Cashew Pieces 1kg $7, Raw Almonds 1kg Pack $12 + Shipping (Free over $100) @ Nuts about Life


I have previously ordred from these guys, the quality is top notch and in zip bags. Please also check there bakery range.
Walnut pieces - $6.99/kg
Cashew pieces- $7/kg

Also feel free to use refferals to get $10 off your order ($50 min. spend required)

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  • Almonds were great, Cashews were average quality !

    • I personally found the cashews fantastic quality. Very fresh and tasty. Their rooibos teas and herbs were also good.

  • So how much if shipping if under $100…?

    • It was $9.95 for me

    • Looks like 8.58 for a couple of kilo bags to Greater Melbourne.
      Too rich for me.

      • Sorry, neg voter, I should have specified that it was Australian Dollars. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • +20 votes

      I would also like to know. No way am I entering details and choosing payment methods before I see how much its going to cost me.
      Should be illegal to do that in this country, since its illegal to show a retail price before tax iirc. (I know it isn't illegal to not show postage till after detals and etc).
      Also pretty obvious I am not going to buy from these guys anyway but I am guessing postage isnt cheap if they need to hide it, plus two popups when I visit a site for the first time really pisses me off. xD

      • R U OK?

        • +12 votes

          Much better after getting all that out of my system, thanks for asking :)

          • @Gaxx: I've had this discussion with the company via email, and they were a bit arrogant about it too. They use eParcel which discriminates based on where you live. Instead of using a flat rate Australia wide (which is available via AP should they choose to use it), they use eParcel which is cheap for those in or close to Melbourne and expensive for everyone else the further away you are. There's an AP plug-in for Shopify which calculates the rates on the fly when you put your post code in at checkout.

            It's an unfair system IMO and is only hurting them if they want their company to be the go-to for nuts Australia wide.

            • @bonezAU: It does seem short sighted of them and they could move the cost part based off postcode too before entering in name/address etc. Or just put in estimated delivery costs somewhere easy to see.

              Thanks though.

    • $6.80 for those in metro Vic

    • I’ve had 2 shipments, about 3-5 kg each. Shipping on both was a set $6.95 to Melbourne.

  • Store in title please.

  • They say the walnuts are "bakery" grade

    Is that higher or lower than retail shop grade?

  • I buy from these guys quite regularly. (Cashew, almond, honey roasted macadamia, Turkish delight and chocolate coated chilies peanuts)

    I am addicted to the chillie peanuts ($8 per kg), the honey roasted macadamia and Turkish delight are fantastic too.

    I think the cashew is imported from Vietnam, the quality is normally good but the last 2 bags I got from them are average to poor. Assuming this is due to the lack of quality imported nuts due to the current restriction.

    • What makes cashews poor quality? Too soft? Mouldy?

    • Yes the cashews terrible..something off about it

    • I found the quality of the cashews in my last order well down as well.
      Disappointingly, some of my order was missing and they never got back to me about it.

      • Do the cashews taste bad? Broken, Soft etc?

        • No, not bad tasting nor soft. Just underwhelming flavour wise. I didnt even find them more-ish that normally happens with cashews. My wife was the same. Still have a couple kilos in the pantry.

          • +3 votes


            I didnt even find them more-ish that normally happens with cashews. My wife was the same.

            Maybe you need something to spice things up again? ;)

          • @namgib: it the same as the ones in special at coles and woolies now. They must have changed the way they process or grow them. That is why they are cheap.

      • Likewise.
        I got a fair amount and the quality was average at the best. Maybe they are stock, who knows but I would not buy again if quality is the same.
        A large order, last year, was ok, certainly not good quality.
        JCs are th best quality I find.

    • oh man!!! Just bought 2 kilos cashews along with almonds, quinoa and chilli chocolate peanuts.

      last time ordered 9 kilo almonds and they were good especially the wasabi.

  • This is nuts!

  • Targeted?

    FREESHIP discount code isn’t available for your shipping address

    I'm in the Sunshine Coast.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered a lot of stuff lol!

    Did anyone else have to enter their suburb twice? That was weird.

  • FREESHIP didn't work for the items I had in cart so it may be conditional. I took a spin on the wheel anyway and it gave a code for 10% off in case FREESHIP doesn't work for anyone else - TAKEE10 (it won't work for all items, only some I think)

  • Any Pressed Peanut Sweepings?

    • Sorry to say I don't think Australia has enough Cashews for all of us. I love to support Oz, but I don't mind any other country if I don't have a choice.

    • I don't think I've ever seen cashew grown in Australia. I'd love to buy Australian products instead of the imported ones so would love to hear if you spotted Australian cashew somewhere.

      • There are PLENTY of Aussie grown cashews… Just google it. I'd much rather support our farmers and not some dodgy 3rd party off-shore nut company that is processing nuts in a Vietnamese sweat shop.

    • Where have you seen Australian Cashews? I think 99% is imported.

      Anyway we sell our wine/grain/barley to Asia & we buy their cashews, don't see a big issue with that? What's wrong is where we import stuff me make here with cheaper imported products

    • Supporting Aussie businesses are important, but some areas in the agricultural industry are taking a hit from the weather (climate change). So next best option would have to be outsourcing them.

        • +1 vote

          It is a tropical tree, so I think it should be grown in NT and Northern QLD.

          Harvesting and processing them is very labour intensive, so maybe there isn't a big industry here because it'll be quite expensive.

          Same reason why cars aren't made here any more I guess.

          • @eug: yep, I forgot the labour issue. Removing the cashew nut from the shell is also a little hazardous operation, there is a glue like substance which will make ulcers wherever it touches.

  • What is expiry date for nuts, anyone know?

  • Doesn't work with Western Australian addresses

  • Great prices. Bought some nuts, spices and dried fruits. Looking forward to it. Thanks op

  • Tried to use referal code with around $60 and got refused because I have an account already. what? I didn't sign up, but just tried to process it just before the payment because they don't show the shipping cost otherwise. Never signed up or something similar, but I reckon this means they've already saved my email and created an account as well? I don't feel like this company is trustable. Waste of time.

  • I hate that the referrals are a code so can't be stacked with free shipping.

  • Great. Ordered 10 kilos of cashews

    I ain’t scared of agent orange

  • how come you don't ever have dry roasted almonds on special

  • Does anybody know if they allow in-person pickup? They seem to be just about 4km from my place

    • I went to their business and it’s an admin office only. I was referred to a different business about a km away. This isn’t owned by Nuts About Life. If driving, be careful… parking out the front in that street is targeted by parking officers. Turns into very expensive nuts.