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Coca-Cola Classic/No Sugar 36x 375ml Cans $23.85 ($21.47 with Sub & Save) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Slight increase from the VERY brief and expired price a few days ago.

As always, just cancel the subscribe and save….

Coke No Sugar - Thanks adamshere

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • Thanks, added :)

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    Not bad. That's only 60¢ a can with Sub & Save. Just order at least two cartons and you'll get free delivery with Prime as well.

    • Pretty goood!

      If you order 3 cartons you get free delivery too

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      50c with a refund in SA, it's nice enjoying Australia Wide prices with Amazon as opposed to hiked prices for those with deposits.

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        Should also apply in QLD and NSW, too, since they both have container deposit schemes as well.

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          Yeah comes down to about 49 cents a can in Qld with the deposit scheme.

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      You mean free delivery without Prime, right? Because i certainly get free delivery with Prime for one case. Heck, i likely wouldn't bother paying for Prime if i didn't get free delivery on orders under $39.

  • Good price for cans. Doesn't beat 2L bottles, if you can handle the lack of convenience. Real junkes wait till they're on special.

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      2L bottles go flat unless youre really dedicated to ruining your teeth.

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        Buddy you have no idea. And the cans go flat as well. If you're only having a can a week, bulk isn't for you.

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          You don't appreciate the extra special tons of flowing bubbles vs flat jack crap :)
          I give up on Coke if only in 2l bottles lol

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            @popsiee: I prefer cans too. Especially if you have guest over, you can give them cans rather than pouring out flat coke … We don't drink that much.

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              @akte: Works well for me. Just put some ice in a coke glass and grab one when I need. Like now :)

            • @akte: You can save the flat Coke for special guests.

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          How long for a can to go flat?

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            @Yamun121: If you google the shelf life of soft drink it says 6-9 months for my top hit. I'd say anything over 6 months is pushing it

            If you're limiting yourself to a can a week, 1 box will last longer than that.

            if you don't have a soft drink habit, avoid developing one. It's expensive and terrible for your health. If you don't have that habit you probably don't need this deal.

          • @Yamun121: I think he meant phisically flat, for recycling

  • Really good deal on cans! Ta

  • Thanks OP !

  • Anyone know how do you un-subscribe if you need to?

    • It's in your Amazon account settings.

    • It took a minute or so for me to do it. Didn't appear straight away for me

  • Or you can go an pick it up from Coles for $18.50 for a 30 pack, (61c a can) - https://shop.coles.com.au/a/mitcham/product/coca-cola-soft-d..., which is cheaper if you cannot sub and save.

    • Your link show $22.75 for me… different state have different offer I guess. Come down to 0.758c per can.

    • mines showing $23 for 30 which works out to be ≈ 77c a can.

  • Costco n Aldi $19

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      But you have to go to Costco n Aldi to get them. This is delivered to your front door.

    • Costco and Aldi have 36 cans for $19!? I didn't know that…

      • Aldi was only 30 pack this week.

    • Costco $25 for 36 pack and that has a discount

  • Ordered this at a slightly higher price on the 11th and for some reason tracking info's been stuck at "Package has shipped" without location info for a few days now.

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      My Amazon Coke deliveries appear to be shipped from Perth to Melbourne, so they take 10 days or so to deliver. Seems a fairly expensive way to ship the product.

      • I'm based in Melbourne too, thanks a lot for the info! Guess I'll have to wait a bit more. Definitely doesn't feel very economical to ship it all the way from Perth

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    Slightly cheaper at Woolworths VIC 24 pack at $14.10, that’s 58.75c per can or further reductions if you pay with 5% off gift cards.

    • I think without a deposit scheme we do a little better than other states to start, but I was just working out that this is slightly more expensive than what I bought at the last shop at the supermarket. It's always worth looking at the various size cartons as there is usually one on special.

      Also, I've noted lately that the 1.25L bottles are often more expensive per than cans on special. Right now at $14.10 / 24 cans work out to be $1.57/L where 1.25L is currently $2 (on special) or $1.60/L… But yes the 2L is currently $2.75 or $1.38/L so slightly cheaper great for parties but less good on a daily basis as having a second glass is easy where having a second can is more of a mental barrier, even watching my kids they don't tend to down can after can but a bottle would disappear.

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    Reading all the comments just to find per liter, which of course is the golden standard. Disappointed 😒

    I guess it's up to me!

    S&s 1.59/l

    Colesworth regularly sells it for the same price per liter, prefer to buy it from there to hit minimum spend for bonus points. Thanks though op

    • It's useful for that, but there's a sense of satisfaction of some poor courier rocking up with the box of cans for you….

    • I think that's bottles tho not cans? I find two things with cans, they don't go flat like bottles do and I drink slightly less

      • Nah cans too! Normally on special for around 1.67/l but every few months 1.57 or 1.59/l

        Edit: currently 1.64/l at coles for 30pack and 1.57/l at woolies for 24pack

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    Coke No Sugar has dropped to $22.20 ($19.98 after S&S)

    • Yeah, got for it for $19.98 too. And $3.60 coming back after "return and earn" in NSW. Less than 50c a can is good.

    • Still showing 21.47 for me 🤔😕
      Great price if you can get if for $20

      • Yep has gone back up. The prices of Coke fluctuates on Amazon AU a few times a day.

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