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Oppo Reno 5G - 256GB/8GB RAM, Green or Jet Black $599 + Free Shipping @ Green Gadgets Australia eBay


Fantabulous price for a 5g phone. I myself am considering getting this but I think I'll continue using my Oppo Reno Z for another year and save money for the PS5.

Product specifications - https://m.gsmarena.com/oppo_reno_5g-9676.php

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  • Tis one good looking phone, will give it that. Back kinda looks a bit aged, but doesn't really matter too much.

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    How do you pronounce Reno ?
    is it like Reno Nevada, or reno, short for renovation?
    /just wondering.

  • No wireless charging?

  • Posted on many threads with this phone and will always vouch on how great it is, bought on release and have had no issues besides having to use a case (glass back makes it too slippery in pants).
    Dunno about other cities but 5g coverage is actually fairly good in Sydney and can see a noticeable difference over just standard 4g.

    • What are the cameras like? Front and back.

      • Great! The 50x zoom is pretty crazy on a phone and it works great at night too.

        • Thanks

  • This or Poco F2 Pro?
    Similar price tag …

    • AU warranty vs slightly better specs

      • Reno has a decent main camera with OIS and one of the best zoom cams.
        Is Aussie stock with 2 year warranty.
        Expandable storage.

        Poco is $150 cheaper.
        Has a headphone jack.
        Bigger battery.
        Faster storage.
        Faster RAM.
        Newer chipset but probably only makes a difference if gaming or for its improved AI image processing chip, which isn't useful anyway as Poco cameras and camera software is pretty average.

        I've been looking at phones for my mate the past few months and I'm tossing up between these two as well. I'm currently leaning towards the Reno because the cameras are much better and Aussie stock is more convenient for warranty.

        • I don't think 5G will be a huge benefit in the next couple of years, untill it's fully rolled out … and expandable memory isn't a thing for me, as I've never used an SD card in any of my phones.
          Plus I don't do gaming … at lease nothing beyong chess, backgammon and bubble-shooter on it :)

          More important is comfort of use, good camera and good battery life.

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          Where did you find the F2 Pro for $150 cheaper than this $599 Oppo Reno 5G?

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            @Broos: Sorry I got confused and was thinking the Reno was $699. I've seen the Poco F2 Pro for as low as $530 recently at TobyDeals or similar but currently cheapest is $580 for 128GB, making this Reno deal an even better deal in comparison.

            The code in this post however didn't work for me so the cheapest I can find the Reno is $623 at AllPhones ebay, still a good price though imo.

    • Its almost 2 year old phone and pretty sure wont get any more software updates., not sure if Oppo still makes it, or old stock.

      • Released May 2019, so not really "almost 2 year old". It's more like almost 18 months old and it appears that it is likely to get ColorOS 11 (Android 11). See my post below.

  • Can get non-targeted deals on ebay with 15% off from titan gear. Picked one up a couple days ago for abot $620

  • This or nord? Hmmm

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    That would be a deal at $499 NOT $599 heheh

  • About a week ago, I bought one of these for $599 with this same ebay coupon. It's a brilliant phone and hard to beat for the money. Would have preferred to get the non 5G version that was on offer from 5GWorld for $499 a while back, but I was too slow. Still very happy with my purchase though and can highly recommend it. It updated immediately to ColorOS 7 (Android 10) and looks to be in line for ColorOS 11 (Android 11).

  • Noobie Question but what does "Targetted" mean?

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      It means only selected people will get this code sent to them. It's not available for everyone.

  • Its show me $649. Can i have coupon to get discount please?

    • It's targetted so the coupon code (mentioned in this deal) may not apply to your order.