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Philips Hue B22 White and Colour (B22) with Bluetooth $79 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Was looking into getting a smart coloured LED bulb and came across this deal, probably not the cheapest its been, but cheapest ive found for the philips hue bulb with bluetooth currently so you dont need the Philips Hue Smartbridge

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  • Wow, these sure have gone up in price and haven't come back down in awhile.

  • so you dont need the Philips Hue Smartbridge

    What is the point of that? Pay $$$$$ for a bulb, and skimp on the bridge that does the smarts?

    I have a Hue-based system from back when the starter pack was $32. But $79 for one light bulb?!

  • If anyone is gonna grab a 3 pack, might as well go for these?

    Only B22 bulbs on Ebay plus. Just not Au plug

  • Yeah I only needed one bulb, for a side light when using my pc, thought I'd start off with one and see how it is before going all in on bridge and stuff. could of gone with cheaper option like lifx or so but being stuck inside with covid lock downs in Melbourne got me going all out a bit with online purchases lol

  • I’ve got a starter kit for about $110 ages ago, price have been skyrocketing since then. Now it’s just unrealistic, a waste of money even if you have money to burn. Not to mention that the new gen may have Bluetooth (overdue and should have done it before btw) but the design is the same.. and it’s bulky af. They actually never changed the design and it’s so old now.. Philips hue bulbs are anachronistic

    • I agree with your point, it ain't cheap, and not like it use to be, but I'm sure it's due to supply/demand in the economy and rising popularity the prices went up.
      Everything was cheaper at one point, but I don't think a negative vote is warranted and being used incorrectly , its a decent deal for what the market is right now.

    • agree with you

  • for $20 more - is this kit worth it?


    i know they're not colour globes, but seems like a better place to start?

    • Where is it for 20??

    • The 'White' bulbs are a very warm white light that can only be dimmed, they're quite noticeably yellow-orange. The non-bluetooth models are the traditional bulb shape. The Bluetooth 'White' ones are the flatter 'sultan' shape, the same as the 'Ambiance' bulbs which offer the white temperature variations.

      I think most people would want the Ambiance white bulbs pretty quickly. Plus this set is Edison screw rather than bayonet, that choice very much depends on your light fittings.

      • thanks for the info.

        we have two new E27 lamps in our master bedroom which i grabbed a couple of plain philips 6w LEDs for and they were WAY too white and bright for us (3000K). I found some older CFLs which are 2700k which look better but still too bright. Was thinking these ones would fit the bill and get me started on hue.

        why would you need bluetooth if you have the bridge?

        • The colors on hue color bulbs are very dim, not that bright, but white and ambiance is actually way far brighter than color even in color rgb bulbs.
          So yeah if you domt need color bulb(that are not that brighter than white counterparts) get that white ambiance kit comes with dimmer switch too i think

  • Prime Day might be happening early October. Hue have been HEAVILY discounted on Prime Day in the past. If there is no urgent reason to get then now, I'd wait for Prime Day, unless someone knows it's not happening in the next month or so?

    • There hasn't been too many Amazon sales recently.

    • Given the rise in prices for so many things due to covid, I fear that Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this year won't be anywhere near as low as they have been in the past. I'm definitely hoping I am wrong though!