Aussie Broadband to List on The ASX

Place holder for discussion about the upcoming ASX listing

A special share offer for Aussie Broadband customers

Dear …

You may or may not be aware that Aussie Broadband is shortly intending to list on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

As a thank you for being part of our family, we want to offer our customers the chance to participate in the listing by subscribing for shares in Aussie Broadband at $1.00 per share.

This is an unusual offer for a company to make, but it aligns with our value of being good to people. Offers to subscribe for shares in Aussie Broadband as part of the listing are also being made to our staff, and to institutional investors.

The offer of Aussie Broadband shares to our customers is capped at $10 million, with each application being for a minimum of 2,000 shares and a maximum of 10,000 shares.

In the spirit of one of our other values, no bullsh*t, the allocation of Shares will be determined on a first come, first served basis if demand exceeds supply. If the Customer Offer is oversubscribed, only the first 5,000 valid applications with complete payment will receive an allocation of 2,000 Shares.

To participate, you will need to click here (my link removed) and follow the instructions on how to apply and complete payment for the shares online, from 9am AEST on 22 September 2020.

Although the offer goes live at 9am, you can start queuing from 8am AEST on 22 September 2020 (profuse apologies for the early start for our WA customers); if you join the queue between 8am and 9am you will be placed in a randomised queue position once the offer begins. Please note the link above is unique to you and should not be shared.

This offer has been sent to Customer Number: (removed)

Anyone who was not a current customer account holder as at 11.59pm on 7 September 2020 will not be able to participate, sorry.

This process is being managed by Link Market Services, rather than Aussie Broadband ourselves. All your personal information you provide will be kept confidential under Link's privacy commitments. Note we have not provided Link Market Services with any of your personal information or email address.

More information

Before you consider whether to lodge an application for shares in Aussie Broadband, we'd strongly urge you to:

• read our Prospectus at, and
• seek appropriate financial advice

If you'd like more information, the Prospectus also contains more details on the customer offer. Please don't call our team at Aussie – they won't be able to help on this one! (and it's not often we say that).

Thanks once again for being an Aussie customer. We appreciate your support.

Phillip Britt
Managing Director

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  • So $2000 minimum.

  • isp … skeptical of future growth prospects

  • I'm surprised that they haven't made a profit for the last few years… Puts a downer on things already.

    Although plenty of growth potential.

  • I thought you said TPG. I'd invest, they are obviously going to be the new Telstra in 30 years time.

  • Make sure to read the prospectus, particularly the financial section. Quite a large valuation for a company predicting a rather large financial loss. If I had to guess, they are listing because cash is low and financing is hard, shareholders however, don't need to be paid back.

    • Yeah, I did not like the financials either. Also some of the figures are based on the forecast for the current year which looks quite optimistic.

  • +16 votes

    Seen this before, now it's only a matter of time until the shareholders demand support be moved offshore to cut costs…

  • Can we get a Whirlpool link?
    Edit: Yes. Yes we can.

  • After jacking up their prices while simultaneously lowering the upload speed of my connection, I'm not giving them any more of my money.

    • Wasn't it one or the other? I thought you could either pay more to keep the same speed or continue paying the same for less speed.

      • Nope, I was on the 100/40 for $80 and dropped to the 100/20 for $95. Or I could stay on 100/40 for $105. Not very happy they did that as I was told the same as you.

  • Is there anyone not taking up their offer? Wouldn't mind participating for a small exposure. Will need the specified code, please pm me.

    With thanks.

  • This is going to make me sound incredibly stupid so please bare with me:

    How easy is it to buy and sell shares without using a trading platform?

    I currently have a shares that I've bought through CommSec and that's been nice and easy.

    If I bought shares through this offer (I have the email etc.) how would I go about selling them down the track?

    I have registered some of my other shares with my HIN through ComputerShare if that helps at all.

    Pointing me in the right direction/an explanation would be much appreciated.

    • You'd generally need a trading platform as you've correctly pointed out to buy and sell.

      For this offer, you'd get the option to nominate your Holder Identification Number (HIN) and this is specific to your Commsec account (not just Computershare or Link Market).

      You should get the option to put in your HIN details when applying for this share and at time of listing, you'd be able to see the stock in Commsec. Trade as you like thereafter.

      Hope that helps.

  • Wouldn't invest in an ISP that's just a reseller of the NBN. THey have nothing else going for them that we know of (unless it's in the prospectus). Aussie Customer Service is hardly a gamechanger.

    • I think they are building their own backhaul and have built their own links (or lease/manage them) to the 120+ NBN POIs all over the country. Their customers have doubled in the last 12 months too. I mean, you're right, a new awesome provider could come along next month and be the OzB favourite and everyone ports over to them but they also seem to be fast becoming the new iinet player.

  • One thing they didn’t mention in the email is that they won’t be giving dividends as they’d rather reinvest the money into their network.

    • But that wont affect share /stock prices will it?? Im a newbie sorry I need 'dummy speak' lol I want to buy the shares but as a newbie to this and a dummy ../pensioner im trying to weigh up the risk of my hard saved 2k…ughhh

  • A company with some big fixed costs, lots of competition and low barriers for new entrants. What could go wrong?

  • Certainly an interesting read this morning, seems the prospect of building their own backend fibre could place them as a serious competitior and continue to grow market share..

  • A newbie buy sell dummy here,,, as an ABB current customer it seems I dont need a trading account to buy? and have the email invite and customer number link so Im assuming I can simply pay for shares (if I buy any) via paypal and not a trading account with anyone? Ughhhh so much to learn which Im not afraid to do but this came suddenly and Im thinking if theyre investing in their own backend fibre it could be a good buy…and do you pay tax on shares when on a pension now so dont earn enough to pay tax no other income etc?? As ABB wont be paying any dividends and are reinvesting the profits they make into the company so im wondering will that affect the actual share prices once the company is listed on the stock exchange tomorrow?
    omg…any dummy advice would be sooo appreciated right now..

  • Buy the IPO. Wait for the pump on day and dump it for a quick profit. Use the profit to pay for a year's subscription.

  • Clicked the link at 9:01, position 9402 in queue.

    Anyone get in?

  • I have been queued since 8am and my queue no., is similar to yours (9200):(

  • I'm 10383 after joining at 9:30am. Just wondering if I should do it or not… And it's max 5000 ppl buying $2000….so the fact that I'm 10000ish means I wouldn't get it anyway???

  • I'm not sure whether I would get in.. queue number 8163.

    Just wondering, how do you pay???

  • It's all over. Anyone with a queue number later than about 7000 didn't get a piece of the action.
    Those that did buy will likely get max allocation of 2000 shares.

  • 9:03AM, 9656 in the queue. After waiting for an hour, it said they were all done and dusted. Kept the page open and got in. Website was slow, but applied and paid via bpay ad 10:35AM

    • same happened to me. Doesn't make sense, the website must have f****d up to allow everyone in after telling them that they didnt make it. I just hope we get a refund once they realise their mistake.

      • There will be people changing their mind and not going thru with payment so they will have plenty of spare shares :)

  • Click at 8.01am, I was on 7**. Applied 10000, expect 2000 only. Anyway a fun day.