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LEGO 42107 Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R $69 @ Big W


Cheapest it has been AFAIK…my wallet has been hit pretty hard this morning with all these LEGO deals….

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  • I purchased this recently, really cool kit but I haven't built a lego kit and decades and I didn't find the instructions as easy as I thought they'd be. Maybe I'm just really bad at it, but food for thought for anyone considering a purchase. Glad I didn't buy something more complicated.

    • I think it's just you.

      When you get a few Lego sets under your belt, especially Technic sets as stud-less construction is always more complicated than the Lego System stuff you probably had as a kid, then you'll breeze through these kinds of sets without issue.

      The larger flagship sets like the Rough Terrain Crane or Porsche 911 GT3 RS have well-known issues with their instructions including some incorrect steps that were never reprinted, but the Panigale is pretty much the standard for entry-level Technic sets in terms of complexity.

      It does take some practice and experience to wrap your head around Lego's design mentality and "language" in their instruction manuals though, often times it seems as if it's not done in the most seemingly intuitive or logical way but there are other unseen reasons for the way the instructions are laid out (e.g. more economical manual printing by having more steps on one page, varying piece colours between steps to make instructions more easily distinguishable for kids, using certain pieces earlier than others to make finding pieces easier later, having the build be more aesthetically-pleasing as it takes form, avoiding overly repetitive or monotonous construction techniques for lengthy periods, etc.). Lego do put a lot of thought into the way everything in a set is presented, including the instructions.

      • There were errors in the GT3? I didnt notice tbh.

      • Yeah it just wasn't what I expected, I got about 2 hours into it and then realised I'd made a mistake right at the start.. that wasn't easy to fix without undoing the whole thing and starting again. The steps feel somewhat ambiguous at times, so I'll build along with a video just to make sure I'm getting it right.

        • I got about 2 hours into it and then realised I'd made a mistake right at the start.

          Be glad you did it on this model and not a +4,000 piece set like I did. Like I said, practice makes perfect. After a while you develop a knack for knowing which steps of a build you really need to pay attention to and be hyper cautious during and which steps you can just casually breeze through.

          If that's your first foray into Lego Technic in decades, then I would recommend starting out with some Lego System (studded construction) sets instead. Lego City, Creator, Ideas Star Wars, etc. They dabble in enough Technic construction techniques to show you a good variety of building methods but not too much and the builds are definitely a lot more relaxed and enjoyable.

          • @Amar89: Thanks for the tip, always wanted to try and build a Lego kit but the huge ones are both out of my budget and I have no-where to really display large pieces anyway. Should be good once I get it finished!

          • @Amar89: Going to be my first Technic build, so hopefully I won't be too flummoxed by it..:)

    • protip: some folks find it easier to follow the youtube building instructions where available.

    • It's always more steps than you'd think it is. When you were a kid sets had fewer bricks, but also when you're a kid the instruction book is the most important thing in the world, you're well engrossed in it. As an adult you perhaps do not have the same patience or interest in making models than you did as a lad. Also not all kids even got any technic sets, some kids only ever had experience with regular lego. Technic has some really incomprehensible bricks in it, tiny gears that don't even look like lego, transmissions that aren't obvious how they even work. At my school they brought out technic learning sets for science class, so it's not "fun" in the same way building blocks are fun. It's fun like spending hours assembling a plastic model.

  • Bought 1 thanks

  • No delivery to Victoria again. :(

  • $71.20 @ target

  • Anyone else saw the title and thought Lego was introducing VR support ? :-)

  • Club with this to get it for $49

  • Got one, thanks op!

  • Great price, eagerly awaiting a deal on 42100

    • The 42100 is an OK build but I reckon the Rought Terrain Crane is way better.

      • Interesting, what makes you say that? I would have thought the new PU motors on the Liebherr R9800 are much better than the old PF motors?

        • The motors on the R9800 may be improved but the way the crane used just one XL motor for all the functions made it a more interesting build for me.

  • Legit question - what do people do with these after they finish building them?

    • Legit answer (best read in the voice of the Hodge twins): "You can do whatever the f*** you wanna do."

      What do you do with a book after you've read it? Most people keep them.
      What about a Blu-Ray/DVD after you've watched it? Most people keep them.
      The same goes for a music album, a video game, a magazine and most other forms of entertainment media.

      Lego's no different. You can leave on it on display, break it down and re-use the pieces for another build or keep it in storage for that nostalgia factor.

      • It's the dusting my wife complains…. as I add another Lego model to some random place in our home…

        • Glass display cabinets my man. Though the missus will still complain I'm sure, but she'd complain even without the Lego, don't you worry.

    • Play with them and then display. Or take them apart to rebuild them again. It's possible to get lighting kits which makes them really cool to display.

      For me, most of the fun is in putting them together

    • +3 votes

      display them at work, away from my kids' grubby hands!

    • With Kids they lose everything all over the house with parts of it vacuumed up and tossed out . Maybe 50% in there buckets overall of the sets they have messed around with .
      I hope one day the Sonic Hedgehog minifigure can be found :)

  • none left!

  • It's been an expensive day for lego purchasing…

  • order this morning was cancelled moments ago.

  • I bought this from Target for $71.00 respectively however I got 2.

  • Order canceled this morning