This was posted 1 year 2 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Spotlight - 40% off Any Full Priced Item (in Store Only)



*Valid Wednesday 16th September until Sunday 27th September 2020. Coupon is single use only, and must be surrendered to receive discount. VIP card must be presented to receive discount. Receive 40% off any single full priced item - instore only. Excludes gift card purchases, existing lay-by payments, 2 Day Deals, paper craft machines (All Cricut machines, Brother paper craft machines, all die cutting machines, foil transfer machines & candle making machines.) All lighting, light boxes & light pads, home electrical appliances, Made To Measure curtains & blinds orders or payments, sewing machines, overlockers, shopping bags, Hot Buys, Everyday Bargains, mega canvas packs, delivery fees & cutback service. Not to be used in conjunction with any other voucher, coupon or team member discount.

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Spotlight Australia
Spotlight Australia

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    Impractical for VIC?

    • They've been open in regional Vic the whole time (although supplies for mask making got wiped out pretty early).

  • Yea VIC can only click and collect :(

  • VIP card must be presented to receive discount

    • Saved on phone via Stocard App

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    Tell me a single day Spotlight is not on sale..

    • +1

      Christmas Day

      • I bet their Boxing Day promotions go live online on Christmas Day.

    • There is a shop at my place having closing down sale for the whole year, shops adjacent all closed down and it's still going strong haha

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    Once you sign in it automatically does the discount for Victoria and you can do click and collect or delivery. It also discounts everything not on clearance that is eligible, not just one item.

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    Usual scammy deal from Spotlight. More exclusions than inclusions. 🙄

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      Exactly I have an eye on the Cricut machine

      • +2

        Worth the money for me use it for all sorts of things… they did have $200 off one time when I got the mrs to grab it. Then the maker came out but no biggie for what I use it for.

        Next on the list is an x carve …if I could find that at a reasonable cost locally.

        • any recommendations for the x carve?

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            @dmonte03: I've done hardly any homework on it.. mainly because I know I'll buy it then have to explain to the minister of finance why I purchased another gadget to store in the garage… next to all her unfinished projects I may add :-)

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        I got the brother dx machine and it scans as well. Have to pay extra for the roll feeder tho. The cheaper dx machien will scan 12x12 and the more expensive one will scan 12x24. Both will do the same thing otherwise, both with cut 12x24 inch, both cut off a roll. The software for the brother dx machine, Canvas Workpspace, is very easy to use. I use all adobe software but I found Canvas Workspace very intuitive. It has all your system fonts built in and you can import any SVG. Brothers background with sewing machines means the machine is fairly easy to use. It's the same kind of operating system a sewing machine would have, so they expect non techy people to be able to use it. Why would you want to scan, well it's nice to scan a photo or scraps of vinyl and place the cut lines exactly where you want them. No guessing required. Scan a photo of your kid on the low tack mat and cut them out. Also great for cutting out laminated graphic prints, because you can use the same vector line int he graphic as the cut out, and then expand it to perfectly cut the laminated edge offset. I don't see how you could possibly do that with precision without a scanner built into your cutting machine. The software will even automatically suggest cut lines based on the scanned image, with settings for tolerance, or to ignore inner shapes, etc.

  • Almost tempted to get another sodaking gas bottle ($22 after discount).
    this sodastream one seems pretty weak or almost done already - not sure if they refill the other brands.

    Still not that cheap when they were selling the machine, bottle and gas bottle for $20 not long ago.

    • +3

      If you are in Vic check out keg king in Springvale. I have a large CO2 a 20 adaptor and older soda stream or non official bottles to refill. Heaps cheaper once the upfront cost is paid back and most importantly easier.

      • Not in Vic, but sounds like those setups would be good in the long term, just renting and can't rig up too much.
        guess it is a hassle, and not that cheap but probably handy to have to bottles in rotation perhaps.

        • I do the rotation thing as I didn't want to risk a c02 leak in the small wall in pantry . One of the best things I have purchasedy wife thanks me everytime we do the shopping and don't have to lug 6 extra kg of soda home. And I am happy not paying 20 everytime to refill the official way.

          • @NopeNopeNope: You mean you 'don't' do the rotation thing?
            Guess it's better to just swap when required, not far from an office works etc here.
            Sure is better than carrying a heap of 1.25L containers back from the shops.

            Edit: Not sure why it would explode if it doesn't at the shops or in transit. Guess one less thing to worry about.

    • @G-rig - Can you purchase these bottles with the 40% discount? As I am getting the following error when applying my code to a sodaking 60l bottle

      Promo code is invalid or conditions not met. Please note, promo codes are case sensitive.

      • Correct, I went to the store, they are cracking down on the generic vouchers shown on phone, has to be the email one sent to you.

  • Can discount be applied on top of VIP price?

    • no, its only for full priced items.

  • how to get the vip card?

  • I used to be able to use a discount code like this multiple times. but last coupon, the staff checked my VIP card in their computer system to make sure it hadnt already been used. Additionally, I had tried using a coupon that was targeted, and listed here on OZB. ($20 off $20 spend) I took a screenshot of it and tried using it. They rejected my screen shot and told me they needed to see the actual email. (which I had not received..) I dont know if it was that particular store, (Ashmore, Gold coast) or if its new policy…?

    • That happened last time, opted back into emails.
      It's probably fair as some people would take advantage of it and only Meant to be used once. Not sure how they make any money, but seem to have sales all the time anyway

      Edit: just got the email, so perhaps try opting in again. Just used to get 100 emails.
      I also contacted via their support page thing

  • Do you need to print this coupon in store?
    Also, can you use this to buy the full price singer sewing machine? Thank you.

  • Just want to put out my recent experience with Spotlight. Might help someone else or prepare them for it.
    I am VIC.
    Ordered 15 blinds for home delivery, delivery charge $59.97
    Next day received email saying 3 blinds are not available and a refund has been issues. NO refund for delivery.
    After 2 days another email received saying 5 blinds are not available, refund issues. NO refund for delivery.

    Called Spotlight and they said that because I had ordered 1x 210cm blind that is $19.99 for delivery and 2x180cm blind that is $39.98. And these are being delivered.
    I was not charged for delivery of the smaller blinds as they were free as part of big order.

    I had to place another order for smaller blinds and this time delivery was $39.98.
    This time I made sure they had plenty of stock for the items I want.

  • Any full priced item that isn't a machine.

    • For sewing stuff people usually buy large cutting mat, rotary cutter, or Fiskars scissors

  • The shop wants to see the email with the voucher, enforcing the one time use ..
    There's a sale every two weeks anyway ffs, a bit like bloody sheridan outlet haha

  • +1

    How do you get the email? I'm subscribed but never receive the bloody emails!

  • any decent sewing machines?

  • I tried to use it today and they said it wasn’t working , luckily the girl at the counter was kind enough to manually reduce the price by 40%

  • Saw this post at the perfect time. I was heading to spotlight to get a tie dye set for my daughter. Thanks so much for posting.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Gosh thats a long list of exclusions! I want to pick up a few kitchen things, I wonder if the coupon will work on any of them!

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