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[PS5, Pre Order] Demon's Souls $79 + Delivery @ Gorilla Gaming


Cheapest I've seen Demons Souls

or any PS5 game for that matter

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Gorilla Gaming
Gorilla Gaming

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    Never heard of Gorilla Gaming. Any thoughts?

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      According to the bottom of their page, they're mighty ape

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        Interestingly it's listed for 114 on mighty ape's own page…

        This seems like they're separating out their main website to concentrate on games specifically and not the other pop culture stuff so maybe it's a way to encourage people to use the site using some ps5 games as a loss leader?

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    Good price. Hope Amazon drop theirs soon.

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    They offer afterpay so they have to be legit.
    I think they might be European copies of the games, not AU.

    Emailed Amazon demanding a price reduction on their listing.

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      Demanded!! … Shall we picket their warehouse if they don't meet our demands?? I have lots of sharpies… Just need to think of some good signs… Any ideas?

      • Yep demanded!! Due to their recent stuff up of Super Mario 3D I'm very reluctant to even renew my prime membership this year

        Their customer service is horrendous

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          Damn! should have done signs for the Mario stuff up… Like 'Hell No We Won't Go till we get our Mario'… Missed opportunity!

          Jokes aside Ive only had good experiences with customer service, and the shipping alone (plus my wife watches prime video) is enough for me to keep prime….

          • @scud70: Hahaha! Well Amazon has said they don't price match other websites who offer it cheaper.

            On some listings you can tell them about a cheaper price if that option is available.

        • I must have missed the Mario event you speak of, what happened?

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            @boredofficeworker: Amazon hasn't even made an attempt to ship copies of Super Mario All-Stars 3D. Despite being one of the first to pre-order.

            They shouldn't be trusted with release launch titles or consoles. Others now have dates of October!

            • @DisabledUser319612: Mine has shipped? Arriving Tuesday.

              Edit: Oh you mean not arriving on the 18th? Sorry, I re-read your comment, I totally get that. I've finished the originals on release and this is a nostalgia buy for me, I generally consider game/console launches from Amazon best-effort as I've been burned once by this before. Sucks they didn't ship it to you earlier though :(

              • @boredofficeworker: No as in it hasn't shipped.

                I pre-ordered for the $60.06 though not the $69. Mine is meant to be shipped from Amazon commercial services.

                • @DisabledUser319612: Sounds like they didn't have the stock or over sold.. Happened to me with amazon UK, its likely none of their distributors want to provide the stock at that price point, happened with the x570 i got for a lot cheaper than they were going for… Then on top of that dhl lost my package… Amazon customer service were good about it have me credit and refund options but i stuck with waiting because the price was great… Dhl on the other hand… Customer service reps were great! But no one could find where the package was… For like 2 weeks!

                  • @scud70: I rang Amazon. They're claiming it might ship today but will follow up with me Monday.

            • @DisabledUser319612: They’ve shipped mine

            • @DisabledUser319612: Mine arrived to me in vic yesterday, launch day and was bought at the $60.06 pricepoint, so they definitely have made an attempt.

            • @DisabledUser319612: I ordered mine the day before release(17th), they shipped it the next day with a delivery time of 22/9 with express delivery. As soon as they shipped it, it changed to a delivery of 8/10.

              • @Kerrby: I still don't have my copy! This is how bad Amazon is

        • Didn't you get the email on the 15th saying that Mario 3d collection wouldn't be shipped on time and that you can cancel the order if that isn't ok with you? They gave ample notice.

          • @acidantics: Mine shipped yesterday via express post, due tomorrow apparently.
            Edit: replied to the wrong person.Should really be able to see that before posting.

          • @acidantics: I got an email saying that it wouldn't be delivered on time. Not saying Amazon won't even attempt to ship it on time.

            Two very big different things there.

            • @DisabledUser319612: Fair enough. They are pretty much the same thing for me here in VIC, everything is delayed.

              • @acidantics: Just an update, STILL haven't got my copy from Amazon.

                3 week delay already?

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      Amazon state themselves they don’t price match. I guess what they mean is they won’t respond to direct consumer demands, they’ll power the price if and when they want.

    • Gorilla Gaming is owned by Mighty Ape so of course it's legit. I've previously purchased an official Xbox One S stand from Gorilla Gaming but that's the only thing so far. In fact it came delivered from Mighty Ape.

