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Belong $25 Starter Pack for $10 @ Woolworths


Starter Pack Features

  • 10GB Data (+10GB on the 1st billing date)
  • Unlimited national calls & sms.
  • Unlimited data banking.
  • Unlimited data gifting.
  • No lock-in contracts.
  • Flexibility to change plans once every monthly payment cycle.
  • Data slows to 64 kbps if you use all your monthly allowance.
  • Telstra 4G & 3G.
  • 12 month starter pack expiry (you have 12 months from the purchase date to activate)

Here is a good option for getting the most out of this starter pack. Before you activate make sure you get a referral code from a friend already with Belong or the OzBargain Belong pool for an additional $20 credit.

3 Months 22GB - Activate on the $25 10GB per month plan. When the first payment date comes you'll already have 10GB data plus you get another 10GB (Double Data). After the first payment date switch to the $10 1GB per month plan for the 2nd & remaining months. The first 3 months cost is covered ($25 starter pack credit plus $20 referral credit) and data rolls over every month or can be gifted.

Billing Dates (4th, 12th, 20th & 28th)
Plans are billed on the same date monthly. The time between activation and the next billing date is free.
One month worth of data is credited on activation, and another on your first payment date, 1-8 days later. So you effectively get double data for the first monthly payment at no extra cost. You can then change to a lower rate plan ($10/month) and use the banked data allowance.

More info at the Belong Wiki.
Customer Terms.

You can cancel your service by notifying us. We’ll cancel your service within 24 hours. It may take up to 24 hours to process your request, so you’ll need to let us know at least 24 hours before the start of the next monthly bill cycle.

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  • +2

    If it's a Belong deal, it's a an Arthur Dunger deal.

    • +2

      I think it's fair to say that Arthur Dunger belongs here.

  • Just out of curiosity, who owns the Belong Ozb pool code? And what's stopping you (the original poster) from suggesting your own referral code in the post (or is that considered referral spam)?

    • Not that I care but to try & answer your question I went back to "edit" & can't even see a spot to add my referral code.
      Also I don't think it's allowed if I added to the description.

      • I mean the link to the pool is just a picture of the code, what's stopping you from saying, hey this is my code (having a screenshot of it) if anyone wants to use? I'm just curious whose code that is in the pool, is it Scotty's or Neil's mum's or jv's ex-wife's plan?

        • The code changes every time you click on it.

          • @Arthur Dunger: Oh wow, it does too. I had no idea. So no one gets the other $20 for the referral if you use the pool code, just the person who types in the codes gets the credit?

            • @Lizard Spock: No, the referrer gets $20 as well.

              • @Arthur Dunger: So if I use a code from the auto generated pool, is that a pool of members that have submitted their code to be added to the pool? I feel like an idiot, it's like I forgot what pool means 😞😓

                If the above is true then my follow up question: how do I add my code to the pool?

      • +1

        It's because you have 2 stores linked to your deal and it prioritises the first store which in this case is Woolworths (No referrals for WW). If Belong was first it would show your Belong referral link under the post along with the global pool. Not sure if you can change the order, maybe a mod can?
        Example with Amaysim and CR: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/562582

  • +1

    I'm trying to find a good review for Belong. I'll let you know, I have only read 37,000 reviews so far.

    • Strange, I'm with Belong (switched from Kogan) and I'm much happier (mind you I only had issues with Kogan when I move to a different suburb).

    • +3

      Yes because the internet is always the place to find 1000's of positive reviews on anything, lol.

      • +3

        Excellent point. I mean the only time I go out of my way to write a review is if I'm really angry about a product or service. Otherwise if a company is providing a service that I expect to get, I don't automatically go and write a positive review (I should, but like many, I don't)

  • Better to activate on the $40 plan for first month, and bank lots of double-data, before switching to the $10 plan. You'll even have $5 left after referral credit.

    • Have you tried that with a $25 starter pack & using a referral code?

