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[XB360] Free Games Hexic, Doritos Crash Course, Crackdown + Add-Ons



I was just browsing the the xbox deals page website and noticed 3 free xbox 360 titles.

Hexic HD

Doritos Crash Course

Crackdown + add-ons

They're keeping my kids entertained for a while.

Happy gaming!

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    Amazing thread.

    I believe Hexic had been a free game since 2009 at least. Doritos is a promo game and Crackdown 1 and 2 I beleive have been free since Crackdown Xbox One came out.

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      Hexic used to come already installed when the 360 came out.


        Well it was hardly a free game then, if you had to buy a 360 to get it.


          Well given that it's an Xbox game, you need to buy one to play it. A few years later they made it free to download for those who may have deleted it etc.

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    Got them all, but here's an upvote for not just reposting one game. Also as above, Crackdown 2 is free too. https://marketplace.xbox.com/en-AU/Product/Crackdown-2/66acd...

    Here's Too Human, free as well, if I remember any more I'll come back

    All 5 are back compat as well.


      Legend. Thanks mate. I already own physical for most of these older games but its nice to have a permanent digital copy :)

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    Here's a daily updated list of free 360 games, some may not work in Australia: https://www.trueachievements.com/free/games/xbox-360


    I can never claim these free Xbox games, anyone know what the problem is here?

    "It looks like you don’t have any applicable device(s) linked to your Microsoft account. To install, sign in on a device with your Microsoft account."

    But my Microsoft account is signed in on my 360 and Xbox One.

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      I get the same error message. Just press 'cancel' which will take you back to the game screen and there should be a blue tick appearing that says "you own this game".

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      It's for the automatic install option - don't worry about it!

      If you set your Xbox to kinda check-in on the network then it'll install whilst it's "off".

      Otherwise, you just install once you turn on your Xbox

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    Thanks OP. A good reminder for those who don't have these.

    In know we have long running deals but wish we could put stuff like this in one ongoing post. Just so it's easier to find and it's collated in one place.

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    Oh holy! Anyone remembers Zune? I spent sooooo much time on this game on Zune player back to the good old days!

    Microsoft hoped to kill iPod with Zune.


      I was obsessed with my Zune original 32gb. The games were pretty sweet too. I wish i still had it :(

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    New PS5 games from a price of $124 a pop or Doritos Crash Course at the low low price of Free? This console war was over before it began.

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      10/10 for Doritos Crash course! My family and I have been playing it consistently! Its difficulty significantly ramps up towards the latter stages.


    Does Doritos Crash course still need Xbox gold to play?
    Edit: Nvm I think that was the sequel that needed gold


    OMG bruz. That's Hexic!


    Terrific. And you don't even need xbox live to snag these freebies.

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    Shame they took down Doritos Crash Course 2


    thankyou OP


    Yeah this might not be new info but doritos crash course is absolutely brilliant.