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[Preorder] Joker & Hero Amiibo $19 Each + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Best prices I've seen on these. Releasing September 25th. 10 words.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Remember when Amiibo were, like, $15 at the start?

    I already have a strange sense of nostalgia towards that

    • Same when funko pops use to be $16… Thing is though amiibos while smaller are way more detailed and funkos usually larger but less detailed.

    • I'm not saying the extra price is fair but I feel the quality has definetly improved over the years. Better painjobs + more dual molded plastics etc

    • Any reason why? Are certain amiibos out of production?

      • Lots of them are now.

        The initial excitement of their quality and scarcity lead to a huge amount of demand in the beginning, then restocks happened, nobody actually owned a Wii U to use them with and only the most hardcore collectors survived until now.

  • https://www.bigw.com.au/product/nintendo-amiibo-super-smash-... big w has em for $19 you can just go to the store during the day to just buy it. I usually do it and it works.

    • Says it's online only for delivery.

      • I meant go in the store like you would if you click and collect. They have stock. Sometimes if you go earlier enough you get it BEFORE the people who order for click and collect because they dont have packers til mid day.

        Maybe a little protip for you guys.

  • Good price. I think I preordered mine from EB for $22. Willing to pay a bit more to make sure the box is not squished though.

    • I've never received Amiibo from Amazon with the boxes squished, though that's not a guarantee it never happens.

      I have picked up Amiibo from EB with the packaging squished though.

      • Not specifically amiibos, but I've received squished boxes like lego, ram, HDD, Milo cereal (to the point where the inside package is no longer air tight) from Amazon.

        With stores preorder I can request for swap or walk out if I am not happy with the condition.

        Normally I won't care, but joker is one of my favourite smash character and ever since he got announced, Ive been waiting for his amiibo.

    • EB Games will price match brick & mortar stores on Amiibo too. Maybe try to price match Big W as suggested in the comments?