[US Accounts Only] PlayStation Plus 1 Year Subscription – $40.59 @ Eneba


Here's a PushSquare article on how to create a US account:

The price tag of 40.59$ is reached by using the discount code PSPLUSUS at the checkout and paying with Credit card, PayPal or Google Pay. Paysafecard payment method will increase the price by a few percent.

If you have any issues or concerns – please get in touch with us through a direct message on OzBargain or leave an e-mail at [email protected].


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  • If you have saved games for AU version of the games, they may not work on US versions. A small number of games have save game converter, but quite a number of them simply don't. Even if you have the same title, a re-download will be needed.

    Free monthly games, while generally the same titles (but still different region versions), can at times be different titles between regions.

  • Why is this charging in Euros?

  • "US Accounts Only"
    This is OzBargain, not USBargain.

    • A lot of us use US accounts on our PlayStations…

    • Actually, if you are a true OZBer and own a PS4, you probably have an USA PSN account. There were many good deals for cheap games on USA PSN over the years.

  • beware! wants your phone number before sending you your code!

    • Not a big deal, use a prepaid SIM if you are unwilling to part your main mobile number.
      On FeeBay, if you want to purchase any of my items, mobile phone number is mandatory. This is a digital item, buyers can be shrewd.
      Seller accepts PayPal right?

      • kind of is a bit of a deal. now I have to go out and get a SIM card so I can get access to my code. OR I have to go through paypal to get my money back.

        I was just warning legit buyers who don't want to purchase a SIM card to get their code.

    • Do they actually text you the code, or can you put anything in?

      I agree that's rather sketchy..

      • +3 votes

        I bit the bullet and paid with paypal and key in the phone number. A verification code is sent through SMS and once submit the verification code, the transaction is completed and the redeem code can be viewed. Also an email will be sent to the email address to confirm the purchase and a link to get the key. Redeemed the code with US PSN account and no issue so far.


      Hey Obake,

      Even though I understand the concern, this is a somewhat standard step when purchasing online nowadays. With this standard security measure, we are ensuring buyers' safety in case someone else is trying to purchase the product without the bank account holder's permission. Also, we are saving our own skin by preventing fraud on our marketplace.
      Having that said, I understand that this type of verification request can divert someone from purchasing.
      In a perfect world, we wouldn't have to ask for it, but in this one (which is wonderful nonetheless), we have to at least take the standard security measures to prevent fraud.

      • I'm an ozbargain'er and buy stuff online ALL the time so I know it's not standard asking for a customers' phone number. Asking for customers' phone number does not protect the buyer, they already have protection from their bank, their credit card provider (visa, mastercard) and in my case paypal.

        You already verified my transaction by asking for my email address. Asking for my phone number doesn't do anything to protect the customer. Like the comment above, fraudsters are going to use a burner phone/SIM. Legitimate buyers are not going to have a burner phone. And are you even able to get your product/money back from a phone number? Or is this a preventative measure? In which case fraudsters will be using a burner phone.

        And asking for phone number gets in personal information territory. You have my email, my credit card details, my address (from paypal) and now you need my phone number? This gives you information you need to hack into most of my personal online accounts (banking, email, social media, gaming, etc). Even if you're not using this information, you can be hacked, or if you sell your company what are the new buyers going to do with information?

        I know the last point is 'what if'ism' but this is what makes me go "wait a minute, not worth the risk to save $x". I use 'you' but I'm not being personal against you, just online merchants in general so please don't take this an an attack on you.

        • That's because you only look at it from a buyer's perspective.

          From the sellers' point of view, right now, buyers have far too much power when purchasing digital items. To make the matter worse, game related digital items do have a high tendency of fraudulent activities. In reality, sellers use that as a preventive measure to ensure your account hasn't been hijacked. Even so, it is fairly weak. Basically, something is better than nothing.

          I've had people using hacked eBay accounts to buy items. The hackers then attempted to rush / speed up the delivery process. But, soon, the real account holders came back and demanded an explanation (like how can someone else made purchases without their permissions). The real account holders often have zero interest to help the sellers, they only care about getting their money back and can completely shuts down any communication with the sellers very quickly. A lot of people have account linking or one click payment and at times, it is the PayPal notification which triggered the true account owners that bad things have happened.

          We know 95% of people have their accounts secured. Honestly, if you really want to take advantage of bargains and unwilling to part your mobile number, you really should get a prepaid SIM. If that's too much, then realistically, for most sellers, as much as they would like your business, they would rather be safe than sorry. PayPal wipes its hands clean as soon as there is any issue with the transaction. Sellers still have to pay a transaction processing fee (for reversal), the full amount is refunded to the buyer, and PayPal doesn't give a damn whether the sellers get the digital items back or not.

  • I know you need a USA PSN account, but the site also says "Can't be activated in Australia". So does that mean you need to use a VPN set to USA as well?

  • Just bought one thanks op

  • Snagged my US sub for $28.99usd a few weeks back sof ro me this isn't a great deal.

  • is there a limit to how many you can buy with that code?