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500g $11.64 (Was 24.25), 1kg $18.36 (Was $38.25), 2kg $36.72 (Was $76.50), 3kg $55.08 (Was $115) Blend Coffee @ Lime Blue Coffee


52% off Fresh South Central Blend Coffee 500g $11.64 (RRP 24.25), 1kg $18.36 (RRP $38.25), 2kg $36.72 (RRP $76.50), 3kg $55.08 (RRP $114.75) Flat Rate Shipping $6.99 @ Lime Blue Coffee

We're based in Victoria. The recent lock down extension announcement means a decent portion of our commercial accounts won't be back in action until the end of November.

This deal exists to give a gentle nudge to our current incoming cash flow, while giving you a likely not to be repeated discount of 52% off, hopefully a win-win situation for all :)

Great news about this deal is we welcome you to select when you'd like your fresh coffee dispatched. e.g. you may have enough right now and want fresh coffee priced at 52% off and sent to you in 3 weeks. You can pick a dispatch date up to 6 months from now (March 19th, 2021). There will only be 1 dispatch date per order placed, however if you'd like to book in your next 6 months of fresh coffee at a 52% discount you can do so, for example by placing 6-12 separate orders in the next week. Please put your desired dispatch date in your order notes or a separate email. If no desired dispatch date is selected, then we will dispatch on a rolling basis as per normal. This coffee will be dispatched with the same high quality it normally would have, it's delicious and will be freshly roasted 2-3 days before it's dispatched.

Additionally, if you'd like to send someone a gift, we offer complimentary gift notes with orders, simply write the gift message in your order notes or send us an email.

With just under 3 hours before our deal expires, we'd like to once again truly thank the Oz Bargain Community. Your support for this offer and Lime Blue Coffee in general has been so overwhelming (in an amazingly positive way, not a you're giving us a headache way) and extremely heartwarming! We're sending big smiles from us to you :)

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        Thanks for jumping in on this question bluesky, that's a decent answer as there are a lot of roasters who would do that. At present we prefer to bag each kg of fresh coffee in its own bag to keep it fresh and offer people the opportunity to share/gift a bag if they so wish :)

    • Appreciate you seeking clarification, it's always better to ask than assume, 100% correct, all orders 1kg or more are shipped in 1kg bags. For example, a 3kg order consists of three 1kg bags of awesome fresh coffee, any more questions please fire away :)

  • Awesome, just got some! Curious how it compares to Mana / Inglewood.

    • Awesome right back at you :)

      Thanks you incredibly for your order, it means a lot to the team!

      You'll know 1st hand soon enough.. hope you love the fresh coffee :)

  • Hey op, order scheduling is via email? couldn't find anything on the payment/website (mobile)

    • Thanks for reaching out!

      There's an order note section upon checkout, but we're here to help, so simply send us a message via replying to your order confirmation email and we'll happily take care of the dispatch date admin for you :)

  • Thanks OP, looking forward to trying new beans

    • Amazing, thank you truly, your order sincerely means a lot to the team!

      We're excited that you're excited, hope you love the fresh coffee :)

  • Received my order today and oh my colour me impressed!

    Delicious tasting fresh coffee and comes with all the info on the packaging (recipe guide, roast date).

    Good stuff guys!

    • WOOOOOOOHHHHHHOOOOOOO that's outstanding feedback, thank you truly Abrez, so happy to see that we're ticking several boxes for you!!!!!

      It's not every day you hear the "colour me impressed" expression, but I think it's got a fantastic ring to it, hopefully more people say it more often about anything they find to be awesome.

      Thank you so very much for your order, it sincerely means a lot to us, I'll be sure to pass your compliments onto the team :)

  • very good coffee for the price :)

    • That's music to our ears, we're so happy that you're happy with the quality to price ratio of this offer from Lime Blue Coffee :)

      Thank you so much for your order, it really does mean a great deal to us!

  • It's great coffee, sad I missed this deal, but still got a kg to go, will keep an eye out for future.

    • Thank you so much for that compliment, which we happily accept, and of course your last order which really deal mean a lot to the team, truly appreciated!!!

      Can't have you "sad…" If you send us an email today perhaps we can figure something out that's a win-win for all and also bookmark your for future updates?

      I hope you weekend is off to an awesome start :)

  • missed this. any future deal?

    • Hey Jmel,

      Thank you for reaching out, we're always planning for the future…in the meantime simply send us an email and we'll see if we can figure something out :)

  • Quick deliver and absolutely excellent coffee! OP- feel free to post this deal any time :)

    • Woot woot, it's simply wonderful to see that terrific feedback, thank you so much slikguy!!!

      We really appreciate the invitation back and we enthusiastically accept :)

      If you'd like to send us an email, we'll happily keep you posted for future offers, otherwise you can hawk eye Oz Bargain, whichever option is most convenient for you.

  • Just finishing the second kg of this coffee - this was a great deal, very nice blend, worked well with milk based coffee. Thanks Op for providing this chance to review, let us know when you can offer another deal!

    • Woot woot, it's so awesome to read your amazing feedback!

      The team really appreciates your order, it does make a true difference for us, thank you!

      We're thrilled that you've been enjoying our fresh coffee so much :) :) :)

      p.s. love the ending of your comment, keep your eyes peeled, our next deal will be landing very soon…

  • Best coffee from all the recent coffee deals. More please!

    • The first response that popped into my head would likely have sounded fairly biased, instead I'll just say "the customer's always right!"

      Thank you so much for your order and boldly positive feedback, it does make a real difference for us on a number of levels…we all had big smiles reading your message :) :) :)

      Great timing on the "more please!" comment! Stay tuned, more great (we think so and hope you do too) things in the works, we're getting ready and excited for more Oz Bargain community engagement!!!

  • Just wanted to say that I received my coffee and not only was it awesome, the customer service was top notch. I'd asked for the shipment to be delayed but then ran out of coffee earlier than I thought, I emailed them about it and they sent out my coffee within an hour or two.

    Tom was more than generous with his time, we ended up in an email back and forth where we talked coffee, his brew ratio is spot on and really gets the most out of the beans.

    Highly recommended!

    • +1 vote

      Woot Woot Woooooooooohoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

      On behalf of the Lime Blue Coffee team I want to convey our heartfelt tremendous appreciation for your wonderfully positive and detailed feedback, thank you immensely!

      Without awesome customers such as yourself, our company simply could not exist, so we always do everything in our power to create the best customer experience we possibly can and never take even a single order for granted.

      We love coffee and what we do, so it's a constant challenge to find the balance between providing the information a customer wants and going off on a tangent of extensive coffee details…I'm so glad I found the balance and you found our ratio's to be "spot on!"

      In reference to your last point, the least biased response I can think to say is, as the saying go "the customer is always right" :)