Smart Door Lock Advice for Small Home

I have a small townhouse, and a child. I'd like to next look at changing to a Smart Door Lock.

It needs to have a key backup for no power or dumbo situations, and assignable pin for child or temp entry.

Optionally I would also like it to have a camera/intercom so I can talk to delivery posties wirelessly.
The townhouse is small, so the wall is only as wide as the door. Thus I have no space for an intercom "next to the door" like most others have.

I'm undecided about fingerprints - probably don't need them.

I use google home, but I guess I don't want anyone with my voice to be able to unlock the home right?

Is there anything that well suits my needs? Happy to separate into 2 devices too.
Because i have a screen door as well, there may not be a lot of 'depth' available for really big gadgets.

The area is quite safe. I do have an extra deadbolt above the lever, that can be used when we're out on hols.

So the level of security is for wen there's someone at home, or at night when we sleep (deadbolt can't be operated from inside)

Seems like what I need is called a door knob not a deadbolt. Which seem rare.


  • deadbolt can't be operated from inside

    This concerns me - can someone outside your townhouse deadbolt the door while you're inside and you then can't get out?

    Also, I'm not sure what smart door lock features you're looking for, since it seems that you apparently only want to use it when someone is already home.

    • That's the extra lock we have on top of the lever
      which we don't use normally

    • Agree, sounds like OP keeps somone captive..

    • I think OP's use case may be similar to what I'd consider using a smart lock for.

      • Others are at home, I go out. Lock (manually or automatically) smart lock.
      • Get home. Unlock (manually or automatically) smart lock.

      • Everyone leaves house? Deadbolt. Smart lock cannot be used to open door.

  • Might not fit all your requirements, but this is on special at the moment

  • Sounds like the August lock meets your requirements. Providing it works with your type of deadbolt.
    Keep your current key.
    Deadbolt would then be usable from inside.
    Nothing changes at the front door so no clashing with screen door.
    Separate pin pad can be mounted within signal range and provide features you mentioned.

    But it's an expensive unit…….
    I've been waiting for the WiFi edition to be on any discount as I'm in no rush but I've been looking for months.

    • Wifi would kill battery life right? Or is it just a separate bridge thing and the lock is the same?

      What's the difference the oval & round version? Seems the same functions

    • Actually the lock I'm replacing is the lever one. It's not a rectangular deadbolt, it's the type that springs back. So I guess it wouldn't work with this one?

  • In case it's not clear, what I have now is

    1 Lever lock we use mostly (can operate w/o key from inside)
    1 deadbolt above, we lock only when all going out

    I want to replace the Lever lock w/ smarty pants lock so child can come home w/o carrying key

    • This is a deadbolt one, so won't work with a knob thing.
      I want one where you can just pull shut and it locks.

  • I have just installed this in my newly Reno'd home

    Comes in this version or a deadbolt, also available in black. I love it, every possible option and supposedly very secure

    Highly recommend and once you use the fingerprint, you'll never look back :)


      Seems a bit weird that there are two sevens and two twos on the keypad on the Bunnings picture. I get that the numbers change each time you use the keypad, as an attempt to counter someone looking over your shoulder, but there are only four actual buttons on the device, which seems to reduce the number of possible combinations (for example, 81 different four digit codes have the exact same four key presses (if my math is sound, lol)).

      Also, how well does the fingerprint sensor work? I have dry fingers, and most fingerprint sensors don't work very well for me unless I can moisten my fingers first.

    • I saw that, it looks nice.
      My door has a built in handle tho, so I think this style will not fit :(
      It's not looking good.

  • Full disclosure, i work for the company that makes the locks I'm suggesting. I'm not in sales or a lock related dept but I'm familiar enough to talk to some models

    You could look at replacing your deadbolt with a smart deadbolt lock and that may be the most secure and ease of use. This connects with Google home and alerts you when the battery needs changing.

    You've a comments about upgrading your lever lock but that you don't need an extra handle. I'm having trouble picturing that but if you want to post a pic or link I can advise better.

    For a camera & speaker; you may be best looking at the nest or an equivalent Google integrated product. Then you should be able to see and talk to people via the cam and open the door remotely or send them a unique pin (family visiting etc) so they can come and go, in a time fenced few days

    • Yes, I want a lever solution but I have a door handle in the way of full set replacements
      Seems there's no solution for what I wanted.
      I could remove the huge door handle
      I'm losing sight of what the point is with so much work.
      Just so kids won't carry a key. I duno anymore..