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Samsung 500GB T5 Portable SSD $99 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Bing Lee


The Samsung Portable SSD T5 elevates data transfer speeds to the next level and unleashes a new experience in external storage. With a compact and durable design and password protection, the T5 is truly easy to carry and stores data securely.

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  • Too bad it’s not the T7 again which they had for the same price 4-6 weeks ago.

    • But better if you are after a msata drive for a older laptop/desktop.

    • Appart from not having a fingerprint reader, how is this drive different to the T7? Bigger/heavier and slower?

      Seems to both be USB 3.1/3.2 Gen 2 output.

      • T5 is slightly slower than a T7 which seems to be due to the different USB interface used (T5 uses USB 3.1 Gen 2, T7 uses USB 3.2 Gen 2).

        • Haha, I just edited my comment and you now say this. I thought 3.1 Gen 2 & 3.2 Gen 2 are the same, both @ 10Gbps Max?

          Anyway, to get max speed all your USB device connections stars need to line up too as in having full spec cable

          and port/device hardware and drivers etc.

          Think for most both these units will be pretty quick.

        • USB3.1 Gen 2 and USB3.2 Gen 2 are the same (the naming scheme was convoluted but that is changing for the next iteration of USB).

          The reason why the T5 and T7 have a different speed is because the T5 uses a SATA bus interface which has a theoretical bandwidth of 6Gbps. However, due to encoding losses (20% of bandwidth overhead), the effective bandwidth is around 4.8Gbps (600MB/s) although your throughput will vary and likely will never reach that (560MB/s seems to be the max you'll see from what I've read, even for internal SATA SSDs in your PC).

          Given that USB3.2 Gen 2 has a bandwidth of 10Gbps (with a much lower overhead), you are bottlenecked by SATA.

          T7 on the other hand uses PCIe NVMe tech. I can't actually find how many PCIe lanes it is using, but it is much more capable than SATA. I'm assuming the bottleneck for the T7 is actually the flash memory chips rather than the PCIe connector (the T7 runs really hot when you're pushing it).

      • The T7 should get 50-70% better real world performance than this model. I was seeing benchmarks in the mid 800’s where the T5 maxes at 500MB/s. On paper the T7 is twice as fast but you probably won’t hit that. For the same price the T7 was still a good step up in performance for that past deal.

        The T7 may be limited by the USB interface but the T5 is well within its limits and it’s the storage itself that’s the limiting factor for that unit.

        Given how common fast solid state storage is in systems now days, many people won’t be bottle necked by their computer.

        T5 is still a great device. I have one and then jumped on the T7 deal Bing Lee did. Have both and they’re great.

        • "ryskel & Smigit" Thanks for both your inputs. For my devices the T5 would be fast enough,

          but now knowing the T7 is a lot faster that would be more future proof so will wait for another deal as I don't need it now.

  • Do these have a battery ion battery in them? I was thinking of getting one for long term safe storage of photos but just read a review that they have a battery in them and worried of battery leaks down the track.

  • Looks like the deal is over, back to $119

  • Yep, price is on the website in some places for $99 but then when you go to the actual item its $119 now.