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Arlec Grid Connect Smart 4 Outlet Powerboard with USB Charger $39.99 (Was $43.59) @ Bunnings


TP-LINK Kasa back to $39 as well. (Bought it but refund as it’s not compatible to my D-Link router as it knock off my 2.4GHz WiFi). https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/565459.
From my opinion, Bunnings’s one has 1 extra outlets with better USB, Kasa looks better (feel better quality too) With individual physical switch and surge protection.

4 independently controlled outlets with dual USB charger
0.9m lead with side entry plug
Use with the Grid Connect app and compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to control devices from anywhere [provided internet connectivity is available]
Safety overload switch
Integrated 7 day programmable timer function, including various timer options
This Smart 4 Outlet powerboard lets you turn anything you plug into it on or off via the Grid Connect app. It comes with 4 independently controlled outlets, dual USB charging ports (Type A & C) with total 3.4A total rating and a LED power indicator. It is a great way to make your home, smart.

This product is compatible with the Grid Connect smart home automation system, built to optimise your everyday living. Simply download the free Grid Connect app on your iOS or Android device and use your home Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection to control, customise and automate your product. It takes only minutes to set up using your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, and there’s a wide range of products available that allow you to customise your system any way you like. Use the app to create the perfect light for every moment of the day, set your product to operate on your ideal schedule, and enjoy peace of mind while you’re away. Most Grid Connect products are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa (sold separately), so you can operate your system with the ultimate convenience.

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  • this is hardly a bargain.

    • especially since this was the price since it was launched and they only increased it in July.

    • True, TP-Link Kasa price drop more than this, but they are similar price now. Especially if someone looking For a 4 outlets smart power board.

      • Genuine question, what do you plug into this? I've always found these interesting but could never figure out how I'd use one.

        All I can think of is lamps.

        • I just start using smart plug, but I guess anything that you might turn on/off frequently. Especially the power board is hard to reach like hide under the desk etc.

        • Rice cooker, toaster, coffee machine, kettle, etc.

        • I plug my active subwoofer into a smart plug so that I can kill power by voice when not in use. I also plug all my audio visual gear to reduce power loss when not in use. It saves me turning things off physically by switch or remote, especially when switches are low to floor and at the back of devices or u have a lot of remotes.
          So I can be doing dishes and say, "hey Google, turn off entertainment center" and all the tv gear turns off. Too easy!

          • @SonOfATightASS: Interesting use case…but aren't you worried about simply cutting power to all that pricey equipment, on a regular basis? Especially if they are running at the time?

            edit: actually this reminds me of when i bought a power saver thingy many moons ago. It basically powered/disconnected the AV equipment based on whether the TV was on or off.

            I stopped using it when I got uncomfortable with the fact it was essentially the same as unplugging all the working equipment each time.

        • The app has a timer function, so I use it for aquarium lights, pool pump, outdoor lights etc. A cool feature is being able to incorporate sunset, so my lights turn on at a slightly different time each day.

          To a lesser degree for me, it is handy to use Google home to control devices from afar.

          • @RangaWal: That's pretty cool, as long as your setup is such that everything you want to control via this powerboard is fairly close to each other. Otherwise you'd need multiple powerboards, or individual smart sockets for each.

            So in conclusion (for me, anyway) - a smart 4-outlet powerboard is a neat replacement for 4x smart (single) sockets, when you can run the wiring for all connected devices conveniently to the powerboard. If your setup falls outside this specific scenario, you're better off with individual smart sockets (or smart devices)

            • @andresampras: Ahh, I forgot to mention I actually don't have a smart powerboard, I have individual smart plugs for this very reason. I thought your question was more aimed at smart sockets in general ;)

  • This isn't OzBargain, this is Ozadvertisement, OzSupermarket seasonal pricing and Ozilikeitandyoumightfinditusefultoo

  • This was the original price before they increased it. I have two of these.

    on the bright side they work well especially with google home.

  • Can you remotely turn off the usb ports?

  • Tempting, but reckon a 4 pack of singles for $60 would be better value for me due to the versatility. I just can’t think of any locations where I need individual control of multiple things.


  • Will this work with tuya smart Life? I'd rather avoid multiple smart device apps if possible