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[eBay Plus] Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SATA SSD $164.70 Delivered ($135.70 after CB) @ Futu Online (KS Computers) eBay


Original Coupon Deal
Seems $2 Cheaper than Computer Alliance
Please note that Futu Online = Shopping Express = K.S. Computer
I see that they have changed the title of invoice to K.S. Computer so there won't be any problems claiming for the $29 cash back i.snipboard.io/sQlLDo.jpg
If your invoice is still titled as Futu Online or Shopping Express you might contact them for a new one

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  • just got my cashback claim rejected by samsung for purchase few days ago (:

    the purchase happened after the promo has started

    YMMV (:

    • which title did they provide you on your invoice, are you sure it's K.S. Computer (Since they had provided some with Futu Online or Shopping Expres)

      • K S computer tech as per their approved dealer on their website ( i did make sure of this as fellow ozb has warned about this)
        It was rejected on the basis that they cant see the order date on the tax invoice

        • Worked for me. Proof

        • I used my KS Computer invoice and Samsung has validated my cashback claim. Your purchase date in your submission must match the purchase date of the invoice, eventhough the date on the invoice might be different to the actual purchase date on eBay.

          • @Sleepycat3: Yep I filled in the invoice day n delivery date on the tax invoice as my purchase date.
            She say the there is no order date n rejected it

            • @squidz:

              Yep I filled in the invoice day n delivery date on the tax invoice

              But these dates would be different, order date and purchase date should just be the date on the Invoice, as mentioned above

  • Just buy from Computer Alliance, same price approved in the Samsung list ..no issues or doubts.

  • Samsung asks too much personal information to register the cash back, way more than product registration for most of other companies. Technically the only things they need to know should be the dealer name, invoice number and probably purchase date to verify that unique purchase.

  • For this price I get a TLC 1TB nvme drive. Kingston a2000 come to mind.

  • urgh. snapped the corner L plastic of the new evo 1tb sata power connector again. they really need to use a different plastic