Up to 50% off on Dog Toys, Treats, Subscription Boxes and More @ Uglybox


Hey you amazing dog lovers!

We are moving to a new warehouse therefore we've decided to run a MEGA UGLYBOX SALE with UPTO 50% OFF across our entire store!

This is by far the biggest sale we've ever run. Absolute Madness!

So get yourself some amazing deals for your lovely pooches before our stocks run out.

Uglybox subscription boxes - www.uglybox.com.au
Mystery Box - https://uglybox.com.au/product/mystery-boxes/
Puppy Box - https://uglybox.com.au/product/puppy-uglybox/
Dog Toys - https://uglybox.com.au/product-category/dog-toys/
Dog Treats - https://uglybox.com.au/product-category/dog-treats/
Slow feeders & Puzzles - https://uglybox.com.au/product-tag/slow-feeders-puzzles/
Uglybox Shop - https://uglybox.com.au/shop/

Shipping Australia-wide from Melbourne.

Hope you and your dog(s) enjoy our special deals :)

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