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500g $11.64 (Was 24.25), 1kg $18.36 (Was $38.25), 2kg $36.72 (Was $76.50), 3kg $55.08 (Was $115) Blend Coffee @ Lime Blue Coffee


52% off Fresh South Central Blend Coffee 500g $11.64 (RRP 24.25), 1kg $18.36 (RRP $38.25), 2kg $36.72 (RRP $76.50), 3kg $55.08 (RRP $114.75) Flat Rate Shipping $6.99 @ Lime Blue Coffee

We're based in Victoria. The recent lock down extension announcement means a decent portion of our commercial accounts won't be back in action until the end of November.

This deal exists to give a gentle nudge to our current incoming cash flow, while giving you a likely not to be repeated discount of 52% off, hopefully a win-win situation for all :)

Great news about this deal is we welcome you to select when you'd like your fresh coffee dispatched. e.g. you may have enough right now and want fresh coffee priced at 52% off and sent to you in 3 weeks. You can pick a dispatch date up to 6 months from now (March 19th, 2021). There will only be 1 dispatch date per order placed, however if you'd like to book in your next 6 months of fresh coffee at a 52% discount you can do so, for example by placing 6-12 separate orders in the next week. Please put your desired dispatch date in your order notes or a separate email. If no desired dispatch date is selected, then we will dispatch on a rolling basis as per normal. This coffee will be dispatched with the same high quality it normally would have, it's delicious and will be freshly roasted 2-3 days before it's dispatched.

Additionally, if you'd like to send someone a gift, we offer complimentary gift notes with orders, simply write the gift message in your order notes or send us an email.

With just under 3 hours before our deal expires, we'd like to once again truly thank the Oz Bargain Community. Your support for this offer and Lime Blue Coffee in general has been so overwhelming (in an amazingly positive way, not a you're giving us a headache way) and extremely heartwarming! We're sending big smiles from us to you :)

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  • What is the fresh blend? I can't see it on your website.

    • South Central fresh blend - I think it's the one in the main link in the post

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      Hey Daabido,

      Really appreciate you reaching out!

      The link in this deal should hopefully take you directly to our South Central Blend. Otherwise, you can find our blend within the "Home" tab on our site.

      For convenience here's some info about our South Central Blend

      Score = 85/100

      Aroma = Jasmine

      Sweetness = Milk Chocolate

      Acidity = Orange

      Type = Catuai & Caturra

      Grown = 1800m

      Process = Washed - Clean with Medium Body/Mouthfeel

      Brew Method = Espresso or Filter - Omni Roasted

      Beverage Base = Black or White - Deliciously Sweet Black, Enough Oomph to Cut Through Milk

      Any more question, please fire away :)

      • I know nothing about coffee. What’s the caffeine kick like in this one? Want something super punchy.

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          Hey Furiousgeorge,

          Everyone starts their coffee journey from the same place :)

          About half an hour after (roughly how long it takes for caffeine to have an impact, depending on body size) you finish your cup, you should hopefully feel alert and ready to take on the day!

          There's recommended brew recipes to get great flavour extraction too.

          p.s. nice username, perfectly matches your question…

  • Can any OzBargainer comment on the quality here?

    • Yes, we’re just finishing up the second bag that we ordered from their first deal in August.

      Firstly, shipping. I believe it was roasted on a Wednesday, shipped on the Friday, and arrived to us in metro Sydney on the Monday - well ahead of when I would want to be grinding it, so that was a great start.

      The coffee itself has been fantastic. I’ve ordered from almost every supplier who has had a deal on ozbargain this year, and Lime Blue (for me) are by far, the best. We’re currently drinking the Tanzania Single Origin, and a month after roast it’s still producing a thick crema. I won’t attempt to describe the taste, as I’m not a professional, but it’s effing excellent. 10/10.

      • +1 vote

        Absolutely heartwarming for the team to see :) :) :) :) :)

        Thank you so much for sharing such detailed and incredibly wonderful feedback with the Oz Bargain Community about your recent Lime Blue Coffee experience, it means so much to us!!!!!

