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[VPN Required] 65% off Netflix via VPN (Mobile/Standard/Ultra $3.70/$5.12/$7.01 Mth w/No Fee Card)


Mod remove if incorrect but just want to bring attention back to this post since Netflix jacked their AU prices today. It's been almost a year since it was originally posted.

All credit to @Ulysses37

Basically use a VPN to subscribe to Netflix Turkey and get up to 65% off.

Instructions from prior deal posts

STEP 1: VPN Trial

SaferVPN (no Turkish IP)
Express VPN
PureVPN (bad reports)

Decent VPN Guide @Reddit

STEP 2: Confirm Turkish/Argentinian IP

IP Check
IP Check

STEP 3: Sign Up

Open a new incognito/private-browsing tab in your browser. Might not be enough

Visit Netflix

STEP 4: Enter Card Details

Working: Citibank Debit, 28 Degrees, Macquarie, ANZ Rewards

Mixed reports: ING, CBA

Note: Some banks block 1st attempt & send you a txt to confirm it's you. Once you reply, 2nd attempt will work.

Once complete, it may ask for a mobile phone number. Ignore it, open netflix site in a fresh tab & confirm account is running.

Existing Subscribers:

Visit Netflix website and cancel your subscription ASAP. It will expire at the end of the billing period. Then follow instructions above.

Plans and pricing

(kudos to sleep24seven)
Argentina Plans and pricing Turkey Plans and pricing GST/VAT and Tax related questions

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  • Does the new Argentine tax mean it’s not the cheapest?

    • I’d also like to know this!

  • Just got an email telling me there is now a 35% tax on my Argentinian account! Ouch.

    Tax changes impacting your membership
    We hope you are enjoying your Netflix membership. Argentina issued a new tax collection rule on 16 September, 2020, and your Netflix membership will be impacted.
    A tax of 35% will apply to your Netflix subscription. You’ll see the tax as a separate charge on your credit or debit card statement.
    You’ll always have something to watch on Netflix. We add great new TV shows and movies every week, and our recommendations ensure that you'll find something that’s right for you and right for the moment.

  • +1

    Just received an email from Netflix this morning that Argentina will now be imposing a 35% tax on the Netflix charges.

    For the premium tier that's now 449ARS + ~158ARS so 607ARS ≈ $11.05 AUD which is still around a 45% saving.

    • yeah not game to try with Turkey lol. Maybe when my original account has expired, I have just cancelled it yesterday, then I'll give turkey a try but no sweat, as you said its still almost 50% saving anyway, cheaper than what I'm paying for hd subs over here

      Now I can watch netflix in 4k (pretty limited tho from i was hoping) on my new TV:)

    • It's around 500ARS now, by my calculation. The previous rate was 21%, now 35% on the price of 369ARS

      • It's 449 ars now btw so 35% on top of that

        • When did that happen? It's still 369 on my account page, the general plans pages does say 449 now though.

          • @Poppin: That one im not sure. But I signed up yesterday the price is 449, pre tax

          • @Poppin: For me it went up in April from 369 to 449ARS. You’ve been fortunate to have not had the price rise as thought it had happened to everyone from what I’d read!

  • +1

    Heads up. Argentina has just imposed a 35% tax on Netflix. So it may make Turkey the only cheap option.

  • Btw I used purevpn as a 7 day $1 trial + chrome incognito and that worked fine for me vpn wise (for Turkey and Argentina), I just wish ING or NAB worked, which it does with the Indian youtube.

    • I tried ExpressVPN and I just get it in Euro for Turkey.
      I tried PureVPN and I get a Tunnel Connection error for Netflix (ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED)
      Surfshark worked a treat though…But it doesn't matter what credit card I use (28 Degrees Mastercard, Up Mastercard, American Express) it won't let me process the payment. Mobile phone doesn't work either. And I'm not getting any SMS notifications from my card provider.
      I was using PayPal before for my payment bethod.

  • does anyone know if citibank debit works?

    • Yes. Worked for me. Need to authorize payment via SMS though

      • I just tried using the Citibank Debit card and it’s not working, getting an error message signing up Turkish Netflix account. Anyone please help.

    • Can also confirm Citi debit works for Turkey recently changed card details without any issue (only let card expire before updating).

      • I just tried using the Citibank Debit card and it’s not working, getting an error message signing up Turkish Netflix account. Anyone please help.

        • Did you get SMS for Citi to authorise payment?

          • @ozultimate: No, no sms required for citibank authorisation but on the last page its asking for Turkey mobile no. for verification though. Any thoughts how can I bypass that?

