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Q Acoustics 3010i Bookshelf Speakers Pair (All Finishes) - $299 Delivered (RRP $549; Last Sold $349) @ CHT Solutions


We're clearing the last of our Q Acoustics Speakers in the 3010i Bookshelves as we are moving onto selling other brands of speakers.
They were being sold for $549 in May/June this year prior to the current clearance and last sold for $349.

Use the coupon code to bring them down to $299 delivered: 50off3010i


*Frequency Response:65 Hz – 30 kHz
*Nominal Impedance: 6 Ω
*Sensitivity: 86 dB
*Suggested Stereo Amplifier Power: 15 - 75w
*Suggested AV Receiver (2 ch. driven): 50 - 125 W

Let us know if you need any advice on matching them with an amplfier or AV Receiver.

This is a once off deal and is only one remaining stock, so don't miss out.

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    same price as Rio had them for some time back in August https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/556291. Rio now all out of stock (except one set of white ex demo for $279) so another chance to pick up a pair for this price.


    do u have the 3090c or ci in stock?


      No sorry, they are all gone.


    Shame they are 25CM tall.
    I need something under 22cm


      The SVS Prime Satellite Pack would be the closest we have, They're 22.5cm high.
      We have a promo on the 3ch package where you buy them and receive a bonus pair.

      They are a little more expensive than these 3010i's though.


        Appreciate that, unfortunately i dont need 5 speakers.
        Also the 3 pack is $1,100

        What budget small amp would be good for the Q Acoustics 3010i's?
        Its for a desktop setup, so doesnt need to be overkill

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    These are legit. Run them through a Saba a4 amp (similar to topping mx3 etc.) and they pump. They're quite long/deep in size tho


      A couple of questions :)

      • What's your thoughts as using these as computer speakers on a computer desk? My main concerns is that they would be very close to the back wall and the vibrations through the desk might be distracting. I'm currently running a stereo pair of Echo 3rd Gen and they're ok and I have them sitting on rubber mats.

      • What is your thoughts on the amp? I'd need one and the Saba looks nice and compact. However, given its proximity to the source (laptop) I could use usb rather than bluetooth but I'm not sure what my options would be?

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      Yeah I use these as desktop speakers. They're great. They come with 2 foam bungs. Vibrations from the speaker itself is completely negligible however the rear port projection will cause some distortion onto a back wall. My desk is on a wall too and I have them bunged, but its really not necessary. Only on heavy base songs do you really notice it.

      Sabaj a4 supports usb and Bluetooth. Obvs always opt for usb if feasible due to sound quality


        Brilliant, thanks for the advice. I'm definitely interested now.


      are these for a home music listening setup or computer? can you tell me what to do to get a good home stereo for a decent price? eg. what bits to buy?


    Wish I could listen to it somewhere, recently got the edifier s3000pro and I think next upgrade will be the kef ls50, but always want to know how all others sounds like

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      kef ls50

      Go with the LS50 Wireless. The included power amplification/electronics sound great out of the box. This is assuming you don't have an amplifier as you're running active speakers currently.


        Yup, the edifier are active ones too
        I heard alot of positive reviews about the kef, just 1 concern, do I need a separate subwoofer? Some told that it dont punch that deep


          The 5.25" driver goes pretty low. Go have a listen. You can always pair it with a R400b or KF92 later.


            @m9: Where could I have a listen?



              @Amr911: Sorry, can't help with that, try calling your local stores. I personally bought them and the sub without auditioning. No regrets though, I've even grabbed the smaller LSX for the kitchen.


                @m9: I loved the LSX, but yea, for smaller rooms


    How do these compare with the often recommended (in the past) Mica MB42s?

    Edit: apparently Micca is definitely considered lower tier, after reading some reddit. Shame I can't fit these on my desk!


      I thought so too, having edifier r1280bt's (bookshelf speakers with a large footprint), however i followed the instructions on this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db3R6L6RuWs&ab_channel=TekEv...) and was able to bung a pair of speaker stands together in an afternoon.

      They also look great and raise the speaker closer to ear height to improve the acoustic signature.


    Love these speakers! Op, out of interest why are you moving away from selling this brand?

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      Prolly due to continued distributor changes,the last being 3 months ago.

      Quite simply, the brand does not sell at the prices asked.

      Look at how often Smelly Dan from the other mob is on these boards trying to flog them.

      The previous model was just OK @ $199.

      The 3020 were OK @ $299.

      Wouldn't touch these at this price,especially from this seller.


      The Australian distribution changed (once recently, not constant changes as suggested) to another distributor who we don’t currently deal with. So we’ve decided to focus our attention on some other brands.

      We were able to pick up some stock at great prices when this happened which is why we’ve been able to offer great deals, with all the other models now sold out we’re just clearing our last stock of the 3010i’s as we usually sell a lot of our speakers in packages.

      These speakers are great and regularly sold at their listed prices prior to the distribution change.

      Anyone who’s heard them knows how good they are especially at their current price.. but hey guess you can’t please everyone. :)


    Stock is getting pretty low now, so don't miss out.

    Currently have:
    Black - 2 Pairs
    Walnut - 1 Pair
    White - 6 Pairs