    • Just cancel stating you found it cheaper elsewhere. If they see a large number of preorders vanish they're more likely to take action than if we email them

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    Can vouch for them, it's the same as mightyape.

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    Note the expected release date says 17 November (PS5 comes out on the 12 November). Likely a placeholder but still, FYI.

  • Im a bit suspicious on this one

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      I was too but I bought a webcam from them a few weeks ago and got it fairly fast, it's shipped from NZ.

      • Was that the Logitech 920?

        • No the Logitech Brio 4k

          • @StaticzAvenger: Yeah cool, was thinking of getting that too.

            At the moment I'm toying with the idea of getting a cradle that attaches to the side of one of my monitors and using my smartphone, with an adapted USB-C cable and troubleshooting from there.

            Might end up being a big job to get working correctly. I'm told camera quality of webcams are relatively poor.

            • @muwu: I'm actually very happy with the quality, it looks super clean during meetings and when I stream so I can't complain

      • Thanks i ordered it based on your response

  • Is this in NZ dollar. That's $73AUD

    • AUD

  • +2

    Look at the lost souls
    They seem so black
    Look at the lost souls
    Souls of black

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    Come on amazon price match please

  • Waiting for a better retailer to lost their prices

  • These prices the publishers want us to pay this new generation …

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      Which makes going digital-only quite a risky proposition, I think.

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        That $150 difference in console price won't last very long.

        • This is probably why it's that much cheaper - the digital console may actually be worth more to Sony in the log run.

  • Hard to know but surely closer to launch dates places like JB, Big W etc will have these for 79 launch when in the past most games were 69 at launch day for current gen.

    • Yeah I am kind of expecting this to happen also personally. But… I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t really budge.

  • I want to get this game because it looks amazing but how hard is it for the average player? Like sekiro hard (didn't play that either because I saw gameplay and it looked infuriating)? Not sure if its the right game for me.

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      Not sure if there will be easy mode on the remake.
      But i hope they will add it to attract new players given it's a launch title

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        It's the same difficulty as any of the Dark Souls games

        • Thing is… I've never played a souls game before lol

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            @rabbitbox: The question then is: do you want to be challenged? Souls games are hard, but in a fair way. If you learn the game and adapt to the curve balls they become relatively simple.

            It's just a steep learning curve for a new player

      • removing the difficulty imo will ruin the experience and satisfaction you get from progressing in the game and no highly doubtful that there will be a easy mode

    • You can expect a similar level of difficulty as sekiro.

      • +1

        Damn..maybe its not for me then. Ah well, I preordered Miles Morales and Cyberpunk though so that should keep me busy. Thanks for getting back to me guys.

        • Me too, life is challenging enough, i want to play games to have fun.

      • I played and finished both sekiro is harder but demon's souls ain't easy either

        • yep i agree thought sekiro was harder..

    • Compared to Sekiro, this game is easy-medium

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    This kinda feels like a stupid question, but I feel with how both of the systems are going it's going to be a generation of stupid questions (looking at you, Microsoft naming convention), but all of these are 100% confirmed for the disc only based system? Like there is zero method to get the digital editions through retail channels?

    As in now that Sony is selling both a disc and digital only version, the retail product isn't the same for the two systems?

    Again, feels like a stupid question, but hasn't really been stated anywhere I've seen, and I never bit on MS's digital only console (because I like physical disc collecting)

    • +1

      Some retailers will have digital game cards but they are almost always at the RRP of the online storefront so you are better off buying from PSN/XBL/eShop.

      Only way to get digital games cheaper at launch is by using store credit you have purchased elsewhere on discount (eg. Big W selling PSN cards for 15% off).

    • +1

      It is still partially possible since you can buy digital currency vouchers from retailers. If the retailers offer discount, then it could get interesting.
      For example, a couple of years ago, the V-Bucks promotion EB offered, you either get Sony or Microsoft store credits. Some staff would even allow you to get EB world credits.

      With Microsoft Rewards, you can earn points quite easily and the points can be converted to digital currency to purchase Microsoft XBox store products.

