Nvidia RTX 3080, People Getting Back at Scalpers

Thought I might bring something very interesting to everyone's attention.

Looks like people are getting really unhappy with the amount of scalpers getting hold of the recently released and in low supply 3080's. A quick look on ebay shows so many people bidding ridiculous amounts which of course won't pay, maybe to make them lose sometime and ruin the obvious unintended use and just plain profiting for this guys.

Few examples:



Even guys selling them as paper prints:



  • Modern problems require modern solutions.

    It was already bad enough that our local retailers were trying to shaft us.

    • As someone who works in that pc retail industry. I don't think that is always a case not all retailers (even those with inflated prices) are deliberately trying to shaft us.

      Quite often during peak demand the wholesale suppliers will jack their prices up quite significantly and take advantage of the demand. And why wouldn't they? The public can't buy directly from suppliers, so generally aren't aware and instead blame the retailers, so the suppliers get away with it scot free. The retailers are then left with no choice but to increase their prices too, and often don't add any more margin than they usually would (sometimes even less to try and keep the customer happy). Even right now a day into the launch and only 2 of 6 suppliers have reasonable prices the rest have already jacked the prices up.

      Of course there are always exceptions to the rule and I know quite a few retailers are taking advantage of the demand (not going to name names lol). I'm absolutely not trying to defend any retailers doing the wrong thing.

      Also depends on qty you are ordering. Sometimes the supplier will still keep the original prices if you order large enough quantity but then jack the prices up for the smaller guys like me lol.

      So yeah a bit more complicated, but hopefully that gives you some insight on what goes on behind the scenes a bit more.

      • The only other option would be to try and bypass the legit channels and buy in bulk directly overseas and do grey imports. That's a bit risky as if you're doing that some vendors get annoyed and ask the suppliers to block you from buying their brand locally. They can also block you from usual support and warranty channels, so only a handful of retailers actually take that risk (again not going to name names lol, except Kogan as they actually publicly advertise that they do grey-imports). Not saying grey-imports are completely bad, up to the retailer to decide if they want to do that or not. Really up to their business model. Personally not a fan and don't do it.

  • Report them (as in the obvious fraud ones like people selling paper). Fskers

  • Literally just read something similar to this going on over at r/gaming/ on Reddit… I lol’d.

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    I don't see how this is even an issue.

    For a concert, scalpers are a problem because the seats are limited and the event is not perpetual.

    For necessities, needless to say that I can't wait months for TP when I am crusting up something fierce.

    Graphics card? Just use your existing one and wait a few months. It seems the people who are having a whinge about scalpers are those that are creating the demand for said scalpers.

    • But but but… I WaNt iT NoW!!1!1!

      Ok, Wonka… how much for the graphics card?

      Marketing departments live for this shit and consumers gobble it up. They have so many people conditioned using FOMO. It’s the same for the retards that sleep out for a week to get the new iPhone when the one they are using, (from last years sleep out) is still fine.

      That is why we have a front page full of RRP priced luxury items because of marketing departments in overdrive and the cucks that can’t say “I think I’ll wait…”

      • Maybe they will only make 100,000 units.

        Such raw processing power cannot be tamed by just anyone. Legend has it that you need many steam games installed and achievements unlocked.

        The wielder will gain millions of twitches, endorsement from popular sports drinks and marginally increased sexual desirability.

        On top of all this, it is a appreciating commodity so get at the ground floor now. The price can only go up!

      • Marketing departments live for this shit and consumers gobble it up. They have so many people conditioned using FOMO. It’s the same for the retards that sleep out for a week to get the new iPhone when the one they are using, (from last years sleep out) is still fine.

        Nah, you're wrong on this. As someone who's consulted in supply chain management, most issues relating to supply at launch are due to genuine bottlenecks in the supply chain as opposed to any sort of concerted effort by manufacturers to constrict supply to "condition people" or whatever you're trying to imply.