        • I'll keep an eye out for fruity Single Origin. 👀

          • +1 vote

            @Tim Mc: Our current Single Origin is fruity, but I guess it's all relative to how fruity is the winner for you? Please send us an email with a bit more detail about what types of coffee ticks all the boxes for you and we'll confirm whether our current SO is the go. Otherwise, we'll keep you posted to the next SO that will have enough fruity notes for you :)

  • Got some. Hoping it’s good

  • Great prices!

    Do you plan on doing anything for the SWP decaf 1KG?

    • Very happy to hear you think the prices are "Great!"

      Wasn't in the original plan, but plans can change and sounds like a "yes" answer get us one step further towards achieving the goal of this deal. Please send us an email or private message via Oz Bargain listing the quantity of SWP Decaf you'd like and we'll get back to you with a deal :)

  • How much is shipping to metro Melbourne?

    • +1 vote

      Thanks for the question!

      Shipping of any size order, anywhere in Australia is charged at a flat rate of $6.99, this is so the system is fair for all our customer, big and small near and far :)

      Any more questions are most welcome

  • I literally just purchased an automatic espresso coffee machine. Looking forward to try this coffee. Fantastic deal, thank you.

    • +1 vote

      Woot woot times two, congratulations on your new machine and thank you so much for your order, talk about perfect timing :)

      We hope you love the coffee and have fun with your new machine!

      Thrilled to hear you think it's a "fantastic deal," we do too (without sounding too biased) :)

  • I'm a simple man.
    My beans are running out.
    My life started to get blan.
    Suddenly, I see cheap fresh beans about.
    I purchased 2kg to keep me from passing out.

    • Hey Jetkuma,

      Thank you so much for your order, we really do appreciate it, it does make a difference!

      Also, we haven't heard an order described as poetry before, so thank you for sharing something a bit different, which is most welcomed at this restricted time in the world!!!

      Hopefully our high quality, low cost, fresh coffee will arrive before you "pass out" :) :) :)

  • Wow that is cheap, and the future dated orders are a great idea.

    • We're very happy to hear that you think our low price : high quality ratio offer is worthy of a "Wow," and even happier to hear that you're a fan of our idea of giving customer's the option of being in the driver's or passenger's seat of when their fresh coffee is sent to them!

      • Arrived today (for those in urban areas, Sendle is simply way faster at the moment, so thanks), figured I'll crack straight into them rather than let them sit a little. Great coffee, great idea with the instructions on the bag as well and the environmentally friendly packaging is yet another plus. Winning all around.

        Only downside was I ground the coffee, went to take a deep sniff and the cat dropped a steamer in her tray in the nearby laundry at the same time. Can't really blame you guys for that.

        Where do I put in the order notes to future date my shipping though? I went to make another and I get to the "complete order" stage and there's no box to enter any further information. Does it show up after that?

        • Where do I put in the order notes to future date my shipping though?

          I put mine in the Special instructions for seller box in the Shopping Cart.
          If you missed that, just Reply to the Order Confimation email.

          • +1 vote

            @1bug: Spot on 1bug, couldn't have said it any better, really appreciate you answering this for freefall101!

            Also by the sounds of it I should thank you for your order, which is so appreciated and does truly mean a great to us :) :) :)

        • WOOHOO (except for the Cat trying to steal the show), thank you so much for such wonderful and detailed (cat part may push the details further than anticipated :)) feedback, we're over the moon to hear how many positive boxes your feedback ticks!!!!!

          I feel like cats are very strategic, so the timing was likely not accident and the actions seem like a powerful protest or prank…perhaps you could line up the time of the cat's brekkie and your morning coffee to avoid a repeat incident? :)

          That sounds amazing, thank you so much again, in advance. As mentioned above, 1bug has answered your question perfectly. Your order confirmation won't include your note (a feature we need to explore), however we'll email you just before dispatch if you have a specified date to let you know we've received your note. If you're unsure or in a rush, place your order and simply email us your desired dispatch date, we'll happily sort the admin for you :)

        • Thanks for the laugh! I was sad about missing the Airjo and Inglewood (Ozbargained) deals today, I needed that.

