WAHL Cordless Colour Pro Style Hair Clipper Kit 18pcs $69.95 Delivered ($59.95 with First Time Customer Voucher) @ Shaver Shop


Was shopping for a pair cordless hair clippers as the Philips Multigroom Series 5000's blade is quite narrow which meant it would take twice the time to cut hair. Good enough for body and facial, but not the head.

Saw this Wahl, and at this price for a cordless Wahl, its pretty hard to pass up. 30% off which brings it to $69.95, and when you hit the Shaver Shop website, there's a $10 gift voucher for first time customers, which brings it right down to $59.95, plus Cashrewards, a pretty good deal.

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  • My guess is these aren't lithium and made in China.

    Doesn't make them bad, but just know the limitations

    • Yeh not lithium. Would pay much more for that unfortunately

      • And it'd be money well spent probably.

        My wahl lithium beard trimmer is so much better than the non-lithium one it replaced, which was always dead from self discharge between trims.

        • Can you please compare the performance of both when fully charged?

          • @bio: Performance when charged wasn't the problem at all though. The real problem was that it would fully self discharge from 100% over a matter of weeks so was always flat when I wanted to use it. The li-ion trimmer can sit idle in a drawer for months and be ready to go.

            This wahl might be better and I'm actually pretty tempted, but since the li-ion enlightenment I promised myself I wouldn't stuff around with inferior battery technology again, at least not in some devices.

  • Bought a set.

    Im just shaving my head so no real need to go for something too expensive.
    2 Year warranty is nice too.

  • thanks been waiting for a wahl cordless trimmer

  • using these already. reliable great, no issues

    • Been using this cordless Wahl for a year now. (These are non lithium version.) Got it from shaver shop for $60 around cup day. They claim 45mins on full charge. I have been getting around 40mins which is around 4 to 5 hair cuts. The advantage of this over lithium one is you can run this on power if you have run out of battery, which is very handy.

  • only issue is it doesnt have the lever, not a deal breaker anyway.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one after using the corded version of this. Did not realise how annoying the cord would be until I used it. But otherwise a decent trimmer. Cheers

  • Great deal!