            • @nikmelb: As some other posters advised, make sure your aussie mobile number is updated before you do the VPN and connect to Turkey. VPN should be the last step just before you select your plan etc

              • @Maxdax: I don't currently have a phone number added to my Netflix account. Should I add one before cancelling?

                • @Ice009: Open Netflix without connecting to the VPN, then when you're prompted to pay (enter your CC details), connect to Turkey via VPN and refresh the page. You won't be prompted for a mobile.

                  • @thedriver: Hi, thanks for the reply.

                    If I enter the credit card details and refresh the page, wouldn't I have to enter them again? I don't see how that will make any difference. Do you mean enter the credit card details while the VPN is off, then refresh the page, then enter the credit card details with VPN on, and then go to the next screen?

      • Do you mean you let your Netflix account expire or your credit card number was removed from the account before you re-signed with Turkey? Could you tell us the steps you used, please?

  • Finally got it… thank you all for your comments!

    • how did you get around the payment issue that you mentioned?

      • +6

        I used @SUD26 and others suggestions

        1. Cancel free trial/current AU account with desired card (e.g. ING/Citibank card) and phone number on it
        2. Let your Netflix account lapped over a day after the end of the billing period (accounting for time differences with Turkey)
        3. Let your bank know you're "going" to Turkey and Netherlands (because that's where it's getting billed)
        4. Clear cookies on Chrome incognito
        5. Connect to Turkey VPN (I used Windscribe)
        6. Renew subscription and it has your card detail and phone number already so won't get the payment error and it asking for a Turkish phone number
        • +2

          The bank won’t believe me if I said I am going to Turkey since all flights closed at the moment.

        • Cancel free trial/current AU account with desired card (e.g. ING/Citibank card) and phone number on it

          Do you mean remove you credit card details from Netflix account and also remove your Australian phone number from Netflix account?

          Let your Netflix account lapped over a day after the end of the billing period (accounting for time differences with Turkey)

          I will try to let it run over by a full day.

          Let your bank know you're "going" to Turkey and Netherlands (because that's where it's getting billed)

          Did you do this? I would assume they wouldn't believe this. Could you just say that you're going to purchase a streaming service in Turkey, please don't block any payments?

          Renew subscription and it has your card detail and phone number already so won't get the payment error and it asking for a Turkish phone number

          I am a bit confused with the phone number step. Didn't you say in step one to remove credit card and phone number, or have I misunderstood that step, or did you mean just cancel the account in step 1 and leave the credit card details and phone number associated with the account?

    • How did you bypass the Turkish mobile number?

      • I provided Australian number and no problem at all.

    • -1

      How did you bypass the Turkish mobile no.?

  • -1

    I just tried using the Citibank Debit card and it’s not working, getting an error message signing up Turkish Netflix account. Anyone please help.

    • I had the same issue with Citi Bank Debit card. I bought gift card using PayPal as explained in one of the comment. When it asked me for the mobile number I gave Australian number and it accepted. All set now. Already watched few movies too 😉

      • How did you receive the one time password on your Australian number?

  • To everyone in the Argentinan Plans:

    Does the monthly Netflix charge include VAT or GST?

    This varies by country and depends on local regulations. Unless otherwise stated, Netflix charges will include VAT or GST in countries where VAT or GST is collected. In those countries, VAT or GST tax is included in the advertised Netflix price.

    In Argentina, the following taxes are applicable to Netflix customers:

    21% value added tax (VAT)
    8% transaction tax ("PAIS" tax)
    35% Resolution 4815/2020 tax

    In most cases, your bank or financial institution will add the tax to the net price of your Netflix membership, which will appear as a separate charge on your bank or card statement.

    • I have no idea how the above will work, but I reckon it's time to move to Turkey.

      Argentina Plans and pricing

      Turkey Plans and pricing

      GST/VAT and Tax related questions

      • I am on Turkey, current month it was AUD7.81 on my Citi Debit for the top most plan.

        • -2

          How did you bypass the Turkish mobile number at the last step?

    • Thanks. Hoping someone who has an Argentina sub that is coming up for renewal can tell me if the second charge is billed by Netflix (ie. the merchant name contains Netflix) or if it shows up as something totally different.

      • Same.

        If I get charged 449 ARS only on my next renewal, I will stay, otherwise I'm packing and moving to Turkey.

      • mine was charged twice, both came from

        • Thanks. So this was recent? after the 35% newly introduced tax ?

          Also do you have the amount for each transaction?

        • Thanks, that's perfect. I get my Netflix rebated up to $12.99 USD per month, so because this falls under that amount even with the new tax, I'll stay with Argentina.

        • What card did you use? We are getting conflicting information here.

      • I can confirmed that there is no 35% tax charges on my Argentina subscription.