          Our kitty litter is in the bathroom at the other end of the house, in an enclosed tray with swing door - recommend one :) But the urine smells after a while…

          • @GeneralSkunk: Glad you got a laugh in, always a healthy thing to do :)

            Sounds like you've got a well organised system, which is only a can of air freshener away from being a flawless system…

  • Hi Op,

    Any deals on the 5kg?

    • +3 votes

      Hey DaGr81,

      Thanks for reaching out :)

      If your question relates to quantity distributed in a single order then you're welcome to order as much coffee as you'd like via any combination of the 500g-3kg options. For example, you could place a 3kg and 2kg order in your cart and then check out with one order totaling 5kg at a 52% cost discount.

      If your question relates to a further discount, $18.36 per kg which is 52% off the cost, is the absolute best we can do for this deal for the high quality of this fresh coffee.

      If you'd prefer just to select 5kg, rather than 3kg and 2kg, simply email us and we'll create you a special discount code for a 5kg order @ $18.36 per kg.

      Whichever direction your question is heading, thank you, all questions are most welcome, bring more on if you have them :)

  • Coffee about to run out so ordered 1kg to try out. Hopefully good :)

    • Talk about perfect timing, thank you so much for your order, it means a lot to us, we hope you absolutely love our fresh coffee!

  • Sorry dumb question. I have a moka pot and I am too lazy to grind coffee myself. Should I get the Espresso grind or the filter grind?

    • +1 vote

      Hey Faithgrrl,

      Haven't come across a dumb question before, but have experienced a great deal of questionable answers, to ask a question is a sign of intelligence in itself :)

      I say make coffee however you like, as long as you enjoy it, that's the most important part.

      To answer your question, espresso grind will be the winner for you.

      Any more questions, please fire away.

  • Thanks legends, just bought a kg, keen to try!

    • Amazing to hear, we truly appreciate your order, thank you, we will do our very best to live up to your anticipation :)

  • Pm'd you OP to make a change to my order. thanks

    • Fantastic to see your order come through, thank you sincerely!

      Confirming we received your message, we can 100% make the change you requested, we'll reply to your PM once the change is made :)

  • Hi OP,
    What would be the estimated delivery day to Sydney if I place an order today? Almost out of coffee beans and don't want to run out completely. Cheers!

    • Really appreciate the question! Our logistics network is fairly speedy comparatively speaking, based on our experience your fresh coffee should hopefully be delivered to you on Tuesday if you order today.

      Any more questions are most welcome :)

  • 52% off! I don't know what I'm going to do with 2kg of coffee but you guys are legends!

    • +1 vote


      Thank you so much for your order and the compliment ("Legends!" always seems to sound like a big compliment in any sentence), it's truly appreciated by us!

      We're very happy that you're a fan of our 52% off offer. Extra coffee is a good way to keep your neighbours on side or you could keep if all to yourself and end up having a super productive month…

  • How do these compare to the Airjo Enterprise/Twilight beans ?

    • Really appreciate your question :)

      In addition to the vast varieties of coffee we've personally roasted over the years, we're tried many other coffees, however we haven't tried coffee from Airjo, yet.

      I just had a look on their site, the descriptions for the blends you've listed focus on strong & smooth/rich & creamy descriptions. Would you mind providing a bit more detail regarding their coffee, so I may provide a helpful and valid response to your initial question?

      • I haven't personally had them, but they have been a dominating force on these forums, I was just wondering if anyone has tried both and can weigh in. No disrespect at all, just curious where to spend my money.

        • Good Morning K1ng,

          Good to know. There wasn't an ounce of disrespect in your initial comment, it presented just as curiosity, so it was perfectly worded :)

          You've worked to earn your money, so you should ask as many questions and do as much research as you require to get you to the point of being so happy with your purchase that you're excited in anticipation for your fresh coffees arrival. If it's helpful sw00p has left a comment above detailing their recent Lime Blue Coffee experience.

          I'll chime out now, to leave space for anyone to chime in to answer your initial question directly :)

  • Just purchased 0.5kg to try. Can't pass up a great deal! always keen to sample some new beans. Also, happy to support our fellow Aussies in Vic doing it tough. Cheers.

