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$20 Zip Credit on $50 or More Spend Using Zip Pay / Zip Money - Online or in-Store @ Big W


Saw this on Big W home page - Get $20 Zip credit on shopping of $50 or more and using Zip payment method.
Expires 24-Sep. Couldn't find any more information on T&Cs. This is similar to credit at Chemist Warehouse, Pizza Hut etc.
(maybe just once per Zip account instead of 3 times like Pizza Hut). Will go nicely with the Toy sale.

Edit - New expiry date of 24 Sep (credit @xiangtan)

Edit - T&Cs now updated on BigW site - https://www.bigw.com.au/zip
(credit @dmbminaret)

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  • T&Cs
    Excludes price dropped lines, clearance, pre-orders, gaming, nursery, sporting, cycling, skates, scooters, trampolines, swing sets, inflatable, castles, cubby houses and aquatic.
    Not in conjunction with any other offers.

    • It's effectively 40% off if your shopping needs stars align, so those exclusions aren't surprising.

    • +3 votes

      wow.. excludes gaming … does anyone know what to buy to qualify

    • I wonder how a payment method can tell what type of items I buy. Now I’m starting to worry about privacy, they should just be a payment method, not shopping tracker.

      • Every payment method except cash is a “shopping tracker”. You will also be tracked if you use any kind of reward method, even if you use cash.

        • Oh, so how does cash track if I buy nappy or clothes?

          • @cloudy: Your purchases will only be tracked if you use your Flybuys or any other rewards card AND pay with cash.

            Basically, the reward points are like a payment for allowing your purchase data to be collected and used in almost any way that is not against the law or specifically excluded by the reward program’s privacy policy.

            Zip pay, credit cards, and almost any payment method that is not cash will of course collect and use your data too.

        • It's the whole reason for rewards so they can track it. If you've ever worked for a media company you'll know the easiest demographic to track is "grocery shoppers".

          • @mitchins: Yea, so reward cards and loyalty cards can link you to your spending. I haven’t ever read a credit card getting a detailed list of what you shop when you go into a shop, just that you spent $XYZ @ big w for example.

            Seems like zip can gather more data if they are able to exclude your $20 credit based on their T&Cs

    • I think these are the toy sale T&Cs.

    • Where did you get these t &c's from?

    • So there is no restrictions except on gift cards with the newly updated T&Cs

      Time to buy a Switch game

  • Will this appear on your credit report?

  • Buy a $50 Wish giftcard.

    • From FAQ

      What BIG W products can be paid for using Zip as the payment method?

      Zip can be used to pay for most BIG W products, but can not be used for gift cards and top-up cards.

  • On Zip's website it says offer ends 24 sep…

  • Tried, didn't get anything. Anyone successful?

  • There's also a targeted Rewards offer "celebrate Spring with 2000 points at BIG W" on $50 spend - use by 27/9. Received the email.

  • T&C's here https://www.bigw.com.au/zip. Doesn't mention the promotion though 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Yeah i had checked it. These are just general Zip T&C and not the promo T&Cs. During Chemist Warehouse promo, even though it was stated GCs were excluded, I got the zip cash back for purchase of $50 GC. The fuel stations POS have a separate id so they know it's fuel purchase but not sure how retail store POS systems can know what we buy!

  • Would love that if it was on BWS.😂

  • Does anyone know if you could buy a $50 Google Play Gift card with this Zip Promotion? T & C impossible to find.

    • Yeah T&C is nowhere to be located. During Chemist Warehouse promo I had got $50 CW GC and got the credit. So hopefully works the same way this time too. But still risky. You can try and let us know (hopefully credit appears in your account in couple of days)

    • I just called Zip. They confirmed gift cards are not included in the promotion. They'll also fix the T&Cs

  • I understand Zip Pay is a bit different to LatitudePay. Does it do a credit check and affect your credit limit etc?

  • Expires 30-Sep

    Promo banner on BigW website now says 24/9. No luck tracking down the T&C's though

  • if someone buys a $50 gift card and gets their $20 credit please report back here to let us all know?

  • Hi all. I have a question.

    When I signed up to Zip, it asked for Credit Card as payment method. Is that Credit Card payment classified as Cash Advance or just regular transaction?

    I don't want to get hit with Cash Advance fee on the credit card. Thanks

    • it will be treated as a purchase by most card providers and you will get points too. tip i use the virtual card to pay local gov bills as some credit cards dont earn any points.

  • Is this new customer only or anyone?

    • While T&C are not available, it might be for all if it's similar to their earlier CW and Pizza Hut promotions.

