Best Low Data Pre-Paid Mobile Phone Plans for a child?

This will be for a young girl whose parents have separated. They don't want her to have too much data, with the focus on phone calls should she wish to speak to the other parent or in cases of emergency etc.

Plans of around 1GB/month would probably be fitting. But calls will need to be unlimited.

Oh, and a monthly plan rather than a 365 day plan is probably best suited as to avoid her using all her data prematurely.

Network not important.

Thanks in advance!


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    Would suggest Belong. After first month you can drop to $10/MTH, 1GB, unlimited call and then capped data speed.

    Suggest grab a belong referral for $20 credit. Visit the Belong page on ozbargain for a referral code

    • Thanks I will check that out. $10/month would be in the idea price range too.

      EDIT: Is that right? When I look at their website it shows only 2 larger plans. Is the 1GB plan still available?

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      I second belong, get 80gb in the first month with a half price $40 starter kit, activate on a certain day and get double data, sign up with referral, then change to $10 plan in the next month, get 2 months free

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    Hi Click-it, I`ve my 12 yr old with Amaysim $10 a month for 2GB and Unlimited standard talk and text for use anywhere in Australia.

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    What about the Woolworths $10 with 1GB data?
    Can't comment myself as never used it, curious to know if anyone else has.
    Telstra Network, 30 day expiry.

    10% off your grocery shop every month. Save up to $50 a month. That could help cover the cost of your phone bill.

    • Been on Woolworths Mobile Post Paid for a few months. It is suitable for OP as well, as once data has run out, it won't automatically bill you for extra data.

      Unsure how their prepaid customer gets billed - manually charge or by direct debit.

    • Thanks i think this one would be perfect actually!

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        Visit the WW Mobile OzBargain Store Page for referral codes and sign up through Cashrewards/Shopback for a bargain signup

  • Aldi Plan is $15 / month which gives you 3GB and it rolls over so long as you renew within a day or two of expiry. You can auto renew too if you want.
    Uses the Telstra network.
    I use the $25/18gb one.
    You can order the Simcards and manage it all online.

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