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Sony ILCE6400B Mirrorless Digital Camera [Body Only] $1,255 (Bonus $200 eGfiftCard) Free Shipping/ NSW Pickup @ Cameraclix


Was looking around for this camera and found the price to be the lowest by far for an australian stock.
$1255 is the store price, but you can claim the $200 eftpos/mastercard as part of Sony Gift Card Promotion to bring it down to $1055.

Free store pickup/standard shipping within NSW, $15 for express delivery. Not sure about other states.

Price match at Sony Kiosks makes the eftpos redemption all the more easier and you can walk out of the store with the eftpos card. Purchases at other stores have to go through an online application form in Sony website for claiming the gift card. Details here .Successful claims would then receive their bonus card at the nominated address.

Edit: If you are after the kit with 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ Lens, purchase it separately from the same seller for $285. Combined price ($1540) is still cheaper than the standard kit selling for $1699.

Newbie in deal postings, please be gentle.

Edit 2: Looks like a pricing error initially, checked back and the price had gone up to $1390 or $1190 after gift card. Still one of the better prices around if you are looking for this model.

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  • Can't see the seller on the Sony retailer list.

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    'don't recall the Sony model involved… but
    there's at least ONE YT review comparing:

    a higher-end Panasonic Mirrorless' with
    a higher-end Sony M'less…

    and the Reviewer(s) - it was a guy & girl -
    each found the Panasonic to be better.

    Best to begin to test/compare for yourself,
    ie, in a Camera shop, that lets you try both.

    You'd have to have prepared (in-advance)
    eg, read manual, viewed several reviews,
    prep'd some Q's that are important to you
    or how you would use the cam. you buy.,

    • You are correct with trying out the camera yourself when possible.
      However, there are fewer places over the years to try-on and ask for camera advice IRL.
      So it is commonplace that we have to rely on youtube/online reviews, which is fine if you are only after the information that is provided to you. Oblivious to what you think you want and what you actually need, which is what I consider the most valuable sales interaction during the decision-making process.
      a bit sad about this news :

  • EFPOS cashback is a great strategy for Sony to move current stocks whilst not discounting the product officially.
    They are usually around Christmas.
    Keep an eye out for the new Sony mirrorless concept A7C. The same body shape as the A6000 series, but full frame.
    Pre-pandemic, the market for A7C is clear; someone who wants to transition from APS-C A6000's into full frame, and willing to pay a premium. Sony can also sell a few more FE lenes along the way, introduce a new compact range of FE lenses too. I would have sucked it up and paid $2000USD for the camera and another $1000 for new lenses at Christmas.
    post-pandemic, consumer market for electronics is weaker than ever. I have to think trice if a 24mp full-frame A6600 with subtle improvements over A7III is justifiable to spend that much on.
    Given flagship Huawei phones are already giving my A6500 with F4 zoom a good run for its money, I arrange 80% of my shots in sufficient lighting. I just cant be bothered to swap out primes or bring flash. I seriously doutb the A7C will do significantly better with my shooting needs.

    tldr: lurkwarm price. Sony camera/lenses are not as exciting as they were 5 years ago, other players(even Huawei) are catching up more rapidly than Sony's toothpaste squeezes.

    • I really like the Huawei ilc range, you make a very valid point.

      • Totally with you with the Huawei ilc range. I wish Sony could learn from Huawei's complete retail packaging.
        The Huawei ilc includes four prime lenses composed of; 18mm Ultrawide f1.8, 23mm wide 1.9, 80mm f2.4 and 240mm f4.4. If I had to nitpick, only three of them have OIS, and they had to do this on the Ultrawide, crazy!
        The point is, Sony should get rid of their "clear zoom" disgrace and instead follow Huawei and other players in the market to introduce this ungodly periscopic design infused lens image stacking wizardry that I can carry in my pocket.

        /rant over