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$0 eBooks: Use Your Head - How to Unleash the Power of Your Mind + The Speed Reading Book


By Tony Buzan, 156 pages, published Sep 12, 2020

Amazon's Description:

The chances are that we are only using about 1% of the power of our brain. Just imagine the amazing results if we could unlock just a fraction of the power of the remaining 99%. With this definitive, classic operations manual for the brain, you can discover how to revolutionise the way you think and learn, wake up your senses and unleash the hidden power of your mind.

With this book, you will learn how to:

Improve your problem-solving capabilities.
Become more creative in your approach to work and life.
Understand, retain and more readily recall information.
Improve your memory beyond recognition.
Be more open to change and new ideas.
Think, learn and react faster and more efficiently.

The Speed Reading Book: Read More, Learn More, Achieve More
By Tony Buzan, 226 pages, published Sep 14, 2020

Amazon's Description:

To survive in this fast-moving, ever-changing world we all have to move fast and think fast to keep up. With so much to do and less and less time to do it, our free time is an increasingly precious commodity. So, if there was a simple way to save hours, days or even months of your time, you'd probably want to know about it - right? Well there is, and it's Speed Reading. Imagine the time you could save, and all the amazing new information you could consume, if you were able to read at speeds of over 1000 words per-minute. And we don't mean just simple skim-reading, but also properly and completely comprehending, understanding and retaining the information you've read. This fully revised and updated edition of the powerful book from the world-renowned authority Tony Buzan, will show you exactly how you can quickly start to read at amazing speeds. Speed Readingis simple to follow, easy to understand and fun too. You'll find out how fast your reading speed is now and then discover how you could be reading dramatically faster in no time. And you won't just improve your reading speed, but your concentration and comprehension levels will soar too. The techniques in the book are ideal for teachers, students or executives - indeed, anyone who wants to improve the speed, comprehension and quality of their reading. The benefits of speed reading are numerous, no matter where or why you read. You'll be able to zip through whole novels in one sitting; you'll speed through newspapers and magazines in minutes; you'll be the envy of your colleagues as you consume and understand business reports in record time. Speed Readingwill revolutionise the way you read. You'll save days, weeks even months of your precious time; you'll learn more efficiently and quickly; and you'll be left marvelling at your new-found speed-reading abilities.

About Tony Buzan
Tony Buzan is the world-renowned inventor of Mind Maps and the multi-million copy bestselling author of Head First, Head Strong and The Mind Map Book. He appears regularly on television and lectures all over the world. His work has been published in 100 countries and 30 languages.

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  • Hasn't this 1% premise been debunked..
    a long time ago too..

    • Yes, its straight bullshit. It implies that brain damage is not a big deal, when several thousand cases of head injury result in permanent serve impairment(for life) happen every year.

    • even the 10% premise, and the 30% one has been debunked decades ago
      in fact I don't think it's ever been a thing, but for people trying to prove they are better than others by "knowing a secret" - like today's conspiracy theorists.

      So I'm really concerned about the person who uses this BS to sell their book

      • Ah even when someone offers something that will help people get ahead, there are always those who try to find the negatives…maybe think outside the box, maybe just maybe he's not literally meaning 1%….maybe he's saying there is so much more people can achieve if they actually put a lot of effort and focus into things rather than just going through life without any intent as the vast majority do….

        • A whole bunch of asSumptions.

          Starting with "will help you get ahead"..

          Ending with "without any intent"..

          And stuffing it with "maybe he's saying"..

          The blurb tells us what he is saying.

          It is not a good start when the premise of the book is untrue.. There's fiction for that.

          deceptive marketing.

    • Yeah but it's free and you can read it in a coupla minutes after some practice with speed reading.

    • Nah there's lots of people only using 1% of their brains. Fortunately none are around here and certainly none are reading books :)

  • +5 votes

    Excellent book. I've had a hard copy for years.

    Buzan is the inventor of mindmaps.

    PS: Don't worry about 1%, etc.

  • "Not available for purchase"

  • Don't need to read this book, just get on the NZT!

  • Somehow, I feel insulted a little by the title of this book. lol.

  • Downloaded and read. Thanks OP.

  • Save time by reading the speed reading book before the "use your head" book.

  • Let's see the author put there money where there mouth is and volunteer for a lobotomy of 99% of their brain. They should be fine!

  • The chances are that we are only using about 1% of the power of our brain

    Is zero.

    Another garbagebook day on OZB

  • Thanks buddy.

  • AU Speed reading book free expired.