ASUS TUF Gaming VG279QM Gaming Monitor- 27" $623.00 + Free Shipping (Was $699) @ RosmanComputers


Hi, been stalking here for quite some time and first post here. Not sure what to write other than the deal itself, found it to be the cheapest at the current moment because I was searching for it.

Not sure if RosmanComputers is a good merchant or not though but I grabbed it because it's the cheapest that I can find.

Please don't burn me thanks!

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  • Is better in every way to the Alienware posted not long ago However it is about 40% more expensive, but has HDR and is bigger. So if you need a 27 inch 240hz, then this is it.

    • Not worth the premium for most of the intended purposes. Read the comparison more thoroughly, and you'll see the biggest standout issue between the two is that the Alienware doesn't support 10-bit colour.

    • Nobody buying that alienware monitor cares about HDR and 99% of comp csgo/val players prefer 24.5" over the 27"

  • Full HD 27" monitor over $600 sounds insane, you need to sit very far or have very poor eye sight to avoid seeing pixels.

  • Nice, 240hz would be lovely - i cannot help but think, though, 1080p on a 27" is a bit…rough…

  • 165hz UHD vs 280hz FHD

    Gaming wise, which is better? I'm guessing the FHD is good for FPS? and the UHD for scenic games?

    • Do you mean QHD?

      There is a case to be made that the jump in 165hz to 280hz isn't as noticeable as the jump from 60hz to 144hz etc. - check out some youtube videos

      I play Warzone at QHD and love it - if your GPU can keep up with the higher resolution at the 100-165hz refresh rate I'd take QHD over anything FHD any day

      • Sorry yeah QHD. I'll be getting the new 27" IPS 2k 165hz (on DP) Dell from those recent deals, whenever it arrives.

        Yeah i have a 2070S and hoping that can handle warzone at the 144-165HZ with the new monitor. Won't be upgrading to the new GPUs, will be waiting for next gen.

        • You should have a gander at your order, a lot of them were shipped today from the Dell offer ;)

        • I can tell you right now you won't be going over 100 fps at 1440p.

          • @Jugganautx: That's fine, i don't play warzone primarily, getting 60-80 FPS on ultra @ 1440p will be just fine. Most games i play aren't extremely demanding, so having full 165hz on those games in 1440p will be nice.

            • @Frayin: I have a gtx 1080 and a 144hz qhd monitor and run all my games at or close to 144fps. Just lower some of the graphics settings that don't add any value to a fast paced shooter where you need the fps. Your 2070s is faster than me and most games I run some ultra, mostly high with maybe some here and there on medium graphics settings to achieve this in triple a games so you could probably get 144+ mostly on high settings. If you want ultra settings at qhd/165hz in every game then you'll need an rtx 3080 and good luck getting one of them 😅

  • This is just my personal opinion, and it depends what the buyer is looking for, but I feel 240hz and hdr doesn't outweigh full hd vs 2k on a 27" screen. As mentioned in this thread, you will notice pixel density at fulhd on a 27". The Dell S2721DGF which was on sale for 500 and should be on again at that price soon seems like a far better option. It's a 2k top tier panel 27" @ 144hz (165hz on display port), I don't think it has hdr and less Hz, but the quality you'll notice gaming on a 2k 144hz panel especially if your gpu can grab you 140 fps in most titles (which the new 30 series should do fine) will just give you a much smoother and immersive experience vs this, especially if you play competitive csgo ect.

    I suggest those who are looking for a really nice 27" gaming screen wait for the DGF deal again as it really ticks all the boxes for a sweet, sharp and unified monitor for your gaming needs at over $100 less than this.

    • re: Dell S2721DGF it's gone from Dell Australia's website though?

      • They have removed it temporarily as they are inundated with orders due to last deal. I'm in close contact with Dell and they are planning to offer the same deal again likely toward the end of Oct. Patience is of virtue. :)

        • Oof, I have a $250 off $500 code for Dell that runs out in early October. Thanks for the heads up though!

  • Personally, I’m waiting for the new trend-setting (basically replacing all 240hz) ASUS ROG or MSI 360hz that’s due to come out November or so this year (but will have a price tag of $800 US…). Hardware Unboxed has an extremely positive review for it finding basically no fault with it (except obviously the high price tag).