  • OP, you can add this to your post.

    T&Cs from Zip Care:

    Spend $50 AUD or more using your Zip Pay or Zip Money account (“Zip Account”) at BIG W to get
    $20 AUD credit back to your Zip Account (“Offer”). This Offer is only available between 12.01am
    (AEDT) on 14 September 2020 (AEDT) and 11:59PM (AEDT) on 20 September 2020 ("Offer Period")
    and is capped at a maximum of $20 AUD credit back per Zip customer
    (“Maximum Credit Back
    To be eligible to receive this Offer you must shop online via
    https://www.bigw.com.au/ or in-store at
    BIG W, using your Zip Account during the Offer Period. The offer can be redeemed on one purchase
    only and the purchase must be $50 AUD or more. The $20 AUD credit back amount will be applied to
    your Zip Account within 14 business days of the purchase
    being processed.
    The $20 AUD credit back is applied to the Zip Account from which the order was made. Credit back
    shall appear as a transaction on your applicable Zip statement with the following description: BIG W
    Credit Back.
    This Offer is subject to your Zip Account (used to participate in the Offer) remaining open
    and being kept in good standing for the duration of the Offer Period and until the credit back amount is
    applied to your account.
    Any credit back amount applied to your Zip Account will result in a reduction
    of the amount you owe to Zip.
    No promo code is required to claim the Offer and this Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other
    offers. Should any orders be refunded the applicable credit back will be adjusted in accordance with
    your refund.
    Zip does not make any warranties or representations on the delivery, service, quality, quantity,
    merchantability, suitability or availability of the products sold via BIG W.
    Nothing in these conditions is intended to exclude, restrict or modify any non-excludable right or
    remedy you have under law including the Australian Consumer Law. Any disclaimer, exclusion, or
    limitation as provided for in these conditions applies to the full extent permitted by law and subject to
    any non-excludable right or remedy.
    Zip reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of the Offer and Offer Period at its reasonable
    discretion by publishing revised terms on
    this website
    , including (but not limited to) cancelling or in
    any way modifying this Offer or Offer Period.
    This offer is being made by Zip Money Payments Pty Ltd ABN 58 164 440 993 Australian Credit
    Licence Number 441878 (edited)

    • Added. Thank You. So looks like we have a new expiry date of 20-Sep!!

      • Still says 24-Sep in the T&C's:

        *Spend $50 AUD or more using your Zip Pay or Zip Money account (“Zip Account”) at BIG W to get $20 AUD credit back to your Zip Account (“Offer”). This Offer is only available between 12.01am (AEDT) on 17 September 2020 (AEDT) and 11:59PM (AEDT) on 24 September 2020 ("Offer Period") and is capped at a maximum of $20 AUD credit back per Zip customer (“Maximum Credit Back Amount”).

      • Nothing about gift cards in T&C

  • Also $10 via referral for new zip sign-ups

    Mod should put into the description

    • You are getting nagged because you have put your referral link which is not allowed.

      • That link is a direct link to the referral randomiser from the Zip Pay store page, a link to that store is also clickable below the deal, it's not the users referral link.

        • Oh ok. Thanks for the clarification.

        • The Zip Pay referral randomiser isn’t appearing below this deal, probably because it’s primary store is Big W. Could it be added?

          • @Hargain Bunter: It's not possible unfortunately, the system shows the referral information for whatever the main store is (Big W in this case).

            If we overrode the main store from Big W to Zip Pay it would cause other issues.

  • I confirmed the offer start and end dates with Zip Care. The offer is available between 12.01am (AEDT) on 17 September 2020 (AEDT) and 11:59PM (AEDT) on 24 September 2020.

    Apparently they made a mistake. OP, please update the T&Cs.

  • Am I eligible for $20 zip credit if I buy gift card from Big W with $50 or more spend through zip?

    • That's a valid $20 question. We are waiting to see who will be the first to try this and report back the results :)

      • Ok, thank you Bajirao.

        New question-
        can gift cards be returned?

        • Best bet is to buy Big W / Woolies GC so you can use them. With Woolies group becoming stringent on their return policies, I am not sure whether they would accept an activated gift card back.

  • thier website sucks. I create an account it just says nothing to pay add card later - i am trying to buy something from Big W via Zip and keeps saying this when i Log in. How did this thing get so popular

  • So what is excluded other than gift cards?

  • Just made a purchase - no confirmation or anything from Big W or Zip - any idea how long it will take?

    • The credit could take 14 days but in past promotions with CW and Pizza Hut, it got credited within 2 days