's a crappy option in my books

              • @shabaka: I second that. . their earlier deal of Lenovo Gaming 3 15" with AMD Ryzen 5-4600H and 1650 Ti with dual channel RAM was good. . but their cooling ain't effective at all so i skipped it. . I had a bad experience with Lenovo earlier as well so I am a bit afraid of Lenovos'. . but their Legion series is good I heard!

                i believe the Dell G3 refurnished option with almost same specs is a better deal!

                • @alphawolf: yes. also the Acer nitro I have, exactly the same model is $1149 on acer web store right now:

                  it is better than G3 in a couple of ways: better chassis, dual NVMe slots (relevant for me as I have my own 1tb NVMe that I am keen just to plug in and use for data and storage), larger battery, keyboard backlight

                  but then the keyboard question remains open, I hope they can fix it. otherwise I will just return it and get G3 screw keyboard backlight and migrate system to my 1tb NVMe

                  or shell out a bit more and go for Vostro 7000 with alloy chassis good screen and 1050 GTX since this should also be sufficient for my kind of gaming. that one has backlight, dual NVMe and even larger battery. cooling might get tricky, but design is top notch.

                  decisions decisions :D

          • @shabaka: how do you tell when it was produced from the store?

            • @taoz: sorry if I made it sound that way, I found out post factum, manufacturing date is imprinted on the bottom cover next to the serial number