Men's Athletic Apparel SQDAthletica. T-Shirt $10 (Was $59) + $9.99 Shipping @ SQDAthletica


I saw a post on reddit that stated SDQ Athletica going of out business - clearance sale on website. Don't know whether it is true or not but what is true is that everything is discounted and I now have wardrobe of apparel from a brand I had not heard of before, that I hope fits.

Warning: Store is closing down. Returns and exchanges won't be possible.

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SQD Athletica
SQD Athletica


  • True story :

    “ All SQD orders are sent Standard Australia Post shipping and are due to arrive within 5-10 days of placing your order online. Shipping is $9.99 on all orders. UNFORTUNATELY DUE TO THE WINDING DOWN OF THE SQDAthletica BUSINESS RETURNS AND EXCHANGES ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED UNLESS THE PRODUCT IS FAULY.”

  • There is an element of risk in buying from a business winding down. You may never receive said goods.

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      I doubt it here given SQD are owned by Vita Group but in any case just pay by credit card and chargeback if something goes wrong.

      Used to be free shipping over $50 :(

  • This was Mitchell Johnson's brand I think.
    Either way, I've ordered twice from them now and the quality is top notch and delivery is pretty fast (3-4 days).
    I highly recommend their stuff 👍🏼

  • Can anyone check out with paypal?

    it's telling me - "Please select a payment method" after clicking 'checkout with paypal'

    • in the cart screen click the yellow 'checkout with paypal' button

      Does not work if going through checkout and selecting paypal as the payment option

  • Getting the error:

    We are unable to place this order because one or more items in your order is not available in sufficient quantity. Please go back and reduce your order.

    Every item in my cart is in stock…

    • Likewise. I can't figure out which item is out of stock.

      Good prices, but I think it's time to give up.

      • I had the same. I went back to the page it says to go back to. If you then move everything to "Save for later", there was an item I then couldn't move back to cart and I was then able to proceed with the purchase.

    • I worked out when you refresh your cart if the name of the product isn't a clickable link then it's the out of stock one. It kept letting me add the items in from my saved cart but then couldn't check out. Once I deleted the ones that we're clickable it went through fine.

      • Thanks. Turns out the chinos I wanted to buy last night sold out…dang really wanted them. And now I've gone to check out again and some other items were out :(

  • Ordered a bunch of stuff 10$ a top is pretty cheap i dont know if the quality is any good will see how we go

    Long sleeves for $20 are also pretty good, hard to find decent training long sleeves for under $40-50

  • Just ordered some long sleeves and socks. Hope they fit and arrive!

    this one is $2… good for anyone wearing that size

  • Might buy a couple. Just unsure of the size! I'm size M at Uniqlo. Can anybody who has SQD Athletica and Uniqlo compare please?

  • Order a few items.

    Thanks for the bargain.

  • Paypal wouldn't work for me. Credit card was fine though

  • Paypal worked fine for me

    • Yeah might just be mine. I think the Wynns deal yesterday triggered some sort of security thing. Thieves trying to order $11 of wine on my account and take it to Mexico

      • Hmmm. Second time PP didn't work. Kept saying select payment method. Had to place an order with card.

        "Checkout with paypal" button must be the only thing that works. Not select paypal as payment method and then checkout through there page.

  • PayPal worked for me. Got a bunch of stuff for me and family

  • Thanks OP! Bought stuff I didn’t need - fomo!! Hopefully the sizes fit and some decent quality stuff overall.

  • Merino beanie for $5 worth a punt!

  • Bought 3, total $40 with delivery. Paid with PayPal. Thank you.

  • I've ordered some shirts and shorts from them in the past through the Iconic. I've got the freeway shorts and the SQUAD tee's in a variety of colours (and several more now).

    Quality is excellent and at this price is a steal. Sad to see them go.

    • Agree. Quality is better than all the fitness brands out there.
      Just blew $300 on $1300 worth of clothing.

  • Went light and just got one shirt and a shirt. Didn’t want to go HAM in case sizes / quality wand the best as I always line test work out gear to make sure I can squat and deadlift OK in it. Here’s hoping!

  • Paypal didn't work for me (keeps saying "Please select Payment Method").
    But thanks OP.

  • Paypal worked when i turned off ad blockers (on-mobile)

  • Thanks OP. Got a few polos and long sleeve tops.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered a few tops. Paypal didn't work for me as well but CC did.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 5, needed some new ones!

  • Thanks OP, ordered a whole bunch of stuff!

  • Thanks OP! People who ordered using Paypal did you receive any email confirmation of your order?

  • Someone print some “ozbargain” iron ons to add to the “squad” t shirts so we can all recognise each other when picking up good deals!

  • Thanks OP! Ordered a few tops.

  • bought a few items - hopefully the long sleeve workout clothes are good! thank you

    edit: for those who didnt get sale confirmation - check SPAM folder; my invoice got sent to my spam

  • thanks op, bought a few, lets hope sizing is spot on

  • Order went through fine with paypal, good deal

  • I've bet $200 that I'm a Large; fingers crossed. Thanks OP.

    • If you look at the model, it says the model is 185cm and wearing medium.

      Looking where the bottom of the shirt is, it looks very long on an 185cm so I gather I must be XS or S lol.

      So a Large would be VERY large.

      • I couldn't found the thing you mention. Bought all Large size and I'm sure oly 175cn .. screw me

      • Isn't shirt sizing more about how "round" you are more so than how tall you are? Plenty of people that wear XXL aren't 7ft tall…

      • I don't think the website is accurate at all.

        Every single one of the pictures say: model is 185cm and wears M. It seems to me that they forgot to check sizes during the photo shoot and just went with: 185cm and M for everybody!

        • Indeed. I was so suspicious about it I ended doing my own measure and went and buy based on that.

          But what triggered me to do this was looking at the model and the fact it says 185cm and wears M. Previously I was ready to buy M.

        • It's somehow some kind of weird standard that every model is 185cm and wears size M, not just in this brand. I largely ignore this now, if it's a fashion brand targeted at youngish/fit people it will be a slim cut. So if you need a bit of room size up appropriately.

          I'm 183cm with what I would say are appropriately long arms, and have made the mistake of ordering M from other brands when 185cm models have been supposedly wearing M… only to find the sleeves are too short (long sleeved shirts, hoodies, jackets etc). Maybe it's because I'm not a model.

      • I’m just assuming that they are true to size because if the sizing was off, at least some of the reviews would mention it.

  • People pay $70 for t-shirts?

  • Thanks OP ordered $110 worth

  • Ordered 3 tshirts. Hope I picked the right size, M, 180/80.

  • Ordered $200 worth of gear! Picked M, 180/85

  • Ordered XL.. I'm 6ft 2 and 100 kilos.
    Usually prefer XL as it's not too clingy and a bit longer. Hopefully the size of these are ok.

    Good buy!

  • I read the size chart for Medium size T shirt, waist 81cm, but mine is 86cm, and I am medium build. I am guessing it is for a very fit person?

  • I’ve bought a decent amount of their gear before. Absolutely love it! They hold up pretty well over time too.

  • Got to pass on my thanks to the OP, this was a solid deal for someone who trains regularly. Spent about 200 for a ton of gear.

  • Anyone had their items shipped yet?

  • Ordered mine sunday night just after OzB post and it just shipped today.

    I'm a XXL normally and it fits great, its a bit of a slim fit not a baggy loose fit which is what I'm after anyhow after trimming down a tad.

    I'm really happy and for the price I love it!

    Thanks to the OP cheers mate!

  • I paid by paypal (on my amex) on the 14th, i note a new charge came through on my credit card (Via Paypal) today for the same amount so i now have 2 pending payments to SQD in my Amex account. When i log into paypal i can only see the charge for today. Is that normal?

    • Same here! Anyone have any ideas?

      • I suspect the first payment will be reversed as it's still sitting as pending even though subsequent paypal payments i've made have been cleared.

        So i'm going to hold off on disputes for a few days and keep an eye on it.

  • I ordered 4 days back and yet no update no where to contact them apart from sending an email to them via their website… and others are getting their shipped when they ordered way after few of us..

  • I seem to have been charged twice too

  • I was just charged twice just now too haha. PayPal/Amex dispute time!

  • I paid by credit card via PayPal and the transaction is showing under my credit card but not in my PayPal transaction history as it normally does.

    The only email i received was an Order Received email and nothing since.

    • UPDATE - i noticed today that my credit card transaction has disappeared (reversed out?) so not sure if my order is still going through now.

      • Just received AUSPOST email.

        • I noticed transaction from bank account disappeared as well. Did your transaction reappear?

          • @abcd: Not yet, I'm guessing that because a lot of people are saying they were charged twice via PayPal they reversed out all PayPal transactions (including those that were only charged once) and will now try to reconcile the whole mess.

  • Same here, charged twice :(

    • UPDATE: Had contacted SQDAthletica re. double transactions. They asked me to raise issue with PayPal.
      Also, received my stuff today and the quality and fitting is really good. Thanks again OP!

      • I haven't received any notification in rewards to shipping. Did you get your delivery with tracking number? or delivered out of nowhere.

        • I did get a tracking number. AusPost was sending regular updates about my package as well.

  • I paid by Amex (not PayPal) and charged just once so I think the problem is with PayPal which is an easy fix.

  • It seems only the people who ordered and paid using credit card via PayPal are the ones being charged twice?

    For all those who are waiting on their order confirmations forget what the website says re: order times. It will take anywhere between 3-7 days for them to pick and pack your order and then who knows how long it will take for it to arrive via AusPost.

    The business has been running on fumes for months now and they're running on a skeleton crew, if that. Not helping is the Covid restrictions on logistics.
    I wouldn't be worried about you not receiving your gear. It's probably just going to take a while longer to get to you that's all.

  • Thanks again to the OP. Got my stuff today and the quality is great for what I paid. Awesome deal!

  • Got my stuff today
    Overall pretty decent
    Chinos are a bit old man like and run big

    Track Zip through is awesome, probably my fave
    Long sleeve orion tee is good
    The short sleeve orion tee are decent enough… they have the unstructured look in the sides
    Polo is ok but runs long

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