[Switch] WWE 2K Battlegrounds - $49 Delivered @ Amazon AU


RRP is $69.95 but is being sold by BigW and JB HiFi at $59.00. A few pesos cheaper, $55.99, at OzGameShop if you don't mind a 20-ish day wait for it to arrive.

This game is mindless good fun in local (couch) co-op and there is currently HEAPS of online action to be had. Do NOT buy it for single-player…you will be bored sh*tless.😆

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Amazon AU
Amazon AU


  • Its currently the same price on xbox and ps4

    • That might be helpful for others, thank you!

      Can't comment on competitors' prices for the other platforms, however, as I haven't done the research. But this was definitely the best price I could find for the Switch.

  • have read it is just another mindless cash grab from 2K

    • I've had it for a week (reviewer code) and think they're done enough to justify a release - especially if/when they enable cross-platform multiplayer. It's leaps and bounds ahead of the train wreck which was WWE 2K18. That said, a dog turd in a plastic bag would be more fun to play with than their first effort.

      The microtransactions are definitely there BUT they are mainly for people who what to unlock content early instead of progress-based/skills-based progression. I never felt like it was a "pay to win" scenario.

    • Five movesets for 70 characters.
      Slowdowns when multiple characters on screen for Royal Rumbles etc.
      Two types of currency, for many types of unlockables.
      Not enough single player content.

      Seem to be the main negative points being made. It will however have free DLC.