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Corsair A500 High Performance Dual Fan CPU Cooler $55.78 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Not sure if I was going to share this one as i think its a pricing error but its an amazing price (is bad at rrp) cooler at more then 1/3 of RRP (150ish) and current pricing 129$ in Australia.

All reviews said, too expensive for the price but a good cooler, get the cheaper coolers (in its rrp price range) but its just too epxensive.

Honestly worth a shot its amazon.

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    Be careful, its a tall boi.

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    Bought it. Now to read the reviews and suffer buyer's remorse later.

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      Reviews are based at least in part on the high price that puts into into competition with the d15 and dark rock 4 that it can't match.
      For this price, it's a great deal.

  • Shot taken

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    The reviews say it's farken loud.

  • Bought one. I have till midnight to cancel my order if OZB community say not to go with this one.

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    "high performance" lolololol.

    Tech Jesus would like a word.

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      Its at 1/3 of the price, im sure tech jesus would approve.

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      Good deal for $55. It's now up against much smaller coolers like the Hyper 212. So you should be able to reduce the fan RPM to bring it down to a reasonable volume while maintaining solid performance in comparison to other $55 coolers.

      It's never going to be better then a high end Noctua cooler but at $55 it doesn't have to be. It just has to be better than an Arctic 34 or Hyper 212 and it would be reasonable to assume it would be.

      • It's never going to be better then a high end Noctua cooler

        It's marginally better performance wise than my U12A, but 11mm taller and nearly at least 13dB louder.

        PLE currently sells the U12A for nearly 4 times the price of this one (excluding shipping in both cases), so if you have a case that supports it and don't mind the noise, it seems like a pretty decent buy.

        • Doesn't handle high TDP chips as well as the high end Noctuas.


          If you're putting it on something more mainstream like a 3600X then it should be a much more respectable CPU cooler. You aren't really providing enough heat output to overwhelm the four heat pipes so it's much closer to the Noctuas. You can see this pretty easily in the 3800X vs 3950X 35dba noise normalised performance in this video from Gamers Nexus.


          The issue with it is pretty simple, it was overpriced by about $40 USD. It competes pretty well with those USD$60 coolers but was priced as a USD$100 cooler. It just can't compete against the likes of the NH-D15 and don't even bother comparing it to a Arctic Freezer II 280 for the same money.

  • Only four direct-contact copper heat pipes, humm… Maybe worth it $50 price point?

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    When I added to cart it came up as $115


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      Price went up.

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        Yup. Now a pointless post. Like a mermaid luring people into the wide open sea, only to kill you. Or in this case, disappoint you.

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          No more pointless than any other deal that expires or goes out of stock after it gets ozbargained. If you got it in time, congrats as this was clearly a price mistake. Thx for the post op.

        • Mermaid or siren

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    Sorry guys this is now my 2nd CPU cooler which ahs gone OOS in an hour.

    Ill keep my eye out for more ;)

  • they used Thors hammer as the inspiration for this cooler.

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      Thors hammer was a coooler about a decade ago - pretty good 2

  • Got one, can't be wrong for $55.57. Hope they will not cancel my order.

    • Or if they do cancel it a little Amazon voucher helps

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    I'm going to force this into my itx case

    • No sidepanel = better airflow = double win

  • What a strange looking cooler

  • Good for something like an i7 that doesn't come with a cooler. Low rpm on that size heatsink will be fine, only a noise issue if you're pumping out huge watts on an overclock.

  • 169mm high, good luck fit this..

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    oh..I always miss what i need

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    Cooler arrived, but it appears to be missing a Y-shaped PWM splitter cable so I've had to wire up the fan to both a CPU and chassis fan header.

    Now need to tweak the fan curve to tame the jet engine noises. Currently it's not any better than my previous Thermaltake Contact Silent 12 and it's also louder by around 8 decibels.

    testing on Handbrake x265 encoding (realistic test)