    • Thank you so much Neo232, we really do appreciate your order and we're so grateful to see the Aussie spirit shinning through in your comment :)

      Very happy to see you're keen on our offer and are willing to test us out, hope you love our fresh coffee!

  • I purchased the Tanzania Single Origin Coffee from your last deal and am very pleased with the coffee so will be purchasing again.

    • Woot woot, every part of your comment is most welcomed and brings a smile to the team's faces!

      Thank you so much for the amazing feedback and re-ordering :)

  • Thanks OP. Ordered a kilo to try these out. Hopefully you can come up with some nice offers for the single origin ones too!

    And hang tight - we all will need to sail through this storm together! 😊

    • +1 vote

      Amazing, we truly appreciate your order!

      We'll get our thinking caps on and welcome any suggestions from the Community :)

      Thank you sincerely for such a wonderful, heartwarming, positive attitude and message of support, you're absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pulled the trigger on 1kg blend :)

  • Purchased 1kg. Thanks!

  • Purchased 500g to try. Thanks! Hang in there guys

    • Woot Woot, thank you so much for your order and outstanding message of support, it really does mean a great deal to us, beaming smiles from the team right now !!!! :) :) :)

  • I'm still not a coffee expert; looking at the description it seems the blend has a more chocolatey profile than fruity, is that correct? (in case it's relevant I use filter/pourover)

    • +1 vote

      Hey Kicha,

      Thanks for the question. Being an expert is all relative, so if you happen to be in a room with someone who only drinks tea, then you become an automatic "coffee expert" :)

      Correct, there are some fruity notes, but they are not the dominant flavours. We omni roast this coffee, meaning it works really well as espresso and filter. I had a South Central Blend Pour Over brekkie this morning to kick start my day. If you're keen on a delicious Pour Over/filter then our South Central Blend should be the ticket, if you're super keep on a fruity coffee, simply send us an email and we'll see what we can do.

  • OK, I've never tried your coffee, but I'm going to buy your beans, just because your customer service seems second to none…

    • So very thoughtful and truly appreciated, thank you so much!

      We hope you enjoy our fresh coffee so much, that you find our service and coffee to be a perfect match :)

  • Thanks guys, bought some. As a fellow Victorian and Coffee lover, I can only imagine The difficulty businesses such as yours are facing in the current crisis. I know I’ve only bought a kg (which I’m sure I’ll be kicking myself, wishing I bought much more) but I hope it goes a long way to supporting your venture and livelihoods. All the best!

    • +1 vote

      Woohoo for every single part of your message!!!!

      Your order and message of support is so wonderful. We work very hard and are so proud of the coffee we roast, but when we read messages like this it makes us somehow find a way to work harder and make our coffee even better :) :) :)

      Yes, times are tough. That said, life is tough (which I think add to it's meaning in a positive way) and everyone is in the same boat. If we focused on the problems we have been/are facing, rather than solutions it will likely lead to more problems instead of solutions. Focusing on answers, has led to comments such as your's which greatly helps us financially and mentally, personally as individuals and together as a company/team. At the end of the day we turn on the tap and clean water comes out, so our issues although serious, are a grain of salt compared to other parts of the world where every day is a struggle to survive and yet those locations seem to still produce a lot of smiling faces :)

      Every order does make a positive difference, regardless of the size, orders add up and positivity increases with each order.

      p.s. We're thrilled with your initial order…before you metaphorically kick yourself, remember you can always order more this week with the 52% off discount and request a fresh shipment for a future date

      • Awesome… great message and outlook guys, customer for life!

        • So incredibly thrilled to see your reaction, thank you sincerely, it would be hard to end your comment more wonderfully than "customer for life!" :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Mine arrived this morning, smells amazing.
    I have a few more days of beans to use up before I open it and am curious how long this deal will run for? If the coffee is good I’d like to place another order before the deal expires.

    • WOOT WOOT thank you incredibly for the order and outstanding feedback, very happy to hear you're initial experiences with this coffee have gone so well!!!

      Love the sounds of your last sentence, at this stage this deal will be live until Thursday, so hopefully that's enough time for you to take the fresh coffee for a drive to test it out :)

  • Hi OP, Any recommendations for cold brew using the Harpo cold brew pot?