        • Thanks.

          If you don’t mind, what card did you use?

          • @HardQuiz: UP bank debit card

            • @vinc395: I got charged with 605.16ARS instead of usual 369ARS. That’s 64% tax in total.

              I use transferwise card and pay with ARS balance

    • I just got charged $9.84 for the standard plan which is additional 64% on my 28 Degrees card.

      I'm moving to Turkey for next month. Hopefully it will be a smooth transition!

      • Ouch, was it charged in ARS? In Amsterdam?

        2 separate transactions or only 1 ?

      • something different with your payment setup than mine

        Just got charged $8.25 on the 24th for the ultra plan (was $8.55 month before, $9.43 month before that… exchange rates trending nicely) using my bankwest card

        • It could be the card/bank used.

  • OK, after several attempts I managed to get a free 30 day trial using a USA VPN. It finally accepted my 28 Degrees card details and then Aus mobile number. Verified and account now set up. Will try the cancel 'trick' as per above after 30 days and see how it goes!

    • Same here, i created new account with USA VPN today. When should we cancel? then how to get Turkey or Argentina Netflix after that?

      • I think the recommendation is to cancel just before the 30 days so it doesn't roll over into a paid subscription. Then wait 24 hours and try signing up again with a VPN to Turkey (instructions in this thread).

        • Ok so i cancel few days before the subscription starts and the day its cancelled i wait 24 hours and sign back in with Turkey VPN and make the payment or i sign back in with US VPN and at the payment gateway i change to Turkey VPN and pay in Turkish Lira.

    • how did you verfiy with aus phone ? dont u have to use usa phione?

      • When it got to the phone verification it gave me the option to choose any country code from a drop down list.

  • +1

    I've been using Netflix Turkey for a while now… Probably 12 months… I actually watch Netflix Italy using my Turkish subscription paid with my Australian (Amex Explorer) credit card. That's globalisation, isn't? 🤔

    I pay:
    25.42 TL (+4.57 TL VAT) or 29.99 Tl for the Standard.

  • +1

    I ve hooked up Turkish VPN confirmed but theyt trying to charge me in Euros?? any idea why?

    • That happened to me too whilst trying a Turkish VPN (sometimes Euro, sometimes Turkish), along with all the other issues I listed earlier. Thankfully for me, the USA trial sign up worked.

    • This happened to me when I used TorGuard. If you look at the URL, you'll see the browser address as if Netflix recognises your IP as being from Turkey.

      The URL for Romania would have been

      I used Windscribe and it worked.

      • Windsribe has turkey ?

  • +1

    great deal, existing a/c that was cancelled, windscribe, Turkey, Citi card - and netflix is working for all - many thanks OP (and previous). Note citi stopped first payment (as suspicious, OK'd it to Citi, then good as gold)

  • +18

    Finally I got Turkey Netflix subscription added to my existing account which was cancelled 3 days ago. I've been trying to get this VPN working and the issue I was getting with is Turkey phone validation and also not accepting any card. But at last I got it to work. These are the steps I followed (I'll try to address all the issues you might get):

    • I was getting phone validation step which didn't have any bypass option, so what I did was - I logged into my cancelled account and went to account (Bottom of the page/ and added my AU phone number. It sent code to validate which actually never arrived but the phone number added to my account anyway.

    • Installed Hola VPN firefox extension and connected to Turkey

    • Tried to add subscription while connected to VPN for 41.99TL month plan but none of my cards were being accepted including Citibank MasterCard but as I saw there's option for adding gift card, I was searching for purchasing Turkey Netflix gift card online and after hours of search & check, found reliable and trustable site at: (100TL for A$21.99). I got the code within 10 minutes after purchasing the gift card via PayPal.

    • Applied the Gift code and account had been activated straight away, it didn't ask for and mobile validation since I already added my mobile number.

    • Lastly, I purchased another 100TL gift card and added in my account and now my account is saying "Your account is paid until 14 February 2021."

    That's all, I'm very happy now.
    Hope the my experience helps someone to activate cheaper way to Netflix. Happy watching guys!

    • Thats excellent, it didnt ask me for the mobile but it rejected all my cards. I created a new account now using US vPn and 30 days free trial. Will use your method after the trial is expired.

    • Thanks for this info! Unfortunately I can't checkout the netflix gift card on that site, always an error after proceeding to checkout

    • Awesome

    • Thanks went the gift card route and worked

    • You're the boss! Just followed your footsteps and re-activated via Turkey. Cheers mate!

    • Worked for me.
      Thank you so much.

    • Can you still add a debit card for future payment or have to stick with the gift cards?

      • Would also love to know this. Worst case, continue to buy gift cards. every 3 months aint so bad!