      Actually probably better to buy the $40 starter pack while it's on special at Coles for $20 if you want to activate on the $40 plan.

      • If that is still available, why did you post this inferior deal?
        The amount of credit included in the pack is independent of which plan you start on. In the past you could get 6 months of $10 plan from a $40 pack with referral.

        • I don't think this deal is inferior, it's just different. This offers 3 months @ $3.33/month. If you can find a cheaper 3 month unlimited plan with 22GB please let me know?

          Or if you are already with Belong, buy this & activate in a family member's name & email then use your referral to give yourself $20 credit. I would recommend to actually use the sim so you can't be accused of gaining the system. This gives you 2 more months on the $10 plan, plus 3 months 22GB with another phone.

          • @Arthur Dunger: Given that it is a contract plan and one per person, not prepaid, I was not thinking of it in those terms. Be careful.

            • @bargaino: This isn't a contract plan. You can leave anytime you want.

              • @Arthur Dunger: You are still entering a contract. If you do not cancel, you are liable for the bill. Unlike prepaid, you can't just not pay. They can pursue people for debt.

      • How do you enter a referrer code with a Sim from Coles/Woolies? I see nowhere to type it. And if i use the referrer link (which does show the credit) it only lets me order a new sim. Not use the Coles/Woolies sim.

    • Note: The $10 plan is no longer available to new users.

      • New users can move to the $10 plan after their 1st billing date, hence the 3 Months 22GB option in the description.

        • yep, my bad…thanks for correction.

  • It has been this price at Officeworks for ages.

  • First time using Belong here so I have some questions about how this works..
    1. I activated yesterday on 13th Sept. If the next billing date is 20th Sept, does that mean the $25 starter pack credit plus $20 referral credit will cover the 3 months cost which is until 19th Dec?
    2. If I want to switch to another provider before I get charged any additional costs, do I need to contact their Customer Service to cancel my service or can I just port out by 19th Dec to not get charged?
    Thanks in advance.

      1. Yes as per the Op - Using the option as described will cover 3 Months 22GB.

      2. As per the Op (last 2 lines) - quoted from the Customer Terms, link provided. You contact them via your account - send a support request.

      • So you port out, then call and cancel a few days before the new billing cycle starts?

        What happens if you cancel and your port hasn't happened yet. Could you lose your number?

        • I would definitely port out first or you will lose your number.

          • @Arthur Dunger: Hmm, Optus once took 28 days to port my number. So will definitely wait until the port has 100% gone through before cancelling.

      • Hey I cant see an option to enter the belong referral code now.

        Think they stopped this now

        • Just checked my account on the app & my referral code is still there if I want to share it with anyone.

          It's easy to miss when activating, I have done it myself.

  • Belong Double data and referral stacking is officially over.

    They patched this loophole

    • Thanks for the update. Will wait for others to confirm before changing the description.

      Referral stacking was always risky anyway. Other members had their accounts closed for doing this.

    • Ah shit, lucky I’m already on it but was gonna get fam onto it

    • When did double data finish? Mrs SS signed up last week and got the double data (80GB) in the first month.

      • +1

        Maybe yesterday?

    • sorry, what's considered referral stacking?

      • Opening multiple accounts in your name and using your referral code when you create a new account.
        All of which is a breach of customer terms.

    • I activated a $25 starter kit several days ago, and today 20/9/20, I got another 10G today (it is now 19.9G, as somehow 0.1G disappear).
      I did use a referrer code.
      However I try to change the plan to $10 plan, not successful. No 1G option is available in managing the plan

      May try again tomorrow.

      • +2

        I try it today, Belong now let me change to 1G plan. So apparently it takes at least one day after billing date.

  • So now it's just $25 for 10gb data for mnvo Telstra?

    • It always was $25 for 10GB after the starter pack & referral credit has been used up.

      • So $10 for 22g data for 3 months correct?

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