Crack 'n' Sack Shaver

Hi all.
What is everyone using for a Crack 'n' Sack shaver.

The old Braun electric was good, it never cut you, but would get ingrown hairs from it.

The Panasonic Electric cuts, it's like playing Russian Roulette.

What do people recommend?



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    Need an mspaint

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      Not going there. Sorry.

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    Be brave, go the 'Cut throat' razor.

    • Tried that, was to scared after a couple of pass to continue.

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    Username checks out.

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    Username checks out…

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    Considered nads hair removal?

    • Tried it once. Do not recommend

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      Here is a good review

      • Hilarious.

      • Oh my sides are hurting ;-P

        • Even years after I first saw it, I cry with laughter reading it.

  • I have this

    I think I paid the current sale price a few years ago, however, I haven't used it all that much. When the weeds get too long it comes in handy, but I just keep a gillette fusion in the shower and use that maybe once a week to keep things in check. I've found a blade gives a much closer and smoother shave than the Wahl I have.

    • You use a razor blade on the sack?

      • Yep, 100%. Rub up with some hair conditioner first instead of worrying about shaving cream or foam, and you'll figure out what works. I've never had a cut, yet I've had nicks from electric razors in the past. In all seriousness you need to stretch the skin a bit so it's taut, but a good, SHARP not DULL, gillette fusion or mach 3 shouldn't end up cutting you, or giving you in grown hairs. There's basically no clean up when you do this in the shower either.

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      If you dont use it much, maybe you could put it up on eBay. Wonder how that would go.

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    throwing in a serious reply amongst all the "humor"…

    i've been using this on my magic parts for around half a year now, only had around 3 snibs of the sack so far.

    i highly recommend!

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    Use an epilator

  • Why shave it at all?

    • Hairy McLairy

  • eneloops

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    Maybe try laser hair removal? Do it once and be bald for life.

  • 100% recommend Philips Bodygroom 1000. It’s cheap, waterproof, clippers down to 0.3mm and there is zero chance of it eating your nutsack or the balloon neck. Amazon sell it as do others

  • These are foil shavers I presume … so why not try Philishave.

    Look, shavers are not miracle machines… you still have to finish up with a razor… a cheap disposable razor.

    As for your black-heads… you need to apply an "after shave" upon your face that essentially disinfects your skin and closes the pores.