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Ausclimate NWT Supreme All Seasons 50L Dehumidifier $387.71 Delivered (RRP $889) @ Amazon AU


RRP $, currently on sale from $700+ elsewhere (for example: https://www.appliancesonline.com.au/product/ausclimate-wdh-0...).

Exclusive Australian 2 Year Full Replacement Warranty.

Good feedback on productreview: https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/ausclimate-supreme...

  • 50L of moisture extraction per day/ Suitable for room sizes up to 105m² or 260m³ (deep down drying)
  • Unique hot gas defrost system allows for improved efficiency in low temperatures
  • Variable humidity settings
  • Auto pump-out drainage system (5 metres of hose included)
  • Continuous drainage feature (1 metre of hose included)
  • A National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice approved product
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  • If you are concerned about power consumption, this unit has a power input of 900W.

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    I bought an ausclimate dehumidifier (20L model) as everyone was just raving about them in the reviews. (I believe one of their models won best dehumidifier of the year too) I gotta say i'm extremely happy with ours. We live in a mountainous area and there can be a lot of moisture in the air but it works like a charm getting rid of it. If you put it in the same room as your wet washing it will also dry it extremely quickly! we've used ours every few days for a couple of years now and it's still working perfectly.

    This price is stupid cheap for this model tbh. I paid almost the same for mine and it was well worth it.

  • Can this be used to cool small rooms instead of an AC? Looking for a portable aircon in my small apartment bedroom in preparation for the summer.

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      no, using a dehumifier will actually increase the room temperature as it releases air that's slightly warm.

      you want to be using both the aircon and dehumidifier if you want to be cool and control humidity at the same time.

      • +1

        But aircons already dehumidify so why would you want both?

        • +1

          if you are asking that then you clearly don't understand the difference between the two devices.

        • +1

          because they only work in warmer weather (i.e. summer), and are not effective dehumidifiers in general.

          I have tried using my air con, and even the aircon people said, sorry too humid here, you need a dehumidifier, adn in winter, it will do nothing

  • +1

    not for cooling… highly recommend these units, had one for.. geez for a long time (smaller model), had to replace the mainboard but ausclimate got me one in from their supplier , saved me buying a new one - ours has had alot of use…. must be 6 years at least.. for drying out our clothes inside in winter…

  • Coming up as $430 for me …

  • Bought for $387.71 inc. delivery with prime. thanks for sharing.

  • Had one of these for a few months. I have an apartment with minimal air flow, big windows, lots of condensation and the beginnings of mold. The only downsides to the unit is the noise and power consumption. It was costing about $6-$7 a day to run overnight during winter. The customer service is great though.

    • -1

      I didn't know this thing could serve customers. That's pretty cool.

      I look forward to seeing it replace the kids at the Macca's drive through window.

  • Now $722

    • Yeah i'm seeing $722 now also. Potential pricing error?

  • I've got an older house in Tassie and every cold morning I used to have to walk from room to room with my karcher vacuum squeegee thing collecting litres of water/condensation off my windows, which was just a pain in the arse. The mould was a bit of a concern a well. This year I bit the bullet and bought 2 of these and while the power bill has gone way up I haven't felt a tiny bit of damp and couldn't be happier. Only advice would be to buy some wifi power plug thingys so you can set on/off timers to save yourself a few $'s on the power bill.

    • Ionmax 632 does the job also. In Tas myself so know your pain with the condensation.

  • Picked up a delonghi display model from David Jones for $50. It was the last one so didn't post the deal. Love the humidifier for winter in the laundry. Uses 200w and pulls so much moisture out of the air.

    Not sure if I'd pay $300+ for this model though….

  • 50L a day is alot. However this appears to be a compressor rather than dessicant. Don't count on it working all year round (sucks in cold weather.. Ie: when you want it). Although at even a fraction of efficiency it could match my 8L/day dessicant unit (albeit at a WAY higher power draw)

    • Which unit do you have?