    • Hey Cusburger,

      Thanks for the question :)

      Just so I can provide the specific answers you seek can you please elaborate at to which recommendations you're after? e.g. grind size, steeping/contact time, which coffee suits best, water temp (chilled vs. room temp)…

      • Sorry prob wasn't clear enough and mistype on my brew pot.


        I have a Hario cold brew pot (recent purchase), and am looking for a blend to use that tastes good as a cold brew/ice coffee.

        • All good, no apology needed. Congrats on your new Hario cold brewer!

          Our South Central Blend is nice and sweet as a cold brew, think it'd hopefully be the ticket for what you're after :)

          In terms of specific tips, please simply send us an email, and we'll happily give you some tips/info regarding how to optimise the grind size, temperature, contact time and turbulence to achieve the results you seek.

  • Great deal, thanks! Just bought as a gift for someone :)

    • Woohoo, amazing, thank you so very much, it means a lot to us!

      Please email us if you'd like a custom gift message on the bag :)

  • Ordered 1kg from you to try!

    • Woohoo that's amazing, we sincerely appreciate your order, thank you so much! We hope you truly love the fresh coffee when you try it :)

  • Ah man. 8th October delivery? Coffee going to be stale before I get it.

    • Hey Dylan,

      Thank you so much for your order, we really do appreciate it!

      Could you please elaborate regarding the 8th comment or send us an email? We have shipped an order to someone called Dylan A… in QLD, I checked the tracking and hopefully it'll arrive within the next week (we have had overnight to QLD in the past, so fingers crossed). In the tracking there's no mention of the 8th of October. The coffee is super fresh and will be delicious for around a month or so before it starts heading towards the stale phase, so either way you should hopefully be all good :)

      • Yeh that’s me :). On the sendle on my side is estimating 8th October. Hope it’s little faster than that.

        • +1 vote

          Nice, glad the guess was a winner :) Fingers crossed there's just a delay in updating the tracking info, which sometimes happens, and it'll get there super quick. In the meantime, I'll do is open up a ticket with Sendle for you, to give them gentle nudge to pull their socks up and get the good stuff to you pronto!

          Thanks again so much for your order and asking the question, because no question = no answer :)

          Any more questions, please shout out.

  • I'd love to try some of your coffee, but the descriptions on the website don't mean much to me. Both the blend and the SO say they are sweet enough to drink black and has enough oomph for milk based drinks.

    If I'm after a bean that has good chocolatey body, but with a bright fruity taste, which one would you recommend? I'm not a fan of the darker roast profiles.

    • Thanks heaps for reaching out with your question and showing interest in our options :)

      Most blends cut through milk well and some Single Origins work best black with flavour getting a bit lost in milk based coffees. The descriptive comment you are referring to simply means the blend is not too dark (sweet enough to drink black) and for the Single Origin indicates it cut through milk nicely (our recently sold out rotating SO option was best suited to black coffee, yet we have received some amazing feedback on it from some milk based coffee drinkers).

      Both options are omni roasted so they're not too dark and work really well for espresso and filter brewing methods. Although both options tick your boxes, our current rotating SO wins out of the two for the "bright fruity taste" aspect, so I believe you'd enjoy that one most.

      Any more questions, please fire away :)

      • Thanks. Made a boo boo on my order, sent you an email. Hope it can be fixed.

        • All good, we're always happy to take care of admin for customer's, we think less admin for you results in a better Lime Blue Coffee experience for you :)

          We've responded to every email in our inbox, so I believe you should be all set now and your order should be exactly as you'd like.

          Thanks heaps again from the team!

  • Ordered 2x 1kg bags.

    Can't wait to try !

    • Woohooooo thank you so much, absolutely awesome, truly means a great deal to the team!!!

      We're excited that you're excited, hope you really love the fresh coffee, thanks again for giving us a shot :)

  • If i order 3 kgs, Does it come in 1 kg bags ?

    • I think 3kg will be in one bag. And 3 lots of 1 kg is the way to go, to get them in separate bags. No difference in price.