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45% off Speedo Products @ OzSale


Saw this before (not that we are allowed to go to the beach here in Victoria) but 45% off the whole Speedo range stocked at OzSale seemed like a pretty good deal worthy of posting here.

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  • Speedo is great and lasts a long time but even at these prices, I suggest people pay a little bit extra money and get the Turbo brand from Spain. They sell casual swimwear in addition to their famous waterpolo line. Budgy Smuggler is also a good Australian brand but is expensive and isn't that good for chlorinated waters since it's Polyamide/nylon and more suitable for salt water.

    I always buy Turbo and recommend them to my friends and family. Their reviews are always positive. However, Turbo does come in at a little bit smaller in size, especially for men's swimsuits, but still fits perfectly if you have a normal sized butt. I always recommend people buy one or two sizes up for the water polo suits and 1 size up for their normal swimwear if you want a looser fitting.

    • Where do you buy them from? I just looked on their main site and it was 28 euro for a pair and then $30.49 shipping 😐

      Edit: oh i see there's an Australian store

      • There's no Australian store but there is an English language site. When you process the transaction, it'll go through the spanish store.
        I buy from here:


        The women sizes are a bit different too. It tends to be high cut, so it has minimal coverage around the backside, which is ideal for water polo. Also depends on how tight you want the swimsuit so it's hard to recommend the right size.

        • Is this an unofficial Australian site? http://www.turbowaterpolo.com.au

          That site you linked is where it wanted to charge me 30 euro for shipping, so over $95 for a pair…

          • @Chickenleg:

            Is this an unofficial Australian site?

            Yes, I believe so. Operated by some water polo coach or something in Tasmania.
            They still sell genuine products.

            Turbo have a BLack Friday sale in November where they do 20% off. They must have increased shipping costs due to Covid.