        It's in Nvidia's interest to push as many 3080's as possible before the launch of their 3070 and possible competition from AMD. If they could supply more 3080's, they would do so. There's no "master plan" of trying to constrict supply and somehow make people think that 3080's are more valuable or whatever. GPUs are so objectively measurable that you can very easily put a price on them. Maybe for some certain limited edition luxury goods, you're right, but not for GPUs.

        • This is literally marketing 101. Build hype. Dribble supply, FOMO, ….., profit.

          There is no bottlenecking. Have you seen the size of ships, trains and trucks? Have you seen a 40’ container? They could literally drop off pallet loads at a time. There is a reason they allocate 4 units to a retailer. It’s so people think there is only going to be a very limited quantity made. People go ape shit thinking if they don’t get one on launch day, they might not get one at all.

          They want the hype and the FOMO running at maximum for as long as they can, it locks sheep into preorders and drives up demand, it also increases the price people are willing pay (just look at the RRP posts here and scalper prices), and they want this demand to be running at 11 while they are in front of the competition. Then, as soon as their competitors release a product, it’s flood gate dumping time and discounts, and even your grandmother’s new PC will have one of these cards in it. Seems funny there is no supply chain issues at that point.

          InB4: it’s a manufacturing issue. Also, no. They could have held back the hype train at the station a little longer, backed logged more units into stock before waving the hype train away from the station.

          So, while I get what you are saying and I believe you with some other items that there might be genuine supply line issues (ie: RAV4. Cumbersome to build, large to store and ship) it just isn’t the same with small electronic consumer products. They can pump these things out of the factory at a phenomenal rate and can literally fit thousands of them into a single shipping container. They could flood the market with these cards if they wanted to, but then there would be no hype, no FOMO and possibly a need to discount them to move them.

          So, yeah, I’m picking up what you’re putting down, I just ain’t buying it.

          • @pegaxs: You're making it sound like graphics cards are Rolex watches.

            Please. It's computer hardware designed to do mathematical calculations quickly. FWIW, I use GPUs for parallel computations for work. We buy Quadro and Tesla cards by the pallet and we have in-house liasons who have contacts with not just the enterprise arm of Nvidia, but also some of the silicon fabs in Asia including TSMC. Semiconductor yields are a huge problem right now, particularly as nodes get smaller. TSMC's 7nm FinFet node is basically at capacity with Ryzen at the moment, and they're still not hitting as high clocks as AMD would like. Nvidia is on Samsung's 8nm node, which has yield issues out the wazoo. All of the fabs in Asia have capacity backlogged for years.

            I actually agree with you, the hype prior to the launch of the 3080 was silly. Unfortunately that doesn't make your story true.

        • the geniuses think that Nvidia doesnt want money

    • because people are impaitent kids

      “NEED IT NOW!!!!”

  • Some people are just scum making life difficult for others for a quick buck, if you have no intention of using it, just don't buy it

    • if you have no intention of using it, just don't buy it

      Distributors and retailers wouldn't exist.

  • Why are people paying so much money for a graphics card? Is $20,000 really worth it?

    • For that one 2k might be the pie in the sky price and he's counting on it being haggled down to 1300 or something, still making himself 300 profit.

  • Guy in the states has created a bot that
    1) Creates an Ebay account
    2) searches for high priced Consoles and GPU's (the recently sold ones)
    3) Auto bids a high amount and keeps bidding until auction is over

    when auction ends account is ignored, seller relists bot starts again.

    • how does he get away without paying?

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        eBay doesn't care if you don't pay. Have had so many buyers cancel on me, for many stupid reasons ( not video cards, but just general stuff I sell).. at worst they send a warning email to them after you go through the non paying bidder process

    • Best way to combat this is don't buy from third party outside retailer, they end up with dozens of cards they can't sell but we are not in a perfect world someone will always willing to pay more. I only buy from retailer, if they out of stock I wait till they have stock

  • Found FB Marketplace listing. This guy is pretty ballsy for posting it with a link to his facebook account, unless he's just trolling: