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Sovol Laser Engraver Module for SV01, Ender 3 Series & Ender 5 Series US$39.99 (~A$54.80) + Free Shipping from China


Main Features:
● For Sovol SV01, SV02, Ender 3 series, Ender 5 series
● Plug and Play, No Mounting Required.
● Magnetic Laser Module, Attach to Fan Shroud then all Set-up

*Apply the code in the Order Review section of checkout. No GST to pay. Free shipping from China.
*Limited time only and while supplies last. Cannot be combined with other offers.

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  • +2 votes

    Do lasers this powerful get through Aussie Customs?

    If Customs confiscate them will the store supply a refund?


      Most laser modules in the market are 500 mW — same power as Sovol's — which is not an issue to get through any customs. If Customs confiscate them for some other reasons, Sovol will help to issue a case to ask the international carrier for full refund for customers, Sovol might not supply the refund directly.

      • +1 vote

        Laser pointers over 1mW are illegal to import into Australia, they're classed as a weapon, I'm not too sure about laser modules though, so buyer beware, if Customs grab it you'll lose your money…


          Importing handheld laser pointers over 1mW is prohibited without the required authorisation. That is not the same as them being illegal. I imported a 500mW laser engraver a couple of years ago without any problems (other than it being weak as piss and not very useful). It's likely that customs have their eyes peeled only for obvious laser pointers (which I have had confiscated in the past).


    500mW is pointless and this doesn’t seem like a bargain - I paid $75 for a 5W (output) and it may be 10 times the power but about 1000 times more useful. 1-2W is a decent start for engraving and more if you expect to cut. I’d want at least a couple of Watts for over $50 to be called a bargain. Regarding customs, My 5W came in ok from Banggood though I could also justify the legality if customs made a query.