Apple AirPods Pro $290 + $15 Shipping (HK) @Tecobuy


I’m not sure if you can price beat at OW, but worth a shot.
There is also an $8 coupon for those who sign up their email.

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  • Avoid unless OW pricematch

    I personally wouldn't touch anything from tecobuy

  • I called 3/4 times last week to try pricematch, the people on the phone straight up told me they don't pricematch grey importers such as Tecobuy before I even said anything. They were reading off a script.

  • I don’t recommend Tecobuy. They di not indicate whether the item is in stock or not. Early last month I bought an amezefit smartwatch from them. After 5 weeks of waiting requested refund as they finally admitted that the item is not in the stock and didn’t even know when the item will be available for sale. Wasted me a lot of time.

  • Did PM at OW for $294+$15(shipping)=$309
    And then price beat 5%. Final amount became $293.55

  • Tecobuy = Scammers/liars/clowns, should be banned from Ozbargain.

    I will be writing this reminder in every deal so everyone visits the previous deals and read my comments.

    Once they get the money, they don't communicate. They reply to emails saying that the item has been separated, then the item has been packed, then it's waiting for shipment… When it's finally "shipped", they don't send a tracking number and keep lying for weeks, always creating new excuses, and new lies (e.g., waiting for the courier and will have the tracking number in 24 hours)… After 3 days, nothing… Then they start everything again, saying the item has been packed… But that's what you said three weeks ago! More lies and bs… No tracking number again… Initiated PayPal refund request, Tecobuy never replied, PayPal accepted the request, had the refund and bought the item somewhere else.

    Waste of time.