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[eBay Plus] Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board Set Graphite $49 (Was $120) @ Peters of Kensington eBay


Color coded Chopping board set.
They have been indexed according to the kind of stuff you can cut on it.

As long as you clean it properly it should be fine anyway.

Green board is for vegetables, the blue board is for raw fish, the white board is for cooked food while the red board is for raw meat.

I am not a great fan of these but if anyone wants it.

Green Vegetable Chopping Board – 30cm (l) x 20cm (h).
Blue Raw Fish Chopping Board – 30cm (l) x 20cm (h).
White Cooked Food Chopping Board – 30cm (l) x 20cm (h).
Red Raw Meat Chopping Board – 30cm (l) x 20cm (h).
Graphite Storage Case – 30.5cm (l) x 21cm (h) x 8cm (w).

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  • cannot use together with my $50 ebay plus sign up voucher….

  • Thanks OP. I haven't seen these cheaper than $60.

  • Quick feedback on these boards. They are soft and any cutting scars the board heavily… which makes it perfect for keeping scraps of material or bacteria within the grooves.

    Also, the design has raised edges on sides, meaning any long cuts will slice and cut up the edges also. Poor design and use of material.

    We have very sharp Japanese knives, any cutting just makes lots of grooves on board…

    Definitely more style than function.

    My “better” half fell for the style of these boards where as I was after the commercial grade boards that are far more dense and less problematic with harbouring microbes and bacteria.

    Anyway, lesson learnt for this house hold.

    • Sweet. Saved me $50.

    • What do you use now instead?

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        Just use wooden board.
        They are better than Plastics

        • +42 votes

          Agree 100%

          My approach:

          1. Go to Bunnings
          2. Buy one of these and have the timber dept bloke cut it to a mixture of board sizes for you
          3. Buy some screw-on rubber feet while you're there (if you want an anti-slip board)
          4. Take your new boards home and give them a light sanding (especially the freshly-cut edges) and them hit them with some food-grade mineral oil.
          5. Screw on some rubber feet with stainless steel wood screws.

          For under $120 you will have about 10+ years' worth of high quality chopping/serving boards (even longer if you look after them and regularly sand them down and re-oil).

          • @OzDJ_: This guy ozbargains.

          • @OzDJ_: This is a great idea!!

          • @OzDJ_: True bargainer!!

          • @OzDJ_: I'm gonna do this. Cheers!

          • @OzDJ_:

            Buy one of these(bunnings.com.au) and have the timber dept bloke cut it to a mixture of board sizes for you

            Here's a hardwood panel that's comparatively cheaper at $46 (and of course smaller): https://www.bunnings.com.au/specrite-1800-x-405-x-18mm-brown...

            • @CocaKoala: Also a good option IF:

              1. Your local Bunnings has these in stock - mine hasn't for close to 12 months now.
              2. You don't mind a thinner board (of 18mm vs 26mm. My personal preference is THICC (for chopping boards, that is).


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            @OzDJ_: End grain would be better, but that does look like a pretty good option!

            Thanks for the DIY tip. I might be making some heavy-duty serving trays in the near future.

            • @abb: Endgrain is definitely better than this laminated solution BUT on a bag-for-buck basis, these panels are winner-winner-chicken-dinner IMHO

          • @OzDJ_: These are my recommended cuts to get six (6) 600mm long boards from the 2,200mm panel. Note: You'll lose a few mm with each cut, so don't expect exact dimensions:

            1 @ 600mm - awesome 600m x 600m presentation board is great to bring to the table loaded-up with cold-cuts, BBQ meats etc
            2 @ 400mm - handy for preparing brisket, ribs, larger fish (see 'alternative' note, below)
            2 @ 300mm - general purpose daily driver
            1 @ 200mm - smaller general purpose daily driver (my Mrs calls it "the celery and spring onion board")

            Alternative: slice the 400mm boards in half again to give you 4 * 300 x 400 boards… for a total of eight boards.

            Trust me, once you've used longer chopping boards and seen how it improves your kitchen workflow, you will never go back to 30cm (or less) length boards

          • @OzDJ_: omg im gonna make one and stick with an ozbargain logo in it, it would last forever!

          • @OzDJ_: Thanks for this great idea…unfortunately it appears these are now delivery only on the website

      • Go to kmart and buy their acacia boards, they do a pretty good job

        • I’d suggest strong hardwood, which tends to be heavy.
          However, you can get some bamboo ones, they are cheap, much lighter Than Hardwood and the tight wood grain means they are hard like hardwood but would be lighter. With these wooden ones, you can resurface them easy enough.

          They are Functional and I prefer them to plastics anyway.

      • I really like Epicurean boards: they're made of wood-fibre composite and they take up very little space in the dishwasher. I use them for everything and don't bother distinguishing between meat and non-meat, they all go in the dishwasher anyway so I assume that's safe enough? Some I've had for 10 years and they're still going strong.

        • The glue in the Epicurean boards isn't great for knives but if you don't mind sharpening a bit more frequently them probably a good compromise

      • My general rule of thumb is a hard plastic board for raw meats (that can be thrown in the dishwasher once done) and a wooden board for everything else.

    • Clicked through to post the same comment.

    • Any recommendations on big plastic boards that don't do this? I need some big boards of different colors to use as like a greenscreen for food. I need a few colors because sometimes food is green. It would be convenient to be able to cut food straight on the board.

    • Definitely more style than function.

      I would argue that these fit neither description. Everything I've seen of this brand looks cheap. I don't understand their appeal.

  • I got given these and find them too small

  • been looking for index chopping board .. too bad no one sells them anymore except this brand

    $20 target brand which was discontinued https://www.target.com.au/p/index-chopping-board-set/5876470...

  • So if I use my global knives on this it will leave heavy marks? Using my wooden MKR Board I got at the Easter show for everything atm

    • Brand of knife won't make any difference. As TreeHugger mentioned above these are made from soft material and prone to leaving heavy marks.

    • Over time, you will have lots of tiny little groves going through around. That doesnt affect anything.
      Most of the people are fine with it.

      Just wash it properly after each use.
      These are dishwasher safe.

      • +2 votes

        " lots of tiny little groves"

        I've got these boards. A forest of deep gouges would be more accurate.

        It doesn't bother me too much, but yeah, those gouges can harbour bacteria.

    • I've been using these boards for a while with global knives, you do get marks (with any knives) as you cut the boards but its only a slight deterioration in visual appearance, they'll get cleaned properly since you can put them in the dishwasher (like fantoo said). But for long term maintenance of your knives softer boards like this or wood are better for keeping them between sharpenings

    • I have Global and Tojiro knives (as well as this board set because the missus wanted it). They are heavily scarred after only a few months use; I definitely prefer wooden boards.

  • Will I end up eating very small plastics?
    I'm so afraid of buying these plastic ones…
    anyone explain the safety issue please?

    • No you wont have plastics on your food.
      Unless you slice the chopping board from the edges.

      Normal food chopping doesnt take off the plastic

  • These are a bit small for me. Remember getting the exact same thing but larger size from Costco a while back for around $55-ish from memory

  • The purpose of a chopping board is to protect your knife from the benchtop, not the benchtop from the knife, so plastic and wood are good options. Sharp knives will cause scratches and grooves in either of these surfaces over time and eventually will need replacing. One benefit of plastic to wood is dishwasher safe.

  • and with that. my last eBay Plus purchase

  • it does leave scratches and grooves as mentioned, but if you using dishwasher or detergent and wash it I doubt it will leave bacteria.

    Anything reckon this one of the best house warming gifts we got.

    • Yeah agreed. I like the fact that each board is quite slim, and therefore they fit easily between the dishwasher prongs. I find it hard to believe any kind of chopping board that's hand washed is more hygenic than a board that's washed for an hour and a half at 60 degrees with highly alkaline dishwasher chemicals.

  • We have them, and agreed with others, the plastic is too soft. Our Wustof knives have heavily scarred the surface.

  • I've had two sets of these boards and they're really good. The first set lasted me the entire duration of my first marriage - 10 years. Now on to the second partner and second set. Very happy with both! (Wouldn't hesitate to buy again at this price).

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  • Can anyone recommend a good quality wooden chopping board (besides the DYI st Bunnings kind-can’t even go because lockdown)? I’m looking for one that’s big (more than 30cm) and it has to be thick (preferably thicker than 2cm). I haven’t been ab,e to find one yet at a reasonable price.

    Anyone watch Rachael ray (newer 30min meals series, not old eps)? She has this really big (quite long) one and it’s very thick-it’s beautiful and when I saw it the first time, I couldn’t help but admire it. No doubt it’s very expensive though.

  • I use something like https://m.catch.com.au/product/39cm-hard-wood-hygienic-round...
    You can easily find them at Chinese groceries.