      Both Microsoft and Sony could offer digital game vouchers. Microsoft's approach is simple. They want subscriptions. Need to look at it from the entire market. While 4K is great, 1440p gaming is impressive enough for general public. For example, I actually prefer Forza Horizon @1440p/60fps or better than XBox One X 4K/30fps. While XBox One X allows 1440p mode, most games are done by supersampling from 4K to 1440p (which means still 30fps).

      I wouldn't underestimate Microsoft just yet. Their either the cheapest or the best strategy is sound. Well, they have no other choice. In the short term, they cannot play console exclusive games like Sony. Their newly acquired first party studios aren't ready and they will upset PC gamers too much.

  • Wonder if they take your cash upfront? Or can you cancel the pre-order before it ships?

    • "When placing a preorder please note that you will be charged the full amount right away."

    • Was charged straight away, currently the $85 is sitting in pending transactions

  • Can we price match this with a physical retailer so we're guaranteed to have it on release day?

    • Probably, but retailers tend to only price match upon release.

    • IIRC I tried to do this last time at eb and they said on release when I pickup the preorder to price match it then

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    Hmm buy this or wait for Amazon… Then risk these selling out … Argghh

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    Just ordered a copy. They added $6 for shipping. I paid through PayPal and the seller listed is:
    Mighty Ape Limited
    [email protected]
    Happy to support them over Amazon even if we do get a price match. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Their expected release date is November 17th, 5 days after the PS5 release. Assuming you'll still be waiting for postage time on top of that, you might be sitting with a new PS5 and nothing to play on it for quite a while.

    I'm sure local retailers will drop their prices before launch. I can't imagine JB staying at $125 RRP all the way to launch.

    • +3

      Lucky Astro's Playroom will come pre-installed on all PS5 consoles, GOTY on the way.

      • +1

        Astros is the number 1 reason I'm buying a ps5

        • It's just a tutorial on how the controller works.

          • +1

            @Wizard: So was Wii Sports, look how that worked out for them.

        • They better make a new Astro VR game. PLEASE SONY

    • +2

      If you have PS+ you will have quite a few games to play at launch.

    • +1

      There are other PS5 games you can play

    • +1

      Ps5 is backwards compatible with ps4

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    Just contacted Amazon for a Price match. Rep was kind enough to try at least. Told me he'd contact someone (forgot who) and let them know if it's possible and I keep an eye. Hopefully it works out.

  • +3

    If you save the A$150 to get the digital console, you will be locked at the MSRP A$125 on the PS Store if you want a game when it comes out, You will be able to make up that difference on just a few new games.

    Used game market isn't going to be the same this next-gen, most users already switched to digital game ownership as of a couple years ago and with the price difference I anticipate that the majority of people will go with the digital consoles, which will just speed up the decline even more.

    But even buying your games new you will be stuck with the new MSRP at launch for each game, friends don't let friends get the PS5 Digital Edition. Maybe the XBSS on sale given the Game Pass tho, but as with most Xbox launches that system will be behind quicker than expected.

    • +1

      Yeah very true.
      Gaming was so incredibly cheap for me this gen with the buy & resell market

      • It was for me too, but that was from building a comparably better PC for a bit more upfront, then saving money by dropping PS+ and shopping around for a cheaper regional price on my PC games which have better competition for digital.

        I pre-ordered CyberPunk 2077 for A$40 directly on GOG this way, PC spec requirements where announced today.

    • This is ozbargain buy, play, return repeat.

  • I'm not so sure about the $AUD79 price, may be a price error

    The New Zealand site lists it as NZD$109, this converts to AUD$101 in google currency converter


  • Would be nice if Amazon would match the price, $119 is too steep for me to purchase day 1.

    • +2

      Just buy this maybe???

  • +1

    Not showing $114.00 + post.

  • +1

    Looks like they fixed/adjusted it, well i payed them 85 so will be nice if that stands haha.

    • Yeah. Next gen prices are outrageous. This is was much more reasonable.

    • I snoozed on it waiting to see if Amazon would price match… Bad choice… Let us know if they dishonour it due to price error so I don't feel so bad haha…

      I can afford $119 but I can't support those price tags, it is way too much for a game when other games that are releasing for PS5 (not PS5 exclusive) are only $79.

  • Ha changed to AUD$114, now even more expensive than the NZ price at NZD$109

  • Has anyone received a receipt from them? I still haven't gotten one.

    • I got a receipt right after i made my order.

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