        • Well, fyi, I’ve successfully added a debit card to my account using the secured chat.

          • @hawkeye93: Ok sweet. Any reason a debit card and not a credit card? Just don't wanna muck it up by adding an Oz CC

            • @donbot: FYI your card will be picked up as Oz whether you use a CC or a DC (if that's what your concern is)

    • +1

      I bought the gift card through G2A and entered in the code in Netflix. Unfortunately, it says Sorry, but we are unable to process your request.

      Anyone else had the same issue? Thanks

      • I entered the codes again but now it says 'the code entered is not valid' :(

        • +1

          Report this to G2A and they should give you a new code.

          • @BlueDwarf: Thank you for your reply!

            I tried contacting the seller and he said the code is valid. Seems like I have to wait 7 days to contact G2A. Is that correct?

    • +1

      Thank you all up and running :) Have a tab open to the g2a site as the price changes daily. Managed to even get it for $19.98 at one stage

    • I received “An error occurred during gift redemption - please try again later” using the gift card from G2A.
      Did anyone experience this?
      I called helpdesk, they pointed me to this site:

      Solution being:
      1. Clear cookies - I tried this, still failed.
      2. wait for 24 hours - helpdesk said, probably the card is not activated. Can anybody confirm this?

      I used existing account, with no credit card attached to it.

  • Adding another success story to get through Turkey Netflix, in case it helps anyone.

    Here are steps what I have done.
    - Created a new account.
    - Used Hola VPN on Chrome (It's free)
    - Failed as non of my cards were being accepted. (2 x Amex, Westpac Black MC, Macquarie Debit)
    - Waited a couple of days.
    - Refreshed all the cookies and history, and then went back with the Hola VPN on Chrome.
    - Got through the payment stage at once with one of Amex and then SMS verification was required.
    - Bought a credit from to create a Turckish virtual mobile number and received the SMS in about a minute.
    - Subscribed!

    I used to be a subscriber of the Argentina plan, but switched to the Turkey one due to the recent increase in tax.

    Hope this helps!

    • I bought credit too from, then selected Turkey, and selected Netflix as product, I copy paste the phone number but been 5 minutes no SMS yet .. am i missing something

      • -1

        One of my friends tried the same and he had to wait nearly 10 min to get the code.
        The credit will not disappear unless you receive any SMS to the number, so you may try again.

        • thanks .. second time around Netflix even didn't accept all credit cards … so annoyed .. so i have to wait few more days like you

    • is the number from only able to receive one code? I tried to send a second and couldn't get it, I did it within the 15 minutes.

    • Tried with Brazil number. No SMS received. Waited until next day and tried with Turkey number. Took forever for a Turkey number to be found but when entering it in Netflix says an error has occurred and to try again later. Will give it 24 hours and try again.

  • Hey guys, trying Turkey VPN via ExpressVPN, and my IP is in Turkey, but on netflix site it's charging me Euros. Anyway around this? Cheers!

    EDIT: Looks like Express VPN "Turkey" IP is actually a Netherlands IP.

  • Data point: Was able to get Brazil to work for a friend on a very tight budget - thanks Covid and being a hospitality worker.
    "Standard" plan (1080p) 2 screens BRL32.90 (unsure if any additional taxes). ~ AUD8.45 (based on XE today).
    The AU plan had lapsed. No need for phone verification. Netflix used all previous details. Changed credit card to a Bankwest m/c Zero no fx card.
    Netflix upgraded the plan to the "Premium" plan for 30 days free then it drops back to the "Standard".
    We did try Argentina and Turkey, both failed.

  • I get error with Citi Bank Debit card

    It appears that there is s problem with payment method you are trying to use.

    Does anyone know the reason?

  • +1

    Thanks for the credit. And to those before me.

    I'll never understand why staff marks a long running deal as expired. And when the same deal is posted, votes triple in 2-3 weeks.

  • As mentioned above, Argentina is charging a 64% tax now on top of the plan price.
    i was charged close on $14 aud for my 449 ARS plan on 28 degrees.
    im moving to turkey.

  • Been on Argentina based Ultra account for a while..
    Despite recent email notification, I just got charged$8.25 on the 24th for the ultra plan (was $8.55 month before, $9.43 month before that… exchange rates trending nicely) using my bankwest card. No additional 'tax' charge that I can see

    So for me, Argentina still cost effective (which is good as couldn't get Turkey to work months ago when my last account/payment option via turkey expired)

    • Well, from the small sample of replies in this deal and this post it could be the card/bank you use.

      I will report back in few days using my ING card.

      • Yeah might be lucky
        Definitely still showing as 449ARS, with no additional amounts.

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