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3 Pizzas + 3 Sides $35.95 (Pick up/Delivered) @ Pizza Hut


3 + 3 Delivered Looks good to me COPY PASTE as received

50% Cashback Via Cashrewards

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    Good stack with the cash rewards cashback

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    Yay free pizza! Oh wait…

  • free???

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    • You know the usual expectation of price in title. Without it some will take it as a swing at OP and interpret it as free, know full well it isn’t.

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        Thanks for the info

  • I am confused😕

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      "3 PLUS 3 $36.95 DELIVERED | $33.95 PICK UP
      3 Large Pizzas + 3 Sides for $36.95 DELIVERED | $33.95 PICK UP"

  • Sorry Guys i forgot to add Price i was too excited to list the DEAL :)

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      There is nothing to be excited about. This is a regular deal which is ALWAYS there - just the HUTxxxx code changes every week.
      Don't forget to use cash rewards offer of 50% cash back for today.

      • Baji Rao Mastani Noted

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        Cashback is eligible on the use of all Pizza Hut promo code

  • I haven't had Pizza Hut in decades. Is it any good?

    • Price-wise is inferior to Dominos in most circumstances. Quality is dependent on the location but in my experience, most stores don't compare to Dominos. Stack with Cashrewards 50% cashback today and it would probably go down okay. The taste is in the value after all

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        I guess taste is in the mouth of the beholder.
        I've found Pizza Hut to be far superior to Dominos.

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          They used to be superior until about 10 years ago. Horrible now (unless something magically's happened in the last couple of years).

          • @zaphy: I'll let you know in about an hour. This deal, combined with Cash Rewards $20 new user and 50% cashback, convinced me to give them a go instead of Dominos.

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          It's the dough. The pizza hut dough has the crunch and tastes much better (pan base). I've had domino's about 4 times in my life and every time the crust has come out like old bread. While I could be unlucky, I've discussed it with others who also agree

          • @dazzles: I had thin and crispy bases and found the Pizza Hut bases to be inferior to Dominos. Toppings on par/maybe slightly better,

            • @donga100: Ah yeah, gotta go pan base with pizza hut. Perfecto is so-so, but I haven't had a good experience with the thin and crispy bases either.

        • I with the reason why Pizza Hut is always a ghost town vs Dominos .

        • Agree Pizza Hut crust is better (the 'crunch') and toppings are par so if you can get it at around $5 a pizza as in this offer, it's a deal. Domino's win because of their system, their location coverage, their social media saturation bombing and price offers, usually. We had Pizza Hut last night, most satisfied on the occasion.

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    Just ordered for tomo night :) Thanks CR and OP
    Edit: CR tracking email came in 2 mins wow! That’s a relief 😅

  • Ordered the pizza’s using the CR app. Already got the pizZas and the kids are having them, but no sign of tracking email yet ☹️☹️

  • Thanks OP, ordered for lunch tomorrow, haven't had Pizza Hut in ages.

  • I ordered this for myself. Now I feel incredibly full but didn't even finish half of it.

  • yep this was our dinner tonight too :D free delivery!

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    Hope you guys enjoyed 2nites Dinner

  • Could you pre-order for weekdnd delivery? Amd still get the cash back?

  • got this tonight with the cashback deal! Pre good

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    New code added (HUT5922), expires Monday.