55% off BedStory Mattresses e.g. Queen Size $180 (RRP $400) Shipped @ au.bedstory.com


Their 50% off deal became quite popular in August. Now they seem to have increased the discount further to 55% (plus free shipping). I am not sure when the offer expires but this is definitely a great price for anyone looking for a decent mattress in a low-mid price range. There are a few options to choose from.

The shipping time is around 7-8 days. You can see more comments about the same under the previous post above.

Some of these mattresses are available on Amazon as well - there are limited reviews on Amazon AU but the US listings have more reviews if you would like to check.

Happy shopping!

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  • Which one offers the firmest option?

  • How do these compare with Zzz black, zinus and other mattress in a box company ? Also is there a trial period like other companies ?

  • Got 2x of the latex hybrid doubles for $126 each shipped. Thanks OP!

  • Check Amazon AU as some options are cheaper on Amazon. E.g king 31cm is $199+$20 shipping on Amazon vs $252 using 55% off code on their site.

    Warranty and returns are very dodgy e.g item page says 100 day trial but returns policy is 30 days. Also to use warranty you have to pay a replacement and shipping fee (apparently it's only 30% less than buying a new one).

  • How does everyone else think of the mattress? from the last sale?

    • Mattress is OK.

      No seller communication - I sent 2 messages via website and 2 emails requesting shipping information over a period from 10-20 days or so after order. No response whatsoever. No tracking supplied.

      Mattress turned up approx 24 days after order; I live in the back of beyond, but would have appreciated the tracking info for peace of mind (delivered by Toll, so tracking info would have been available to the vendor).

  • Are these any good? I imagine they're a bit flimsy if they compress down into a box.

    • I'm not all that qualified but I'm pretty sure that you can put any mattress into a box. It's just springs and foam. Hell, most of the ones that you buy in store probably arrived in a box. And you probably bought it paying "discounted" retail pricing over $1k, only for it to be of the same quality.
      I've got 3 boxed mattresses. The quality is great. Not to say that all box mattresses are great, do your research. I don't think I will ever again set foot into a mattress store again knowing the quality I can get from a compressed mattress in a box.

  • Keen to get a Luxury Queen but OOS

  • Ordered BedStory Gel Memory Foam Mattress 31cm Queen for $207, and let us see how it is.

    • Paid by Citi CC via Paypal, and was charged "INTL TRANSACTION FEE AUD 207.00" for $7.03

      Also no any update for order yet from seller.

  • Ordered a single. Need a spare so will see how it goes.

  • Has anybody successfully ordered directly from their website (rather than amazon?). Any detail on shipping time?

    The website looks so dodgy, no decent contact info, no addresses for any social media, apparently it's charging international conversion transaction fee on the purchase too.

    • Received in 7-8 days. Ordered directly on their website but a couple of months back. I contacted them via Facebook chat for general shipping follow up and it worked. I don't remember coming across any intl transaction fee when ordering via their Aus website (https://au.bedstory.com/). I think I paid via PayPal in AUD only.