[VIC, WA] Coca-Cola Classic/No Sugar /Diet 36x 375ml Cans $20.49 @ Costco (Membership Required)


36 cans 375 ml varieties of coke on sale at Costco. Membership is required.

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Costco Wholesale
Costco Wholesale


  • That’s prob Vic pricing, it’s like $24 in NSW

  • I've had coke no sugar from Costco and ALDI actually tastes different. Worse to my tastebuds. Not sure it if's imported, made to a different formula or stored differently but it just tastes worse to me. I suspect it's a real difference and not all in my head but can't prove that with any certainty. I don't get that taste difference from servos, coles, woolies or IGA. If anyone knows why I'd be very interested.

  • How much is it for a box of the crown seal glass bottles?

  • 57c per can

  • $15.95/24 at Woolworth at the moment
    $22.20/36 or $19.98 with subscription at Amazon

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